【SUB】【于朦胧 陈钰琪】E01: The Love Lasts Two Mind  两世欢| iQIYI
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【SUB】【于朦胧 陈钰琪】E01: The Love Lasts Two Mind 两世欢| iQIYI

Sis, are you alright? Sis, hang in there. We’ll arrive at Zhaozhou soon. Sis! Assassins! Protect our lady! Sis! Watch out, my lady! Prince Yong’s pregnant Consort Jing on route to Zhaozhou to see her family, was killed halfway there. She gave birth to a son before she died and named him Jing Ci. Zhixia, you stole Mrs. Yuan’s daughter? Five years ago, that woman killed my lady. Today, I’ll kill her daughter, as a sacrifice for my lady! Young master?! Zhixia, please don’t kill her. Jing Ci. Do you even know who she is? Zhixia, she is an innocent baby. Let me take care of her. You mean you want her to stay with us? I could use the company. So, let’s keep her around. The wind is howling outside, and you’re still crying at this hour. Let’s name you Feng Mianwan. A boy and a girl who’d have been enemies instead came to live under the same roof for 18 years. And so began a love lasting two minds. The Love Lasts Two Minds Episode 1 Jing Ci, Zhaozhou is weak compared to Yong and Ji States. In last month’s war between Yong and Ji, Ji was victorious. They will send General Li Yuan here, hoping we can unite through marriage. So I’ve been thinking… who should be the bride? Father, although it is a smart move, you could leave yourself exposed, or even lose the whole game. This doesn’t seem like you. This is the move those officials want me to make. This move will burn our bridge. Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Please make a decision soon! Can’t I enjoy a game of go? Jing Ci, I don’t want to burn any bridges. Your Majesty! Aren’t you a bit mistaken about the situation now? Although Yong lost, their core is intact. Although they can’t fight Ji now, they could still destroy Zhaozhou easily. We can first win the favor of Ji’s envoy, General Li Yuan, and gradually develop good relations with them. Do you think Yong will give you the time to gradually befriend them? What do you mean? Do you really think Emperor Yong can’t predict your plans? I bet before Ji’s envoy arrives, Yong’s envoy is already on his way. Impossible. Yong just suffered a big blow. In such a short time, how could they think of Zhaozhou? General Li, What’s the matter? Yong sent an envoy to Zhaozhou. They’re on their way now. Xiaofeng, how dare you laugh at me? You think I can’t catch that bird? I’ll get you and make you into stew. I’ll let you go. Feng Mianwan! What are you doing? You’re making so much noise. Madam Zhixia, Master Jing Ci said he wanted chicken soup for dinner. Is it he who wants it or you who want it? Don’t forget who you are. You’re just his maid. The young master always tolerates you too much. I’m sorry, my lady. I won’t let His Lordship do the cooking. I’ll cook by myself, serve it to him after it’s done, and to you as well. Is your soup even edible? Keep it for yourself. Yes. Go. Just go! Sorry for scaring you like that. This wretched bird was asking for it. I’ll cook it up now. Dangshen, wolfberry. And what else? My lord. Didn’t I say I can do it myself? You’ve been really busy recently, so I wanted to make soup for you. Dangshen… but no ginger. Did you mistake Dangshen for ginger? No wonder I thought I forgot something. It was the ginger. I’ll go slice some up. Watch your fingers. I have learned kung fu from you for years. I can cut a man into pieces, let alone some ginger. Cut a man? When you go out, please don’t tell others that I’m your teacher. That’d be a disgrace for me. When can I stop worrying about you? I know you care about me, and always watch out for me. Why would you think that? It’s okay that you can’t cook. You cut yourself just slicing ginger. My lord, try the chicken soup I made for you. If you like it, perhaps Madam Zhixia will stop saying I’m a good-for-nothing. The cook isn’t in today? I like preparing food for you. But, I don’t like the food you prepare. What do we do? I put my heart into it. You really don’t like it? Your heart… I really can’t accept it. Try it yourself. Although I have many shortcomings, you always tolerate me, and care for me. I want to stay with you forever, and keep you company. Zesheng. Father. It’s still quite cold today. You should stay in your room. Did you go see Jing Ci? Not yet. Father, you’ve been busy with state affairs lately, so I wanted to check on you first. It’s only proper, right? You’re always so thoughtful. I heard people talking about the marriage. In terms of the bride, Majesty, you need to be cautious. Father, do you want me to be the bride? I see Jing Ci as my own son. If you two could tie the knot, that’d be marvelous. But, when I brought it up, he didn’t seem interested. Miss Mianwan. You’re free as I expected. What can I do for you, Steward Wei? Madam Zhixia just told me that Master Jing Ci is not in. Since we’re understaffed now, do you think you can help us? Miss Mianwan, they say you make the best tea. Why don’t you make some tea for our guest? Okay. I’m Yong’s envoy, Zhao Yan. Greetings, Your Majesty. Thank you for travelling so far to talk about peace. This is my duty, and my mission. I’ve been discussing this with officials. I hope there can be peace. Indeed. Your Majesty, Yong wants to ally with Zhaozhou. I wonder if Your Majesty has decided? It’s a tough choice for me, but I’ve always wanted to avoid war. I hope you can relay this to Emperor Yong. Yes. Qingli? What’s wrong? Oh. Nothing. I just think that maid really looks like a friend of mine. That maid serves my adopted son, Jing Ci. She’s good at making tea. Good tea indeed. My lady. Ma’am. It’s done. Feng Mianwan served the tea? Yes. I observed from a distance. That envoy from Yong drank it. The tea… Feng Mianwan served it in front of Father. Once it’s clear he was poisoned, the blame will fall on her. Even if Jing Ci comes back, he won’t be able to clear her name. Before Jing Ci returns, your father will have her executed. What about the maid who added the poison? She’s already been taken care of. That’s good. Please. What’s wrong? Didn’t he drink the poisoned tea? It’s been quite a while, but the poison hasn’t taken effect. And that means the tea Feng Mianwan served wasn’t poisoned. So, you knew something was wrong all along? The tea I served to Yong’s envoy… I served it myself. But the tea leaves were prepared by that maid in the tearoom. When I got the tea, something felt off. If Madam Zhixia wants to set me up, simply making some tea is not difficult for me. That’s why I decided to check the tea again. I knew someone wanted to set me up. But you weren’t around. If I went to Madam Zhixia or Princess Zesheng, I guess they would accuse me of being behind this, and feigning innocence. That’s why I returned to the tearoom. The maid wasn’t there. So I made more tea and served it. The maid must have left to say the plan worked. I’m sorry. I should have come back earlier and it wouldn’t have gone this far. Don’t cry. Stop. No! Feng Mianwan, who do you think you are? It’s fine if you disrespect me, how can you disrespect Her Ladyship? My lady. I wonder, Your Highness, this eagle… This wretched creature, I don’t know where it’s from. I was taking a walk, and it attacked and went for my eyes. Luckily the guards reacted quickly. Otherwise it’s likely I wouldn’t be able to still see you. Your Highness, the eagle was raised at Lianxiao Pavilion. He’s never hurt anyone. Maybe this is a misunderstanding? Madam Zhixia and my guards, all saw it coming for me. Do you seriously want to protect it? Master Jing Ci really adores this eagle. If Your Highness kills him and His Lordship finds out, he may be upset. That makes sense. Madam Zhixia, I don’t want to upset Jing Ci. It’s just an eagle raised by a maid, but it dared to attack you. If Master Jing Ci knew this, he certainly wouldn’t forgive it. What are you waiting for? Kill the thing! Don’t! Feng Mianwan, how dare you! Madam. I don’t want to see him killed. He wouldn’t hurt Her Ladyship on purpose. Please show mercy. You wretched girl! Always going against rules. I won’t allow this. Mianwan, how can you do this to Madam Zhixia? Xiaofeng! My lady! Majesty. Her Ladyship’s shortness of breath was caused by a panic attack. After undergoing acupuncture, she’ll recover soon. But her wound, must be dealt with, so that it doesn’t fester, or leave a scar behind. Good. Mr. Zuo, make sure you use your best medicine. Her arm, cannot end up scarred. Yes, Majesty. Majesty, this is because of Feng Mianwan’s awful bird. What’s worse, that wretched Feng Mianwan knew it wanted to hurt the princess, yet insisted on setting it free. That’s how the princess got injured. Feng Mianwan? Feng Mianwan… she always seems so well-behaved. What would cause her to act like this? Father, I’ll be sure to find out why she did this. My lord, are you still trying to protect her? She is rebellious, aggressive, and disrespectful. My lord, after what she did to the princess, do you still want to defend her? You know her history. She’s just like her mother… Zhixia. Mianwan isn’t like that. Xiaofeng, just as annoying as its owner. I’m guessing that if I can’t marry Jing Ci, he’ll really have me marry for political reasons. I’ve always been close to Jing Ci. But this girl’s getting between us! Yes. It’d be fine if she were an ordinary maid. She grew up with Jing Ci. She’s only a maid, but Jing Ci treats her like the apple of his eye. He pampers her. I made so many attempts these years to get rid of her. Feng Mianwan, seems so simple, but she’s quite cunning. With Jing Ci protecting her, she always comes out on top. Then we need to take it to the next level. Father! Majesty, Feng Mianwan should be killed for what she’s done. Your Majesty’s merciful, if you won’t do that, at least cut off one of her arms to see justice done. Jing Ci, I believe that you will certainly do Zesheng justice, won’t you? Yes. My lord. I shouldn’t have been impulsive. I shouldn’t have fought Madam Zhixia. But Xiaofeng did nothing wrong. He’s never hurt anybody. This whole thing was started by Madam Zhixia and Princess Zesheng. I believe you. You do? But whatever the reason is, Zesheng was badly hurt today during the fight. Give it back! Xiaofeng, fly away! Go back to Lianxiao Pavilion and reflect on yourself. The princess is severely injured, but you just set that sinner free. How will the princess feel? How will His Majesty feel? It certainly isn’t settled yet. Father, Feng Mianwan grew up with me. I taught her everything, including how to behave. I taught her all by myself. Any mistake of hers, must fall upon me. I’ve shed blood for this. Alright? Stand up. You silly boy. We won’t mention this anymore. Wei Shun! Yes. Send for the doctor. Yes. Thank you, Father. My lord. You’ve always been weak. How could you hurt yourself like this? If your mother knew of this, she’d be so devastated. Xiaofeng, I’m sorry, I didn’t take good care of you. I’m going to avenge you. Who’ll you take it out on? Is it Madam Zhixia you want? Can I not go after her? You can’t. Then at least I should ask her why she had to go after the eagle I raised! If you do that, will it bring Xiaofeng back? I know you respect her, my lord. I’m only a maid, and I should respect her even more. But all these years, no matter how she scolds me, beats me, insults me, or even sets me up, I just try to avoid her, or simply put up with it. But why on earth… I put up with so much and she still does this. My lord, whether or not you believe it, I’m certain that they’re behind this whole thing. They wanted to set me up and kill my beloved eagle! I believe you. Mianwan, Madam Zhixia crossed the line, but she had her reasons. I owe her a lot. No matter what she does, I won’t hate her. Just like no matter what I do, you won’t hate me either. Am I right? Wrong. If you treat me badly, I will hate you. I will have my revenge. I killed Xiaofeng. It’s me you should hate. My lord, why don’t you tell Mianwan that to protect her, you shed your own blood. She’s already sad. Why should I make it worse? Still not eating? My lord, are you still going to cook for her? Yes, I am. Even if you do, she’ll still throw it away. She loved that eagle of hers. Now it’s gone. Of course she has no appetite. Habit cures habit. I’ll go get her a new eagle. What? Jing Ci has gone out? Yes. It seemed to be an emergency. He left last night. My lady. Mind the wound on your arm. What about Feng Mianwan? She’s still at Lianxiao Pavilion. Mr. Zhao. I heard that you have travelled a lot. Mr. Zuo Yanxi. You’re a scholar, a warrior, and also a famous doctor. I thought since we’re both from Yong, we’d meet often. Little did I know that you’d stay in Zhaozhou for two years, and I’d meet you here. Yong and Ji went to war, and Zhaozhou was stuck in between. His Majesty needs Zhaozhou’s support, so he sent me, an envoy related to the king of Zhaozhou. It makes sense. But before I left for Zhaozhou, His Majesty asked me to come see you. I don’t really know why His Majesty would want me to see you. Because I’m an informant. The night Consort Jing was killed, she might have had given birth to a child. What? You could call him Xiaofeng. His Lordship went out, to find you an eagle that looks like Xiaofeng. But he isn’t Xiaofeng. He’s not Xiaofeng, and can’t replace Xiaofeng. But I hope in the future, he can be like Xiaofeng, and keep you company. I hope he can make you smile more. Was it difficult finding me a new eagle? Not especially. I tore apart your sachet before. I have got you a new one. It’s made of special silk, and it’s fire and cut-resistant. Keep your jade whistle in it. It will protect it. You’re in bad shape, yet you still worry about Feng Mianwan? Zhixia, I’ve promised to keep Mianwan out of your sight. So could you please promise me that you won’t hurt her? Don’t hurt the innocent. My lord, I don’t know what you’re saying. Of course you know what I’m saying. Ever since Zesheng returned, you’ve helped her done so many things. You know it well. So do I. My lord, how could you believe what Feng Mianwan says? Zhixia, Mianwan has always been gentle. Even if she knows the truth, even if she feels wronged, she won’t tell me. But I’m not that foolish. I have an eye for these things. The poison in the tea wasn’t fatal. It wouldn’t have ruined things with Yong. But it could have ruined things for Mianwan. Do you know why Mianwan might know you wanted to pin it on her? Why? I’d guess that anyone, after being set up so many times, would start to suspect. Majesty, News from Ji. Ji has sent General Li Yuan as the envoy to visit us in the hope of arranging a marriage. It’s Shangsi Festival today, also known as Girls’ Day. The things being sold here are all accessories for girls. So I’ve taken you out for a walk. Come have a look, freshly roasted! Hello, sir. Want some chestnuts? They’re fresh? Yes, they are. -I just roasted them. -Okay. Mianwan. Beautiful lanterns! Beautiful lanterns! Young lady, would you like a lantern? My lord, do you have any wishes? No. I want one. Okay. No peeping. I won’t look at yours. You can’t look at mine. Didn’t you say you didn’t have a wish? Oh right, my handkerchief! I may have left it at the lantern stand. I’ll go get it for you. You stay put right here. Okay.


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