30-minute interview with Bdd; Kingzone and KT; his friendship with Bjergsen | LENS ON EP.2
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30-minute interview with Bdd; Kingzone and KT; his friendship with Bjergsen | LENS ON EP.2

So I signed with Gen.G What do you mean, “You aligned with the team?” Was it the figures? Everything? Everything. You look so happy when you say that. Bjergsen said, at that time, that he would love to see you at worlds. Maybe this time, you can tell him with confidence, “See you this year.” Nothing’s for certain, but I … Hey Bdd, it feels like it’s the first time we’re talking since you’ve joined Gen.G. Well, that’s Life walking past by. Life’s walking past very, very slowly. Hello, I am Bdd, a new mid laner for Gen.G Esports. Even now, we are conducting the interview in the Gen.G HQ. I see this big Gen.G hall, I see the walls decorated with all the tournaments the organization won in the past. How have you been finding living with Gen.G? Everyone from the CEO to the GM has been treating me so well, so I’m making myself a home here. The coaching staff and the players, everyone have been getting along really well I’ve been doing well. Every time I come to the Gen.G HQ I get the impression it’s a rowdy place. There are teams other than League of Legends team here, and there are always sounds of players scrimming and streaming. Everyone comes to the cafeteria for the meal time. Can you tell me more about this environment? In my previous team, there was only one team [League of Legends]. So I wasn’t exposed to this kind of atmosphere. But everything’s at once place here. So … It kinda feels like a big cafe, there is a good atmosphere established here. I like it. It almost feels like a big college dormitory. I didn’t go to a college, so … Like, a high school dormitory! So you joined Gen.G Esports. The most recent time you played a match was at KeSPA Cup. We got the first glimpse of Gen.G’s new roster at KeSPA Cup. And suffered a regretful loss against T1. I do want to hear more about that match against T1. This was the case for me, this was the case for my teammates. We seem to have focused too heavily on fighting and skirmishes. We realized where we’re deficient at by losing that match. Now, we’re in the middle of fixing these things. Well, we lost. And because we lost, these issues got highlighted even more. It actually benefits us. I don’t feel like it’s bad that we’ve lost. If you could play that best-of-three against T1 again, what would you change? We focused too much on fighting that day. This time, we will try to approach the games through macro, through various ways. I see us improving these things if we had to play T1 again. I want to ask more about the recent events, about you joining Gen.G. It all got announced through Ambition streaming. He streamed from the Gen.G house, made a special announcement calling in all the new players in. Rascal! Clid! Bdd! Everyone showed their faces on the stream, clapping. Gen.G’s starting roster was announced in one go. And that was only a few days into the offseason. Can you tell me what led you to joining Gen.G? as long as you are comfortable with that. Well … I talked to other teams, I talked to Gen.G. What Gen.G was thinking, and what I was thinking … They aligned a lot. So I was happy with that. And there were players I wanted to play with. At the time, Ruler had already signed a long-term contract with Gen.G. That was a big influence for me, too. So I ended up signing with Gen.G. What do you mean when you say you were “aligned”? The money? Everything, in everything. Wait, I gotta tell you something — Can you flip that pin mic? So it points outside? Or you can just pin it the other way. That’s the proper direction, so the mic points outside. Recently, Arnold Hur appeared in a talk show with ESPN. He said — The fact that Ruler had already signed with Gen.G was a positive influence for the team as the team attempted to acquire players during the offseason. Clid implied similar things, too. Can you tell me how the “Ruler factor” impacted you as you deliberated joining Gen.G? I’ve played against Ruler many times before. To me, he was the toughest bot lane to deal with when he was at an enemy team. So that was a big influence. He was an “honorable enemy.” Yeah, guess that’s a way to put it. Recently, I talked with Clid. He put a strong emphasis on the friendship between the Gen.G players, the fact that you all have similar ages. Can you elaborate on this, too? When I watched the big matches, the international tournaments, I noticed … Teams like G2 and Funplus Phoenix have been winning it all. These two teams went to worlds finals. I got the impression that both teams had really good team synergy. I always believed that teamwork is a very important factor. Then I saw these teams, with players in similar age group and similar personalities. They seemed more relaxed, and the performance seemed better as a result. I guess that seemed very positive to me. When I watched Gen.G streams, you were interacting with your teammates a lot. You looked happy. Yeah. They keep giving me weird nicknames from these streams, and … Guess it’s been a talk of the town. I guess I’m having a good time here. What was that nickname? I had a haircut … So there was a hairdresser that I’d always go to, right. I had to find a new hairdresser because I moved, so I walked into this place, and … And it looked really weird on me, so …. My teammates have been calling me Yakayama Sarang, that little baby girl that appears on Return of the Superman, with that bowl haircut. I guess I had that nickname for a while. Rascal told me because you guys are all so close, no one’s respecting him as the oldest player on the team. Rascal, we go way back to Kingzone days. I would kinda treat him like my friend even back these days. Guess that got brought into Gen.G. So, yes, Gen.G completed its starting roster. Now they are calling this roster a Fellowship of the Ring, that they won the offseason. ESPN, recently, released a preseason power ranking. Gen.G was ranked 4th across all the teams around the world, 1st among the LCK teams. Bdd, if you look at this Gen.G roster on paper … How would you rate it? How should we rate this team? I believe a lot comes down to teamwork. So I can’t give a prediction. But if the teamwork falls into place … I don’t think there’s any other team we should be wary of. People are also rating you high as an individual, Bdd. Tyler from ESPN mentioned you as the most “under-the-radar” player in the LCK, a player that deserves more highlight. One of the reason that people look forward to this Gen.G roster so much is YOU, Bdd. People have been rating you very high. I guess that might make you happy, or give you a bit of pressure. I’ve been playing as a professional gamer for a few years. Pressure, nerves … These things have mostly disappeared. So, I’m just thankful for all the praises. Then are there any other players on Gen.G feeling pressured, now that Gen.G is getting so much attention? I don’t think we talked about that too much. I guess we’re just enjoying everything. Everyone’s enjoying it. Everyone’s already ready to win the LCK spring split. Well, everyone’s been having so much fun just playing the game. It’s been happy days for us. That sounds great to hear. Bdd, you just mentioned you had a long career. Many people are interested in you, but at the same time, some international fans don’t know about your whole career. So I want to do a bit of time travel, if that is ok. I remember the very beginning. When you went into CJ. You were still underage at that time. They already talked about you — That a prodigy joined CJ. That he’s already owning other mid laners in scrims. I remember these discussions buzzing around the Korean communities. Can you tell me more about that time? I remember people starting to talk about these things, it was actually some time after I joined CJ. We were just trainees, doing our own thing. CJ was trying to acquire new players, and I also did some trial games during that time. All my opponents were amatuer mid laners. I was pretty confident with myself back then, I could beat any amateur mid laner that I faced. You were very young back then, yet, you decided to become a professional gamer. What thought processes led you into deciding to join a team? To be honest … I loved playing games, even back when I was at school. I was playing CD games even when I was 4, 5. That’s when it all began. Then I played other games, and I remember thinking to myself — “Hey, I really want to become a professional gamer.” I kept playing, and soon, I was the highest-ranked player in my school. Then I applied for some tournaments, and won them. It made me want to become a professional gamer even more. So, there was a bit of … I guess I decided to become a professional gamer when I became confident in my own skills. When you aspired to become a professional gamer, you must have watched matches from other pros. Was there any mid laner or a player that you looked up to, in particular? Well, the first League game I saw on TV was … Was it Azubu Frost vs Najin Sword? It must have been some finals. For winter split. When I watched it, I was like, ooohhhh. I was like … It was so cool, I kept replaying it … It was memorable for you. Also, there was that one time CLG played against Azubu Frost. Wow, that’s AGES ago. Wasn’t Doublelift playing at that time? Yeah, I think so. I remember Madlife’s Alistair zoning out Froggen’s Diana, and all … I really looked up to Madlife during that time. I used to play support a lot when I first started. Madlife was the first player that I really looked up to. Even after that, throughout your career, you often mentioned your love for Madlife. I used to really like Madlife. So when I first went into CJ, it was so weird. Then as I kept spending time with him, he became a good big brother to me. I have these memories. He’s still such a cool guy. So you joined CJ, and then you became of age and played your first competitive match. When you played on stage, what was different from your expectation? Because you dreamed of becoming a professional gamer before that. You know the first teammates I had back in CJ, Space, Madlife. They always told me “scrims and actual matches are completely different.” But I was so full of myself then. I was blinded by self-confidence. My cockiness was through the roof. I was like, what could be different? As I walked into my first match. Then it turned out to be very different. I got a lot out of that. I remember that, yeah. Yeah, I remember your playstyle suddenly changing at one point. Before, you were that Zed player. Then suddenly, you grew into this player that’s good at lane phase, good at roaming. They call it a “hexagonal player”, right? A player that’s well-rounded. Would you say you ended up applying some of the lessons you learnt during that time? Hmmm … There was a bit of that. And then there was also … Back when I exited CJ, I grinding solo queue after ㅣleaving the team. I ended up playing champions not in my pool. So I was already ready, when I joined Longzhu Gaming. When I joined Longzhu, all the players around me were older than me, more experienced. I watched what they do over their shoulders, I learnt a lot. Guess that’s why I was able to turn up at the summer split that year. Yeah, I remember you really blossoming at that split. That was 2017 LCK spring split. You even got the split MVP. CloudTemplar, the casters were saying this is the second-best player in the LCK. You really shined, and people started noticing you. When you look back to that split, what do you remember? 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