905 Shooter | Where Are They Now? | Jason Pagaduan INTERVIEW
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905 Shooter | Where Are They Now? | Jason Pagaduan INTERVIEW

see guys it’s not if I’m sharing notes
filmer just want to give you an update after 905 shooter would join forces with
the boys of nelq and would appear in classics like buying liquor with McLovin
fake ID Jesse from nelq is in jail and my all-time favorite the one where they
tried to get into clubs using a Charizard ID after 9:05 shooter would
get caught up in some side stories like his love affair with Steve we’ll do it
get in trouble trouble but I have to say you can clean here to help me after 905
shooter when o’clock in almost 300,000 followers on his personal Instagram and
would get the boot from nelq after he would get caught up in some DM scandal
yeah the main reason is like it’s there’s a lot of girls that nynas just
been Mike he’s a horny yeah hi today’s video it’s a little different now I hit
up Jason in the DMS and being from Toronto well he actually rolled in for
an in-depth interview and to be honest well the guy he didn’t hold back he
answered every question I had for him you know I I mean I’m not going to sit
here and lie to you I’m nothing to hide on see celebrities make mistakes
influence doesn’t makes mistakes now we’re gonna get into the Nitty Gritty
and talk about his departure from nelq we’re also gonna hear in his words what
exactly went down now the guy he told me he’s got nothing to hide which was
pretty surprising I was also shocked to find out that the guy’s got a PhD
like for real also you might be interested to know that I have a PhD wow
you do yep pretty huge I’m just kidding all jokes aside now it was actually
really nice to hear his side of the story what’s going on guys it’s probably
Michael cretin back at it again with another video now I’ve done a few other
interviews in the past including one which were on a Legends for y’all
entertainment now we got more plan for 2020 so if you’re new to the channel be
sure to subscribe and now let’s get into the video all right so we got nano five shooter in
the house bro Thank You Adam a thanks for coming in Wow lots to get through
it’s been a it’s been a wild ride man yeah it’s been crazy this I’ve been
watching your career I’m a huge nelq fan and I saw you guys go from like I
remember bumping into actually to Jesse and Kyle at an event and they were like
one day we’re gonna be on before they’re famous I was like who are these kids
and then you guys just like blew up like you were like the biggest thing in 2019
yeah we we can Instagram YouTube before okay it got pretty big on 20/20 I mean
for them still pretty big too yeah all right so we do a lot of biographies here
so I want to know like like your whole– come up story let’s start with your full
name your birth day where you’re from Jason peg duan filipino canadian for one
July 9th 1994 we were born and raised in Mississauga Ontario
I’m from Mississauga nice yeah Meadowvale middle Bella
we used to call a meadow jail that’s what high school is gonna Mount Carmel
oh yeah yeah I used to that’s a nice look at school yeah it is yeah lots of
bait there was a lot of babes in my ear Oh was it good fries in your ear not bad
yeah I mean it turned out pretty good you know Catholic school right yeah yeah
and then Meadowvale down the road right and that’s all you and Kyle Jeff we’re
in the same classes and stuff no but I knew him through our high school and
that’s how we met and then after high school when I went to university or
college whatever I kind of hit him up back in 2016 right so yeah I went to the
Humber for two years I went to Sheridan for a year and then I quit that and then
I did what Walmart full time and working in produce as some of you may know we’ve
kept up with it and then from there I quit in 2017 September 2017
that’s when I joined no full-time and then between that I was just like taking
photos you know taking videos like filming them a part time and then it
just became a full-time thing I’m actually interested to know about like
when you join Nell I remember like the guys had a really hard time monetizing
the content like how were they able to pay you uh honestly it was a slow like
process like it took some time like minimum wage you know and then
eventually when we started dropping merch it’s kind of when things that I
can get better so it was like when you were at Walmart you actually took a pay
cut to work out now uh no I actually worked for free so yeah yeah yeah pretty
much like for the first like couple times and then I you know I worked
full-time there I don’t get paid like you know like you know hundreds
something like that like got paid a couple wait each day I work there with
them I think that’s important to know because there’s probably like it’s
aspiring youtubers or creators watching this video like for me man I grinded
like five years before I ever made any money doing this kind of stuff so it’s
like you once you find like your passion and you just you just got to go like
tunnel vision eventually money will come especially now on the Internet
so I you know it’s interesting that you jumped in before you got paid yeah yeah
I mean it’s good good a good experience again you know watching enough that I
you know got that open opportunity and you know I’ll see things didn’t really
work out but you know I mean we all move on okay another question won’t ask you
how are you gonna how do you feel now like when you see nelq content or you
see like these boys and Hollywood like is there any resentment is there any
regrets – does it hurt like are you or was it something that you were not
planning to do forever I mean I don’t I mean I wish them the very best like
after we came back from Europe you know I texted all of them I said hey
like wish it could have been longer you know good luck with your future go out
the 2020 I should do text him occasionally
congratulate them you know wishing the best of luck you know like so I have
nothing against them you know I you know this dog is doing good better than that
we are honestly so I mean I you wish and everything so as nano five shooter you
were like so you start off as a photographer then you became the camera
man exactly yeah yeah and then I eventually started
editing for them when it was just us three for about a year and a half and
then it trans into transition to like a bigger team that we started having yeah
now I remember when you started getting like phased in as a as a character I
would call you like the straight guy like everyone else is like crazy wild
like Kramer and George and then you’re like Jerry site like you were like the
the normal guy who was like what the hell are we doing
yeah I mean a lot of people don’t know but like it’s
yes it’s entertainment you know but at the same time like I keep it I keep my
myself the same like it doesn’t change whether I’m camera or off camera I’m the
same I’m the same person but that’s you know yeah pretty yet yeah so was that
weird for you like his like I went to school to be a performer so I kind of I
I was like groomed into like when I perform on the show I like know people
might critique that I’m like that’s not me but like for you you were like an
editor and now all sudden everyone’s like got something to say about nano
five shooter did that like mess your head up a little bit uh not really I
mean I didn’t really pay attention too much to like what people said or what
people comment say you know I just just went about my day honestly people
obviously really liked you if like you became such a recurring character on the
show yeah I mean you know things happen didn’t really work out honestly and you
know people people people may or may not know but yeah you know after you you
know just it just things change so let’s get into it obviously we got to address
some very serious stuff happened with with your name and your career and there
was people outing you and posting videos and talking about you exposing your
stuff online to some fans what do you want to say about it I mean I have
nothing to hide honestly like what happened on drama what kheema 40 I mean
yeah it’s it’s true you know I I mean I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you
but you know things happen people make mistakes you know like I’ve learned from
those mistakes I mean people whatever they way they can
say whatever they want but you know I don’t know like it just I don’t know
what to say I don’t have to explain it you know like celebrities make mistakes
influencers makes mistakes like they’ve probably done worse but some of them
bounce back from the careers and doing better than ever I don’t know like I got
lots to say about this this is this is something that yeah I’ve never been like
outed for for having a DP floating around the internet and stuff but like
I’ve been on the internet for a very long time when I like blew up and like
2016 I would get DMS like every night after work and it’d be like these girls
and I’m like how old are you or what are you like just some dude at home like
just trying to Doc’s Mirta but like I had so many requests everyone wanted to
see my unit and I was like this is crazy but then also like you’re new to fame
and like some of these girls are like super attractive I was single so it’s
like tempting I was smart enough not to like participate but I get like you’re a
lot younger than me yeah well I mean yeah it makes honestly like when you
when they come set to you so fast it’s like you don’t know how to handle it you
know you don’t know how to like can you know control it but I mean yeah and
people get tempted that we all make mistakes like don’t act like you’re not
perfect and like you haven’t done it before like I’m I’ve done videos on this
channel like top 5 DPS okay let’s do crazy videos like
de beber Chris Brown like if you’re famous pretty much your junks out there
by now yeah and I mean some some people like
you mentioned like they’ve made worse things than though it’s like duis and
like you know assault but like they’re doing pretty successful and I’m not
saying I’m not preparing myself to them I’m just saying like the comparison is
like well you know being people have done a lot worse yeah but they you know
they’re still doing good and to be honest like people watching this video
how many people have like done this themselves I know like I grew up like
phones just started getting cameras and like back in the day in high school like
this is what we did I was like the first picture I took on my like everyone’s
done it yeah and and and people won’t admit it but if like I’m just saying
like – like no not that many people say this but like a normal person would have
no attention but because your quote-unquote famous they want to give
themselves attention that they need yeah no of course they want to get into the
top comment of like saying something nasty just to like get the reaction out
of you yeah I’ve had tons of that like I pop up on someone’s comments and
everyone’s like Club chaser or Grim Reaper or whatever the hell it is and
I’m like man they just want my attention or to like top comment and negativity
sells a lot quicker and then post like I’m sure like half the comments here are
gonna be saying that like negative comments and like I mean why waste your
time on commenting something negative when you should be worrying about
yourself and it’s the same thing too like if I hit that like button if you’ve
ever taken a DP yourself shit explode yeah I mean I don’t know like it’s it’s
it’s common it’s common out it’s like yeah I mean so I felt for you man when I
saw all this news happen and I heard you were no longer with nelq a show that I’m
a big fan of and you’re from Toronto I was like
you’re young you’re in Hollywood you like made it like that’s a that’s a
tough a tough thing to go through and so many people watching and knowing about
it so my I’ve DM do I’m like you if you see a friend or you need someone a to
chat about this kind of stuff like I’m like maybe we can work together the
future I know you’re doing all sorts of stuff now in the city right yeah I’m
doing freelance photography now as a career like I have my own business now
like so it’s a startup but you know I’m making some couple jobs to you in there
and then you know make you some money so like let’s dough it’s it’s it’s only
gonna get better from here like it’s 2020 so still pretty you know new sad
fate like 10 more months to go so we see you’ve mastered YouTube in 2000 before
2020 now the entire world needs to know how to work this thing and like you’ve
got one of the most successful channels from this country so I don’t think it’ll
have a shortage looking for work yeah I mean we’ll see you know keep you updated
and so you’re on Instagram I’ve seen your photography yeah and then you
you’re obviously a cameraman and editor I mean yeah I have that experience but
it’s not really I don’t really use it much you know like it’s good to have but
my main focus is photography okay yeah cool I’ve been sleeping on the gram
forever because I like well I’ve write BIOS every day so those are exhausting
and then I put on a bunch of weight so I’ve been shy for being on the grant but
I need to do this so maybe we’ll like link up and you can help me out with
figure out some photography yeah it gets some siient our shots yeah I mean that’s
that’s the that’s the easiest shot to get in Toronto yeah
I don’t have one had ever done that really cool uh anything else we’ll talk
about just learn to appreciate the people that are alive now rather than
when they’re dead because you never know when they’re gonna when they leave you
know I mean so instead of sending hate why they’re alive send them love it’s
easy you know like it’s it’s hard for people do but
you know that’s it all right so we’re gonna wrap this one up here when it
comes to 905 shooter and where he is now while he is in Toronto he is doing
photography I guess you’re gonna be staying out of the DMS for a while oh
yeah most but if you guys want to send him some love of course he’ll get back
to you thanks so much for coming in bro thank you I’m looking forward to working
together and it was cool you came in thank you
I was pretty dope at 9:05 shooter Jason to stop by the kid he’s been through a
lot so go and give him a follow over on the gram keep in touch with what he’s up
to in the future we got more guests signed up to come in this year we
actually working with some pretty big names so look forward to that guys
subscribe if you’re new my name is michael crichton i’ll see you guys in
another video


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