A Current Affair Apologises to Geoff
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A Current Affair Apologises to Geoff

I dunno, don’t- haven’t a clue… He’s standing outside a…
…lifeboat… uhhh but he was uhhh, he had one *mumble* Yesss…. How do you do? …Yess… Oh well… huh… I accept the apology See I wo- I wa-wa-wah I’m…I’m not a well man and the reason I’d— it’s because I’ve got… severe problems with memory I’ve got errr… a very… I don’t have a short term memory. So I can’t remember you… coverage of me Oh yes, I remember the current affairs show Parkinsoneseses I’ve been diagnosed with it, I have to go to the… the specialists in Macquarie who- Macquarie University It’s terminal *laugh* It takes a while apparently Ohhhhh, Ben Fordham! Yes I remember him… I remember him quite– Ben Fordham was the most unpleasant man. Ohhh Ben Fordham is a… I can’t remember you specifically because the -the memory problems But I can remember that he was very arrogant, and very uh… overbearing Well that’s all I can remember Yes, possibly he was. OHHHH! Wait a minute… It’s starting to come back to me… See that’s the problem is the memory… the, the, the uhh…. They call it Pig’s Disease, that’s because the…. Yeah, they call it Pig’s Disease that’s just j-j-j-j … hardening of the brain arteries I can remember that, yes… I can err… tried to responn– response out of that most unpleasant… Oh I can remember it, it was extremely unpleasant Can’t remember. Ohhh! Wait a minute… yyyeeeeEEesssSSsS They…. ssssssmashed my windows But you can’t smash a window twice… And they’re they’re armour plated windows No, just it’s armour plated w-glass Yeeees, it’s just Channel Nine about Ben Fordham Oh well it’s all… I don’t normally have company it’s just that it– it’s just that you happened to cum at the same time Eeeeeh eee just a friend Just happened to come at the same time as you I can’t remember but he knows more about it than I do You did have a response, didn’t you? But I can’t remember very much about it… you have a better memory of it than I have Uhhh, no I don’t think so. I can’t remem- no I don’t remember anything like that, but I think that was the rock up there … smashed window, that was a response there I don’t know, you’re asking me something’s that’s… who’s eeerrr me– uh-eh-ooh-eh-rreerherhero who’s actually… memory is so bad now It’s all vague. It’s all… that’s the Parkinson’s, that’s partly because it’s Parkinson’s Partly because I am suffering from a kind of stress disorder That’s why I have to have a wheelie… for when I go out I have to push a wheelie cause otherwise… I become uhh… I can’t, I can’t keep a balance I go to the-the into, into Hornsby and I do my shopping I can’t remember anything, any, any un– untoward entries about that A Current Affair ohhh… I remember vaguely I remember Bom Fordham, I took an instant dislike to Ben Fordham I can still remember disliking him I don’t like him at all He’s a big– a big arrogant man I just can’t remember the specific recollections Ey? Well yes I suppose it would, hyhyhyees Who else was, er, acting– er that describes somebody Yes, acting like a ga-rub It’s all over, it’s– all water under the bridge I don’t bear grudges That’s right; I suppose I do forgive him, yes when you put it that way, yes All men are mortal, that’s the… errr… that’s… that’s the… who said that? Socrates or somebody. Somebody said it in…. Gree- errr Greek philospher said it So why carry on? ’cause once it’s all over it’s all over, isn’t it Yes, it was very uhh… I can remember it… Extremely unpleasant. All I can remember is extremely unpleasant Yes, Ben Fordham is a…. the… the associations, mental associations are unpleasant You see we just — I-I don’t have anybody ever come here, normally It’s just that the two of you come at the same time Actually, when he came I was putting my… evening meal on ‘Cause I was going to make a… bake a chicken Oh, well I bake the chicken Have it cold tonight It’s the dog’s– I feed the dogs, it’s mainly for them Oh no no no, my family’s died Errr, well–ererawer– two hours I’ve put it on Oh! of course I’ve got arthritis *orgasms* Oh, well thanks– thank you very much for your… …intentions Okay then, thankyou Remember if I’m sorry for what I did? NO! I’m not sorry for what I did… Somebody said that– that came up didn’t it: “are you sorry for what you did?” No, I’m not sorry for what I did… I’m not sorry for what I did Why would I– should I be sorry for what I did? I don’t uh… I don’t remember about that I can’t remember what that was about, but as far as I’m aware I certainly haven’t changed my– any opinions No I can’t remember any of that at all Yeah. My… boy guest? Yes, thank you Ther-there’s the smoke Coming from there… the top I don’t even remember how to use this stove I wonder if I press one of these what happens then Channel Niiiine… Ben Fordham did a big thing on me… years ago and I can’t remember… I just can’t remember what that was all about at all They got complaints about Dom… Ben Fordham’s manner They’ve been investigating… previous people he’s interview, wanted… their attitude to him was So Ben Fordham’s in trouble… … big trouble I hope Yyyyyyesssss *laughs in paedophile*


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