Academic WorldQuest Champs 2020
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Academic WorldQuest Champs 2020

[Announcer] And the winner is Bluffton High school [Reporter] For the second year in a row this team from
Bluffton High School out smarted their competition and is a 2020 Academic
WorldQuest champions. It wasn’t easy to repeat as champs for the first time ever
there was a tie for first place forcing a tiebreaker round with a team from May
River High School. [Jordan Wilhelm] I was really excited is pretty nerve-wracking after the
tiebreaker and we weren’t really sure how we were doing after that so it’s
really really being an exciting. [Nathan Lessard] Our teammate from last year was here
watching too so there was a little pressure definitely so it was relieving I think
would be the best word. [Reporter] The team beat six other high school teams from across the
district today at Hilton Head Island High School. The quiz competition tests
the students knowledge on a range of topics from current events to global
issues and more the team answered a hundred multiple-choice questions with a
1 minute time limit for each question. [Nathan] We divided up the topics and then kind of
just everyone studies at their own pace however they need to I know some of us
are better reading and making flashcards and some of us are better just skimming
the important things whatever works for that person. [Reporter] The winning team will soon
travel to Washington DC to take part in the national competition competing
against 50 other high school teams from across the nation the team went last
year and hopes their experience will help them be better prepared this time
around. [Jordan] There’s a study guide and I memorize like important numbers and
stuff like that and then I just read the rest I think now that we know
like what the questions look like on the national level we know to memorize the numbers and take the time to do that because that’s what
they asked at the national level. [Reporter] The students will also get to explore our
nation’s capitol with members of the World Affairs Council of Hilton Head who
sponsor the event. [Ivan Bennett] Because we have time to do tours I think this year we’re
scheduling the White House and Congress for tours in the past there’s been a lot
of museums that we’ve gone to but we’re getting ready for the competition so
lights out at night and get and study and get ready for the competition on the
25th. [Reporter] The national competition will take place April 23rd through the 25th. At
Hilton Head Island High School Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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