ALA IT OFFICE LO || EP 03 || Mr.Girlfriend || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media
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ALA IT OFFICE LO || EP 03 || Mr.Girlfriend || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

Hi! – Hey.
– What’s up? Is he watching?
– Yes, he is. What’s up?
– Don’t be so playful. If your guy sees it, he might kill himself.
– Let him die. Looks like the punch has landed.
– Needs a bit more force. It’s 15 years of revenge. He used to look down on me. What about the job?
– Should be okayed in a couple of days. Please, the sooner the better.
– Yeah, I get it. If not, you’d kill me.
Fine, I’ll get going. Gee! Then who’ll drop me of?
– Fine, hop on. It will take this jerk
at least 8 quarters to get high, tonight. Am I left with 60 paise?
Oh, man! In the end, am I left with only this? What’s it, dude?
– Transfer me 2k if you can? Is that to buy drinks?
– How did you guess? Your voice lacks the bass you had
while asking for 10k. Did she ditch you? Please transfer quickly.
– You wouldn’t learn. Fine, I’ll send it. Boss!
Glass, cheers! She ain’t woman, she’s an anaconda.
The coffee bill was 3k, lunch was 5k. A total of 8k down the drain. I was being happy that a beautiful woman
has knocked my door, she emptied my pockets. Sidhu, it’s a thing for a woman to ditch
& IT job to pinch. Our future is like a thread between America & Ameerpet. If we fly, we’ll reach heights.
If we fall, this is how it’ll be. I think it’s her.
Come I’ll show you the devil in human avatar. Is he watching?
– Yeah, he is. I shall show him a 3D film.
Ouch! Heavens! That drink had some kick about it.
The kick feels absolute lit. Who said if girls drinks, country would get destroyed?
The country will only progress if women drink. Dude, did you see that? In the morning,
she refused to shake hands & namasted me. Ravi, your so handsome.
You’re the epitome of beauty. There’s a guy leaving right above my home.
– She’s referring to you. Didn’t I tell you she is a devil?
I was wrong, she is a psycho. Do you know how he looks?
Like a threaded needle. His face is like a tasteless pizza. He might be an IT guy but he’d buy a cappuccino for a girl
& order a coffee for himself, such a cheap steak. Dude, calm down. Let’s go back in.
– I’ll kill her. Did he leave?
– Yeah, he left. He’ll not sleep tonight. Looser.
Well, bye, buddy. – Bye. Did he wake up, yet?
– Woah! These many shades in her? From Soundarya to Anushka,
she has covered everyone. Good morning, Sidhu!
Are you free today? I’m not! Even if I am, I won’t go with you.
– Why be so enraged? I’m a sensitive person.
– Are you? Be right there. Am I like a tasteless pizza? – Holy no!
– Don’t act. Aren’t you embarrassed to get drunk? Me, getting drunk? Oh, God! How could you say that?
My heart breaks on hearing the sound of it. And you say I got intoxicated?
– Such slyness. You used curse words for me. You shall pay for it.
A middle class IT guy’s voodoo is upon you. Stop it! You have accused me of things
without knowing my family or my upbringing. My mother brought me up
teaching humanity & goodness. And you hex me? I curse you
‘to lead a bachelor’s life till eternity’. Was I too drunk last night?
Is she a truthful person? Is she a holy basil plant or a weed plant? Salary is transfered. Mom knows about it even before the bank guy does.
My salary after giving mom.. I’ll be left with 30k.
Hey, Krishna! What’s this? How can I live with 30k for 30 days? For me?
But what for? We got a new manager. – So?
– You might have got a promotion, isn’t it? Didn’t I tell you? It’s an insult to the company
if they don’t reward my performance. You’re lucky. We guys aren’t.
Apparently, the manager is one strict woman. Whatever. My dear friends,
I’m here, I heard you guys. I’ll protect my men. How does she look? Lit?
– Damn lit! The talk is that she’s as beautiful as an android phone
& as traditional as an iPhone. Sidhu, the manager is asking for you.
– Do you see that? She has got some technical doubts. But who is she to call me? Bloody Jr.
It’s an insult to Sr. Sidhu software engineer. The moment she signs on my promotional letter,
I’ll take a copy from her printer & hand it to her. In that great way, I’m here. I heard you. Excuse me!
– Yes! Hey, what’re you doing here?
– I’m your manager. Madam is.. The ma’am. Why am I calling her madam?
– What’s it, Sidhu? – Nothing. Web series have been on the decline on YouTube.
What about you guys? Sir, we started Mr.Girlfriend web series.
People aren’t showing interest in web series these days. But after watching Mr.Girlfriend videos,
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And the moment you subscribe, you’ll find it very interesting, sir. All our friends comment,
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please like, share & comment. And subscribe to ‘The.Mix by Wirally’. And keep watching ‘Mr.Girlfriend’.

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