Amara Ends It w/ Emjay 💔 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami
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Amara Ends It w/ Emjay 💔 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

(upbeat music) – Jullian’s been there for me – You don’t need him as your manager. I’m here. (upbeat music) (speaks in foreign language) – Explain to him what happened that night. – [Amara] I asked him never
to discuss this with you. – I’m your man and regardless
if you gon’ have somethin with it you got to deal with me. – You need management, and who better to do that than me? (upbeat music) – Emjay! – What’s wrong? – I feel.. Betrayed. I feel–
– By who? By me? – And I loved you, and I accepted you as you were. – What’s wrong? – [Amara] It didn’t matter
what your situation was, whether you had money or
you didn’t have money. I still wanted to rock with you because I wanted to prove
to myself and to you that I could be a good woman for you. – [Emjay] Have I not
been a good man to you? – Shut up, please. I’m angry, I’m angry with myself, because I should’ve known better. – Should’ve known better than what? You know me better than anybody – No, I don’t know
(beep) and she was right. You’re the perfect gentleman. – Who is you talkin about,
who was right? – Annie, your ex. Tell me, during that time
that you guys were together what were you doing?
– Music. – [Ammara] You were doing music. – Yes I was. – How did you maintain the household? – I had a deal at the time. I got money. – She says, “is he
working? What is his job? “What is he doing? “I promise you that he’s
not never gonna work, “he’s never gonna do anything, “he’s gonna watch you struggle, “and he’s just gonna
be there to open doors, “open bottles, throw away the garbage, “make sure that everything–” – Bro, we can talk all this
but let me ask you a question. – What the (beep) am I supposed to say? – Listen to me, she told you about her life. You’ve been around me for the past year. – I know!
– I’ve had good times, I’ve had bad times. You’ve been there through the whole thing. – Regardless, the bill
still needs to be paid. – But they’re getting paid, what do you mean they’re not getting paid? I don’t help, so I don’t help with nothin’?. – What happens in the bad times? – What you mean what
happens in the bad times? – [Amara] What happens in the bad times, who’s there in the bad times? – [Emjay] You’re there.
– [Amara] Okay, thank you, and I’m tired of the bad times, I’m over it! This is what my future looks like? – People see us happy, we happy, they not gon’ tell you all
the (beep) on they end, they only gonna tell you
what’s gon’ piss you off, ’cause they don’t wanna see us happy. – She told me enough for me to know. – I understand she told you
enough for you to believe. So you believe it? – Do you know how embarrassed I was? – It’s one side. – To sit there.
– She told you one side of the story, what about my side? – And have her tell me all the things that you did for her
that you do for me now? – So you don’t care to hear it. So my story don’t mean nothin’. Everybody got their story but
my story don’t mean nothin’. – I lived the story with you. I lived with story with you! – So why you bashin’ me
because this woman came and pulled you to the side, and told you a whole bunch of (beep). – Because she told me all
this (beep) I’ve been living! – Man, I’m a human, man. – And so the (beep) am I! (yells) And I’m younger than you, and look at all the (beep)
accomplished for myself, so (beep) tell me that (beep), I support you in every (beep) way. – I didn’t say you don’t support me. – You know how stupid I feel? Every (beep) thing she
said that you did to her is the same (beep) you do to me. Everybody was telling me, and I just couldn’t see it, ’cause I was just so
(beep) in love with yo ass. – [Emjay] I’m glad to know
that she manipulated you. – [Amara] No, she didn’t
manipulated (beep), ’cause she told me all the
(beep) that I already know. – Okay, alright, Amara. – And you know what it is? Everything in life takes one day. It all takes one day for
all hell to break loose. And this is my day. So with that being said, I already know that you
know what that means. Alright cool, (mumbles). (intense music) (speaks in foreign language) (Emjay shouts angrily) Don’t be breaking nothing
in my (beep) house now! Don’t be breaking nothing in here. (speaks in foreign language) (cries) – [Emjay] I don’t understand this. I didn’t do nothin’. I hate the (beep), man. (Mami Ana speaks in foreign language) – [Emjay] (beep) with me, man? I’ve been doing this
(beep) all my (beep) life, tryna just get it together. I’ve been by myself since I was 15, all I know is to hustle, grind, try to figure it out. – Can you get me some napkins? – [Emjay] I understand
I got my ups and downs, (beep) happened in my past. (beep) happened ten years ago, now I’m where I am right now, and now I’m being
punished for some (beep). I fell in love, and I wanna be with somebody (beep). This (beep) ain’t fair, man. ‘Cause I pour myself out
everything I got is for that woman. – You gotta stay strong, you can do this. – [Emjay] Everything I
got in me is for her. (sobs)
(beep), man. – You understand Amara, right? – Man I understand, but I don’t understand
why chicks out here, when they see somebody happy, and see somebody doin’ good, that they wanna tear it down. – She thought about you very bad. (speaks in foreign language) – [Emjay] Everything
wasn’t right in my past, I get that. I had to survive, I had to do certain things. But I’m in different place in my life. That was ten years ago. – (speaks in foreign language), for Amara is not past, you know? (speaks in foreign language) – Alright. (speaks in foreign language) – Can we go sit down and talk? – I need a moment, I need a break. – Alright. – [Amara] I just can’t do this right now. (speaks in foreign language) (intense techno music) – You know, I really can’t believe that Amara is lettin’
my ex get in her head about the past. I love Amara with everything I got. So with all this (beep) that’s goin’ on, all I can think of is going to a hotel, gettin’ my thoughts together, and tryna figure out
how to get my love back. (intense music) I wanna be with nobody but you. Nobody but you. (intense music) I’m not lettin’ you go. You gon’ be mine forever. ♪ Please open your eyes ♪ ♪ Please don’t cry ♪
I love you. And I’mma fight for you, I ain’t lettin’ you go. ♪ Please open your eyes ♪ (emotional music)


  • moni Hernandez

    His right ppl do insert them self in other ppl relationship just to cause problem. Y'all happy and they don't want to see that. It's going to hurt but if your happy that's all that matters


    Emjay stop. Amara was not manipulated. She had confirmation of what she already knew. Now Bucky cast iron wig head ass gonna try to justify her brother's bum ass behavior.

  • Kevin Johnson EL

    Dominican women don't play that lazy man shit. They will give you your walking papers. Its money first with them

  • 76special

    I hate playing devil's advocate here but, I believe him. We don't know his life. He could have had rough childhood and as a teen he got into trouble and shit. Not everyone is the same. Amara also has a point but damn, let him work it out for a bit and if he doesn't shape up then break it off with him. Ex's are only there to instigate and separate, don't listen Amara.

  • Dree Beby

    It’s sad black men have it so hard. If he is trying, give him the benefit of doubt. You won’t find a good man like that nowadays. How you let his ex sit you down and break y’all relationship up? That woman plan was to destroy their relationship and she let it happen. He cried on national television, that ain’t no man that’s wanting to use her, that’s a man that’s willing to look weak to the public and express his love for her. I feel like money comes and go. She had no right to treat him that way. Help build that man up to her level and then see what he does to help her. Men are not perfect, but him I feel she had a good one.

  • TheReal KingRicochet90s

    As funny as this may seem….. it’s allllllooooooooot of females who go through this exact video

  • louve2727

    Smh, What the hell really! I don't really follow the show, but I can tell there is so much to the situation. The last time I seen her she was a beautiful afro-latina. I'm very disappointed in her look blond hair and if I didn't know any better I would say she's bleaching her skin I hope she finds her balance and get back to what makes her who she is and happy.

  • Veronica Reed

    The dog is me AF 🤣🤣🤣 acting like you ain’t listening until you hear a bump 👀👀 🗣Oh shit they fighting 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Crystal Nunez

    I adore Amara and her mom relationship she apperciate the sacrifices her mom had took to give her the life she living now and they stay by each other side no matter what this mother daughter love so deep and real 4 some of you guys to understand

  • Uniquaization

    2:57 "Regardless the bills still need to be paid…." "And…then pay 'em! Whatchu mean they not gettin paid?" CHILE Amara RUN

  • Keminisha Sokoya


  • Lisa L

    I wonder if at the beginning of the relationship she knew he didn't have a job and How he ended up living wt her?

  • Dizzy Dee

    Why when her mom came in he started talking about being on his own since he was 15. What that gotta do with him as a grown man not having no money?

  • Francisca Rodriguez

    You dont love her.. you love her money !! Boy bye..him and Shay planned that shit… cause she dont talk to Shay no more.. and that's Shay brother .. Amara🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Raymond Puerto

    I don’t think you should give up on him some people it’s not fortunate to have it all but there time will come one day and they going to shit on everybody when they come down.

  • Vanessa Buissereth

    “So the bills not getting paid?!” Bish who? I would’ve slapped em clean off his top hat 🎩 when he said that. He doesn’t get it, she busting her butt to pay the bills while he follow her around reaping the rewards, with no contribution. Julian somewhere in the dark smiling with his uglass .


    I use to have all of that and more. But, then I got cancer. Lost everything. Had to get on disability. And move back in with my parents. Now, as I get better, I'm slowly able to put my life back together peace by peace. Should I wait until I'm back to 100% before I start dating again or do you guys think that there are women out there who would understand and accept me as I am right now before I'm back to 100%?

  • Ferrero Fernando

    Amara needs to drop the BS with this show, and a better manager, she needs to put all her talent to good use elsewhere and focus on it before she isn’t taken seriously and her time is wasted even more. This is clearly not the outlet that uplifts her. If she practices Santeria I hope the religion tells her the same. She’s digging her own hole.

  • Caroline Andersson

    OBLIVIOU to HER STORY IS HIS EX STORY guilt tripping, victim, anger tantrum and demanding I want, I was, I , I, where is ????….. baby what's wrong? Don't brake down? I don't understand baby let's clear the air…. he seemed to know it was coming….never know it may be editing but the crying and the me me me energy points to narcissist! People who give benefit of the daughter are perfect for energy vamps

  • Caroline Andersson

    You are MY TOY!!! Wow DEMANDS DEMANDS, I WILL DO WHAT I HAVE TO just to do it again…I will trap you next time…watch out for those yoyo reactions a cocktail of attempts with tantrums DEMANDS and gestures to magically change your mind leave you in a cloud of confusion. HE IS A NARC OR A GOOD ACTOR

  • Nene Mash

    Mjay: "I ain't gonna be with nobody but you."
    Me: then get ur shit together like really, that's how you win her back🙄

  • Xavier Kohai

    These American men be having women take care of them so sad 😭 no ambition Amara find u a psychic reader to guide u from these demons 👿like emjay shays a bum just like her brother

  • China Berry

    Ain't no way a Ex would be able to make me go home and treat my dude this way … If I was going to leave him I would've just left ! Especially if I felt that way ..Amara didn't want him no more…. clearly. That looked set up unreal. Let my dude messy ex want to have a sit down. What was the ex supposed to say good shit she's a Ex for a reason with that amazon wig on.

  • Riyo Conversations

    "You're gunna be mine foreva" is it just me or did that sound like a threat more than a romantic declaration

  • gunna gotthejuice

    I never thought he was Bucky’s brother until now. All this screaming and fake ass crying. Twins for sure, they even look like now after seeing this

  • The A&J Show

    Amara's wig is what made Stevie j press send on his Twitter comment. LMAO don't ever wear the blonde wig again please. Still ly Amara ❤️

  • Ashanti Bell

    I don't blame her, this is what Florida dudes do! Always looking for. Come up, get off your ass and work. If you want a career in music acting whatever just make it happen and wait for your opportunity. Amara just needed to confirm the intuition she already had in her.


    If its this easy for her to give up and walk out on you then she never Loved you ….you never had her folks say they love you but really don't know what love is.

  • Nece B

    BM are getting worse by the day I swear. it's more like a 20/80 in these relationships. After being with first a while they get lazy and reckless. Want you baby them.

  • alona love

    Woman o woman stop dating or marrying projects…
    A lazy man will hold onto but I LOVE U as u hustle hard then buck up his chest screaming,"I AM A MAN RESPECT ME".
    My ma told me u get a man that loves u genuinely loves u and has $$$$ .
    BUT I LOVE U ain't enough to substain …

  • Nuel Bigail

    how are you even comfortable living under a woman's hard earned sweat???? huh??? like huh???… that"s a lazy man coming to fight for you Amara….pls guard up when next that mischevious soul shows up at your door!

  • cute kids everything Simpson

    Wait didn't she knew he was unemployed before she got involved with him …men do change… different women bring out d difference In men … then here comes the bitter ex wen they see you happy … so what if he didn't do rite by her

  • Sarita Cowan

    No way am I gonna let a EX of 10 yrs ago of my man come n tell me anything. She is bitter n miserable. N why chunky telling her business anyway. How a man treats you is not how he's gonna treat me because we are not the same. Stop letting ppl dictate ur relationship with ur man.

  • Sadie Love

    I not letting you go . you’re going to be mines forever. She have to be careful if she serious about the break up she needs a restraining order because those are obsessed stalker. Praying she be safe if she serious.

  • latinacrush

    I would love to see her in a telenovela, unfortunately all they cast is light skinned Latinos. I wanna see change!

  • PrincessArmy

    This made me sad a little because as hard as it was for her to make this decision she knew it had to be done. Sometimes the best decision we need to make for ourselves is often the hardest ones 🤦🏾‍♀️🤔

  • Katie Roman

    4:26 my life story🤦🏼‍♀️. A master manipulator saying OTHERS are manipulating you BUT in reality it’s THEM! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻good for you amara you have to protect yourself/your heart ❤️ and of it means hurting RIGHT now to be happy later 🤷🏼‍♀️u gotta do what you gotta do.

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