Anime动态漫 | 100% Perfect Love暖婚100分S1E1 CHEATING?!被绿了?!(Original/Eng sub)
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Anime动态漫 | 100% Perfect Love暖婚100分S1E1 CHEATING?!被绿了?!(Original/Eng sub)

Luckily I went out Otherwise I don’t know She is cheating on me They really want to die so badly? Who is it? Yo Bu··· Butong? Why are you here I’m here to see how you are cheating on me You’ve worked hard Where did you buy this dress? And this wig Yo yo yo Black and straight Congratulations Finally become the type you like Butong let’s break up You’re super straight It is impossible to fall in love with me Fortunately, he appeared in time to save me. let me know It’s so happy to love men Should a straight girl deserve to be cheated? Then I want to see Who is so bold? Dared to sleep with my people Jerk Get out! This Oh my god Isn’t this my fiance who is arranged by our family? Hell What a drama Humph! Mengmeng Aren’t you scared I’m alright But the car is broken Don’t feel bad I feel more hurt if you feel bad Later I’ll buy you a better one You’re cheating on me Still dare to show affection in front of me If I bear with it My dead parents will be furious! Now that you have made your choice I can only send you my best wishes There will be ugliness to love you for me Butong Who do you say is ugly? Whoever answers Oh? Almost forget What does Mr.Li seem to be? The first beautiful man in the city, right? I’m sorry I just said wrong You are not ugly You are retarded! Baby You get in the car first I don’t want this woman’s voice Dirty your beautiful and pure ears Ok On your birthday next week May have to announce The marriage news which has been hiding for 20 years Grandpa will hand me the 5% equity When we get married As soon as your old man die Bu family’s everything Will be mine By then you have no one to depend on See how I kill you Don’t think about letting your grandpa cancel the engagement Haven’t you tried it? He got heart attack Almost died Butong Give up Rest of your life is Destined to be played by me is it? Who will be the loser It’s not settle yet What you just said I’ve taken notes If not for getting rid of the engagement How could I pretend to be with Lin Ximeng I thought as long as I pretended to be gay Li family will cancel the marriage Li Siyuan didn’t fall to my trap Once the wedding is announced Me and Bu family It will all be destroyed in the hands of the insidious villain Li Siyuan I will never allow this to happen Mr. Li Three years ago Li’s had become a pool of standing water How did you bring Li back to life? This is a trade secret But if the price is right It’s not impossible That may be outrageous price Haha Li Jingchen … In the capital No one else is more honorable than him And more handsome too the most important is He is an uncle who is only three years older than Li Siyuan It’s someone Li Siyuan hates most! Li Siyuan dares to schemed against me Let me become his aunt As an elder It’s so easy to torture him Humph Hello Mr.Li I have something to talk to you So is this plan OK? President Li Ok Am I air? President Li Please wait what? It’s over If the paparazzi take pictures I’ll go to the headline again No··· I’m sorry······ This is Li Jingchen Much better than that scumbag Li Siyuan Keke … Ms.Bu, right? Our boss is busy If it’s for endorsement Please step aside Women’s courage is getting bigger now They dare to come here to seduce Boss Such an old-fashioned way of flirting She still uses it Endorsement? It looks like there is an audition for it in the afternoon Wait Don’t you think Humph Do you think you’re better because of the identity of advertisers? young people Human Should be like ears of rice hanging down because of fullness The more successful The more humble Maybe someone you dismiss now For a while Will be your boss Oops I forget Li Jingchen is still there President Li Actually I come My flourishing beauty It’s the dream of a billion men I have been ignored now. Is Li Jingchen an ascetic? Abstinence is good This man I want him You have no conscience Yesterday, you spent a whole night with me You ignore me today? What a jerk release I don’t let go Maybe in my belly Has a baby already I can’t let my child have no father You don’t talk to us clearly today I won’t let go you sure Is it my child? Sure of course Don’t you want to deny it? In this case as you wish BOSS You’re going to attend… Cancel it you you you······ What are you doing as you wish


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