Aşk Bir Rüya Kiran Kimdir? (Sabina Jat)
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Aşk Bir Rüya Kiran Kimdir? (Sabina Jat)

Who is the actress Sabina Jat, who plays the
character of kiran, bihaan and duruv’s sister in Aşk Bir Rüya? Real Name: Sabina Jat
Length: 1.60 cm Weight: 52 kg
Birthday: July 26, 1994 Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Leo Place of Birth Mumbai, India
First TV series: Thapki pyaar ki Love is a Dream
No information about his family Religious: Muslim
Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping, traveling Favorite foods: Pizza, noodles, cake
Favorite actor: Emraan Hashmi Liked colors: Pink, Blue

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