ASMR Boyfriend | Secretly at my parents house…. (ENG SUB)
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ASMR Boyfriend | Secretly at my parents house…. (ENG SUB)

Caption creator : Venus It’s ok honey.. My mom told me she wanted to see you before She wants to see you and cook delicious food for you Are you nervous? Let me see My heart is going pit-a-pat , pit-a-pat Your heart is beating fast also Let’s go out after eat my mom’s food And I want to show my room Ok? Let’s go honey Hi mom~ I brought my girfriend with me Isn’t she pretty? What do you think? She is the most pretiest between my ex-girfriend? What are you saying lol This is the first time I brought my girfriend with me No kidding lol She will misunderstanded My mom is so good at jokes Of course~ you were the only one No just kidding~ My mom is really good at jokes Mom please show her your cooking skills I want to show my room first to my girfriend before we eat Ok~ Let’s go to see my room. Follow me Ta-da~ Here is my room~ What do you think? Is it clear than you thought? I clear up my room before you come This is my table This is my bed! And this is my computer which I always work with~ Anyway, in my room with you.. It’s kind of awkward but nice It’s little bit shame but… you told me you want to lie down on my bed before You wanna do it? Come here baby Come on~ lie down here How is it? You’ve really wanted to lie down on my bed Why are you saying we can’t do this?… It’s ok. See! my mom is cooking right now Honey, like this… If I invite you on my bed like this.. I want to kiss you Ha.. I can’t stand it anymore Your clothes is casual just in time Easy to take off like this… Gosh.. You’ve already so wet Look how many you wet Kiss you like this and Just by looking at your face, I feel horny so I can’t stand it.. Because mom can call us… I want to fuck you right now.. Lets fuck fast and go to eat I want to eat you first Lets take off your clothes. Come here I really like this moment when I take off your clothes Take off all your clothes Ha.. Honey I will fuck you inside your wet pu$$y Look at mine. It’s really get bigger Ill fuck you with this Stomach is growling. Let’s fuck fast and go eat Ill put my “D” into your pu$$y honey Ha.. Fucking good.. Ha… your pu$$y Ha… baby You are so delicious You are so wet. It’s driving me crazy You can’t make moan too loud You wanna come to me? Don’t make moan too loud. Whisper your moan so that only I can hear it I don’t want my mom to hear it Come to me like that… Come honey Ha.. baby I wanna go to… Honey..! ha Fuxk… My mom didn’t hear that, did she? My mom call us now. Yes mom We have to go eat. Come here Let’s wipe it with a wet towel and go Ha.. you are so delicious.. How about you? Was it thrilling? I love you so much Yes mom~ we will go out~ Let’s go lol She is calling us Let’s go. Get dressed


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