Bachelor Fans Think Chris Harrison’s Girlfriend Spoiled The Winner

It’s a busy time for Bachelor Nation: We recently
learned that the next Bachelorette is Clare Crawley a throwback pick that threw the fandom
for a loop and Peter Weber’s intense Bachelor season is coming to a close very soon. But since Peter’s season isn’t over yet, fans
are clinging to any and every possible hint about his final rose. There’s one clue that may hold extra weight,
since it came from a source close to the franchise. Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s girlfriend
Lauren Zima, a producer and host at Entertainment Tonight, posted a since-deleted tweet during
the February 24th episode that raised eyebrows. Zima wrote, “Peter: ‘I know what I have with Hannah Ann:
she’s someone I will be able to lean on always, 100% through the good and bad times and it
is the absolute best feeling in the world.’ …HOW DOES HE NOT PICK HANNAH ANN THEN?!” Her tweet seemingly confirmed that Peter does
not pick Hannah Ann Sluss, but instead chooses the other remaining contestant, Madison Prewett. But was it just a poor choice of words? Zima tried to clarify, tweeting out, “I deleted [the tweet] because it was confusingly
worded on my part. I meant more along the lines of ‘how could
he possibly not pick hannah ann after all this when he is saying they’re 100% going
to be there for each other forever’ -does that make sense? Hard to say in written word.” But the damage was done. Considering Zima’s insider status, it’s understandable
that Bachelor Nation took her initial tweet as evidence that Peter ends up with Madison. For weeks, teasers for The Bachelor have hyped
up a major shock at the end of the season. Peter’s mom is seen sobbing, telling her son
to, quote, “bring her home to us.” Fans speculated that last season’s Bachelorette,
a.k.a. Peter’s ex Hannah Brown, is who his mom is begging him to go see. Others believe that it has to be frontrunner
Madison, since she already met Weber’s parents very early on. Madison gave Peter an ultimatum, saying that
it’d be difficult for her to stay on the show if he slept with anyone in the Fantasy Suites. However, Peter was already “intimate” with
at least one other contestant, which he confessed to Madison during a very uncomfortable convo. While Madison received a rose in the most
recent episode and made it to the final two, she very well could decide to leave the competition
later, especially since another part of the teaser shows Weber flustered, sitting on a
bed after finding out surprising news from Chris Harrison. Speaking of Harrison, he’s hinted at a different
theory about the season’s ending. If you’re a fan of spoilers, chances are you’re
familiar with Steve Carbone, a.k.a. Reality Steve, the blogger who’s built a loyal Bachelor
Nation following among those who want to know how the seasons end beforehand. Somehow his spoilers are almost always correct. For the record, this next theory has already
been shot down by Reality Steve, but some fans are holding out hope anyway. Many fans think Peter might wind up with a
Bachelor producer, Julie LaPlaca, at the end of the season. While it initially sounds far-fetched, the
producer in question was spotted with Weber’s family at a New Year’s Eve lunch that his
dad shared a pic of on Instagram. LaPlaca also shared a photo from New Year’s
Eve in New York City to her own Instagram and fans believe it’s Weber standing right
behind her, since it matches the coat he was spotted wearing that night. Even Bachelor host Chris Harrison added fuel
to the fire when he posted an airport selfie with Weber and LaPlaca. In an interview with Access, Harrison addressed
the selfie while remaining incredibly vague. He explained that as a producer, LaPlaca spends
time with Weber and travels with him. “I’ll just say this, it’s an intimate relationship. You spend that much time together, we all
get close. That’s a resounding yes. Sometimes those lines get blurred.” While Bachelor Nation will have to wait to
see if Peter finds love, there’s one person who already met his match within the franchise. Or more accurately, because of the franchise. Romantic sparks started to fly between Chris
Harrison and Lauren Zima after she DMed him following a run-in at a tell-all taping when
they were both single. In summer 2019, Zima opened up about her relationship
with Harrison on Season 21 Bachelor Nick Viall’s podcast, saying, “I sort of feel like I’m reaping the benefits
of someone who’s worked on this show and learned how to talk to women for so long. He is so communicative. He’s so thoughtful. He’s so clear with his feelings and a good
listener. […] I don’t expect Bachelor dates from him,
but I will tell you he has taken me on a helicopter.” How sweet is that? Not only do these two share a love of The
Bachelor, but there’s another thing they have in common: getting accused of ruining this
season’s ending. But in both cases, these may just be innocent
misunderstandings. Either way, there’s one week left of Weber’s
season, so fans will have all the answers about that sought-after final rose soon enough. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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