Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life | 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀 EP.70 [ENG, CHN, IND / 2020.02.08]
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Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life | 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀 EP.70 [ENG, CHN, IND / 2020.02.08]

(Episode 70) Why didn’t you tell me? If I had, you would’ve stopped me again. You would’ve barged in like so or pulled another stunt with ads. You didn’t tell me on purpose. How can you stab me in the back like this? I can’t believe you made me find out about it like this. He was cast first and I joined as a substitute. How can I ask them to drop him for personal reasons? No. You wouldn’t have done this had you cared about me. Your head is filled with thoughts about him. No, I don’t think about you nor him for that matter. I’m sick and tired of this all. Can’t you just let me do my job? If word gets out about this, I’ll once again be labeled as your ex-wife. I worked hard to get this gig for myself. I would rather lose you than lose this job. So you’ll meet him once a week? Am I supposed to sit by and let you two meet all year? Then quit doing all of this. You said you’d endure everything. You told me you’d always take my side. But you couldn’t even hold yourself back for one hour and dragged me out while the staff watched. I did hold back. I wanted to interrupt the show and drag him out of there, but I held back. That’s rich coming from someone who worked with Mun Haerang day in, day out. Pathetic fool. (Mom) The person you called is unavailable. Your phone is on, but you’re choosing to ignore my call? Mr. Choi, where’s the vice-chairman? He wanted to get a drink, so he told me to head home. With whom? Kim Seola? No, he’s alone. What? Alone? They’re not together? Are you listening to me? Can you hear me? Am I babbling on my own like a fool again? I’m listening, so go ahead. You are. I must seem pathetic to you. Even I find myself pathetic. For the first time in my life, I’m scared. I’m worried that I’ll never win you back. I know you’re upset, but I hope you would understand. You have no idea how hard this is for me. I know and I’m sorry about that. But I can’t say what I don’t mean. That’s why we didn’t work out before. Why is it so hard for me to win you over? I was confident at first when I woke up from my coma. Actually, I was confident even up until last night. I was positive that I wouldn’t fail you again. I know you’re trying hard, so please head home. You seem very drunk. I thought it was a given. I believed I could have whatever I wanted including you. But today, I learned that it might not be true. I thought that while listening to the two of you on the radio. It made me feel so miserable. He’s trying to sever ties with you. I’m the one who won’t let you go, but your heart still seems to beat only for him. Seola. What is it about him that you like so much? What does he have that I don’t? We’ll talk about this some other day, so please head home. You’re worrying me. Jinu. Jinu? Jinu, where are you? Honey… Seola. Seola… Sleep it off for a while. I’ll take you home shortly. Gosh, he’s heavy. My goodness. Gosh, he’s so heavy. Hang on. Why must I go through this at the crack of dawn? Do I have to take care of my drunk son now? I’m sorry to bother you. I should’ve just woken Ms. Lee up. Forget it. It’d not be good to show this side of him. Jinu, wake up. Wake up. Wake up already. Wake up! Goodness, gracious. Good work. You may leave now. Why? Do you have something to tell me? If you do, let’s go down and talk over a cup of tea. If you don’t mind, may I stay for a little longer? What? He might feel uncomfortable if he sleeps like that. I want to change him into his pajamas and wash his hands, at least. Let me make sure he is comfortable before I go. You’re hopeless. Well, suit yourself. Gosh, my head. Haerang. Ms. Mun. Are you awake? What are you doing here? Did you come in the morning? Ms. Mun. Were you so drunk that you don’t remember anything? How is your stomach? I bought a hangover drink at a convenience store. Shall I bring it for you? What? Well… I can still smell the alcohol on you. Wash up before you meet the chairwoman. Wait. Did I make any mistake? You keep making mistakes to me. It was a big one yesterday. Right. There’s no way I called her. But how did she know to come get me? Why was she sleeping there? I made a big mistake? A big one? Wait, with Seola? I called her. For 40 minutes… I talked to her on the phone for 40 minutes? When? Darn. Jinu, try to remember already. For 40 minutes, what did I blabber on about? Please remember. Try to remember. Please. She atoned? Atoned to whom? My son’s dead and I’m a mess. I can never forgive you. I’ll make sure you pay for it. Both you and your daughter. Hello? Yes, this is Seonu Yeongae speaking. What? The outstanding employee? Yes, okay. Okay, thank you. What do you mean, outstanding employee? Were you selected as an outstanding employee? Yes. My gosh, this is crazy. You’re amazing. It’s nothing. What are you talking about? There must be so many employees in your company. You were selected out of all those people. That’s amazing. – Is it? / – Of course. Congratulations, Mom. I see. Thank you. I need to tell Cheonga about this. Yeona. Cheonga, Mom became an outstanding employee. Really? That’s great. Isn’t she amazing? Yes, she’s amazing. Dad will be so glad to hear this news. Are you going to call him? Why don’t we just go tell him in person? As a surprise to support him. – Why not? Let’s do that. / – Great. – Get ready and see me downstairs. / – Okay. Is this where Dad works? Yes. But why isn’t he around? Maybe it’s break time. Cheonga, I really need to go. Let me go to the toilet. Go inside first if you’d like. Okay. Mister. Don’t try to beat me because that’s out of your league. Just do your job properly. I mean, you can’t take orders. You can neither serve food nor work the cash register. What kind of a part-timer is that? And why don’t you get fired? Hey, you punk. Talk to your elders with honorifics. Don’t you have parents? No. I don’t. My parents abandoned me. Are you happy? That’s that. You shouldn’t keep treating your elders like this. I know how to throw a temper too. And there is a limit to my patience. I’m warning you. Fix your rude way of talking first, okay? Over my dead body. Don’t expect it while I’m alive. Why you little… – What? / – What? Officer Kim. What brings you here? Don’t tell me you’re here to see me. How did you know I work here? I’m here to see my dad. Is your dad the owner of this restaurant? Or the manager? No, he’s the part-timer. What? – Dad. / – Oh, Cheonga. I’m here too. My girls. You didn’t have to come all the way here. Thank you. It’s warm and delicious. I love the soup, Dad. Enjoy. Is he that young punk who talks rudely to you? I can tell he’s rude just by looking at him. Why does he keep glancing at us? What’s with him? Hey, how do you know that punk? I met him at the scene of a car accident. Did he cause the accident? No, he was the victim. Really? Hey, Kang Siwol. So my dad was the frustrating old man you talked about? I can’t help it that he’s frustrating. Is there anyone whom you don’t find frustrating? Be polite to my dad and don’t talk back to him. Be nice and respectful, okay? Are you crazy? If I use honorifics to your dad, it means I’m out of my mind. Hey… Move over. My gosh. Hey, you might hurt your back. Why are you being like this all of a sudden? It’s not sudden. Just take it easy. What did he just say? Did I hear him wrong? Or is it that something’s wrong with him? I’m home. Come on in. – How could you do that? / – Do what? Why didn’t you tell us you were going to be on the air? What do you mean? Did Taerang go on the air? Were you on TV? Did you not know, Dad? He is on the radio. Really? Which show? Can you do that while running your restaurant? It’s no big deal. It’s just once a week, and it takes less than 20 minutes. So what is it? What’s the name of the show? I should listen to it if it features my son. It’s “Kim Seola’s Four Seasons”. It’s a new show. You know Kim Seola. She’s a news anchor. What? Who? Kim Seola? Why? Why does it have to be her show? Out of all shows, why hers? It happened that way. We didn’t know we’d meet. And I couldn’t go back on my decision later on. I found it out too late. I know what you’re worried about. But you don’t have to worry. I know you’re struggling. That’s why I’m even more upset. Go wash up and go to bed. You’re the only person who understands how I feel. I’m having a hard time, Dad. Now that you know it, please wait a little more. Hong Yura… Hong Yura… Did she see that I caused the accident or what? Who is she? What was the statement about? (Hong Yura) (Supreme Court Justice) (Hong Yura, Supreme Court Justice) (Supreme Court Justice) This lady… Lady. Why are you standing here blankly like that? It really bothers me. (Father, Hong Jangryong, Founder of Inter Market) (Sister, Chairwoman Hong Hwayeong of Inter Market) She’s a lady with a huge background. A Supreme Court justice? And her father is the founder of Inter Market. Her sister is the chairwoman. Inter Market? (Gu Junhwi, Inter Market) This guy is from Inter Market too. Ladies and gentlemen. I hope you will concentrate on… On… All your capability on finalizing your new business plan early this year. All your unbelievable… – Ma’am. / – Yes? It’s “capability.” Forget it. I don’t want to memorize it. Just say that I have aphasia because of my son. It’s so annoying. I’ll say you’re battling vocal cord nodules. Mister, please move your motorcycle. Who’s this idiot? – Just get rid of him. / – Yes, ma’am. Move your motorcycle so Chairwoman Hong can get going. Chairwoman? Are you the chairwoman here, lady? Gosh, what did he say? Lady? Hey. Say that again. Go ahead and call me lady. Lady. Are you the chairwoman? Are you deaf? Go away. Won’t you? You scumbag. How dare you put your filthy face under my nose? Scumbag? Say that again. Scumbag. Scumbag. I wish you a happy new year, you fearless lady. What are you waiting for? – Stop it. / – Darn it. Is your wrist okay? Should I rearrange your schedule so you can see a doctor? No. I should get going. You stay here and find out who this scumbag is. Find out everything about him. I won’t let this slide. I wish you a happy new year, lady. Get off. Let go of me! What are you doing? Go ahead and punch me. Just hit me already. You’re her bodyguards. Why are you so spiritless? Go ahead and punch me in the face. I want to make some money here. What are you doing here? Who do you want to see? What’s your name? Darn it. Who are you? And who are you? Say your name first before asking mine. Hey. Hey! Where are you going? Take me with you. Why? Don’t you want to be with a scumbag? No. Only human beings are allowed in here. Show me your ID and I’ll give you your key back. What’s going on? This man was making a scene. I’m trying to check his identity. It’s the chairwoman’s order. I know him. I guess he’s here to see me. Do you know him? Yes. I can vouch for him. You should go back to work. I’ll tell Chairwoman Hong myself. Let’s go. What? There’s no ice in it. Make sure to ask me before buying something next time. What do you want? Are you here to see me? Why did you meet Father Paul? I saw you were meeting him. I wanted to ask him about you. You should ask me. What is it you want to know? Why do you keep meeting Officer Kim Cheonga? I think she can get me out. From my trashy past. May I ask what that past is? Someone ruined my life. Who? I’m looking into it. Could you do that with me? Why would you? I want to get Cheonga out too. Safely. I’ll help you instead. Leave her out of it. I don’t need someone who can help. I need someone who trusts me. Do you trust me? I don’t. I don’t trust human beings. Just the truth. (Me) (Me) The receiver cannot be reached. (Senior Manager Gu Junhwi) I’m getting off work. I’m going home, so don’t worry about me. You don’t have to pick up. I won’t call you again today. Make sure to eat and sleep well. What a place. Where are you, Gu Junhwi? Shoot. (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life) Do you take Cheonga that lightly? You date her then dump her? – I’m sorry. / – If you’re sorry, fill my glass. Will you drink it all yourself? The chairwoman wants to see you. Come with me. – What did I do? / – She’s a busy person. Please hurry. She’s not at all like her. There’s no way my sister is that rude. Is the young offender Kang Siwol, the person you sponsored? You met him? Either he came to see me or came for some other reason. Do you know why?


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