Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky Was A Stress Reliever
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Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky Was A Stress Reliever

>>There’s a new docuseries on Hulu titled
Hillary. It’s all about Hillary Clinton and her 2016
campaign. And there’s one portion of it that focuses
on Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. He actually opens up about why he had that
affair. Let’s hear what he had to say.>>Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments
and terrors, fears of whatever. Things I did to manage my anxieties for years. I felt terrible about the fact that Monica
Lewinsky’s life was defined by it. Unfairly, I think. Over the years I’ve watched her trying to
get a normal life back again.>>He’s like a meme.>>Bill Clinton is the most disgusting human
being. He makes my skin crawl, he’s such a thoroughly
repelling man to me.>>You know how it is though, come on, you
know how it is. Whenever I’m feeling a lot of anxiety, which
is every day->>You just get a blow job.>>All I think about is how I can hurt the
one person in my life that I trust the most. That I love the most. Who’s has always been by my side, my husband. How can I screw my husband over by helping
my own anxiety and sleeping with other people?>>First of all I can’t believe that this
is a docuseries. How many hours of this do we have to watch? And secondly, Nobody asked you, Bill Clinton. Nobody asked you. You could have just shut up. If you wanted to help Monica Lewinsky get
on with her life, you should have said nothing. Instead of putting your giant foot in your
mouth and just be like, I was a little stressed so I got a BJ. You know how you know. You know how BJs help stress, you know. What?>>He said that with a straight face.>>Bill Clinton who has a credible rape accusation
from Juanita Broderick. Bill Clinton who has several sexual assault
allegations. Bill Clinton who cut welfare, doubling extreme
poverty in this country. Bill Clinton signed the defense of marriage,
just one of the most disgusting human beings on the planet. And the way that they treated Monica Lewinsky
at the time, basically smearing her as some strumpet whore, is absolutely->>Slut-shamed.>>They totally slut-shamed her. So to see him say now, I’ve been watching
her trying to get a normal life I’m sorry I think she was unfairly mined, unfairly mined
by you.>>By you and your supporters not just then
but even up until today, and it’s gross to try to excuse your behavior by saying that
you were under a lot of stress and a lot of.>>It’s self care. It’s self care.>>She’s a human being.>>It’s like I do my yoga and then I put on
my face mask and then I go to my 22 year old intern. When I’m the most powerful man in the world
and be like aye baby, you wanna give bubba->>At least they’re consistent about one thing
and that is the unwillingness to take any personal responsibility whatsoever. Hillary Clinton will blame everyone else for
why she lost in 2016. And Bill Clinton will just blame his stress
for why he did what he did.


  • L fearless

    That's how you destroy morality. Education n smartness are there for a reason n not lose dignity. You can do whatever you want with your body talking points but at the end of the day if you have daughters why would you even educate them if porn pays very well. Just make them go to straight there. There are a few women who are consciously of what they are doing n love sex but most do it because of been trapped of hard situations with no guidance.. that talking point is great for the porn industry but not for the society in general. It only serves to justify wrong doings n excuses.. some women love that talking point… Morality, integrity, self respect, self recognition for hard work to achieve real goals are very important in life. My most respect to women know the hard n smart work with no cutting corners, these are the real feminists.

  • Brad Forth

    TYT I'm saying this as admiration and respect to you all. Your lack of context with your opinions is exactly like mainstream media that you talk about. You demonize 1 group and applaud the other one that's an opinion. I'm not political at all. I'm politically agnostic. So at least try to get your opinions based on factual context. There's a lot more of that segment then just what you clipped out. The same is true with over Trump, Biden, and everyone else. Wow all your videos are based on money generated through advertisements which is capitalism! TYT is becoming the Media Group that you hate . In the USA, the media is a bunch of Talking Heads giving opinions about the most important issues . Then people get on social media and think that is real. . I'm tired of the most important issues in real life circulated to the public from other people's opinions on YouTube or other media . Just try to get something contextually accurate, that's all I ask.

  • Layla Ali

    You need to get real bill is real man he admitted his mistakes Monica is not a victim she was 21 years old woman she knew what she was doing was wrong she had a affair with a married man,the only victim was Hillary.

  • Trivarious Leibowitz

    Slick Willy's 27 documented flights on Epstein's pedo plane
    & 4 time to pedo island was a big stress reliever too. So progressive

  • Larry Schad

    Jerking off is a stress reliever. What he did was cheat and basically give us W. See how that has turned out.

  • Nino Almighty

    Lewinsky threw herself at him. He was the second married guy she banged.
    Sluts should be ashamed.
    Bill Clinton 2020!!!

  • matt black

    I'm so tired of dems pulling the race card. I'm tired of the sense of entitlement. This is why Trump is winning. Get a grip and grow up!

  • Whitey Powers

    I am sure she was a stress releiver since Hillary stopped putting out in the late 80's. All that cocaine was he used was also a stress releiver as well. I am sure he had plenty of stress since he was married to that disgusting thing. He was forced to get stange if he wanted to get laid. Hillary has been a lesbian since the late 90's or earlier.

  • MzMiaRoseTV

    Bill Clinton's disgusting, not just for cheating on his wife, but for also manipulating Monica into thinking that he loved her, just so he could get some. That's FOUL!

  • imnotmike

    It's horrible what the media did to Monica Lewinsky. But how was she any better than Bill Clinton? She was banging a married man. It takes two to tango. Clinton didn't rape her. It was a consensual relationship. Some of the other stuff Clinton has been accused of is much worse than the Lewinsky scandal. But as far as that goes, I don't really think you cover it very fairly.

  • MrWebster

    I would be suspicious of the timing on this series. Just a thought but can a contestted convention choose Hillary to give her a second chance as after all, according to TYT and others , Russians installed Trump as president. You heard it here first.

  • Andrea Eno

    And it took this long for him to maybe help her out with the trying to have a normal life thing. I mean what could he do? Honestly wasn’t an option? She was expendable. It’s only been like 30 years. Total scumbag.

  • John Brickel

    I absolutely do NOT condone Bill's behavior and sympathize greatly with Mónica. I hate the Clintons. But.. I will disagree with you ladies. BJs TOTALLY help with anxiety.

  • Frank Castle

    Of all the things to talk about regarding this dirt bag, this is what people focus on – his sex life.

    Ridiculous – who hasn’t gotten a bj to relieve stress every now and then? This isn’t even worth discussing…

  • J smo

    Nobody asked him? Um, he's literally being interviewed. And are you actually trying to claim sex doesn't relieve tension? Or that sex isn't addictive for some people, and that it's used as a coping mechanism like drugs and alcohol? Jesus Christ, grow up.
    Speaking of blaming everyone else, according to Bernie the reason black people didn't vote for him in 2016 was because of their love for Bill Clinton, and in 2020 its because Biden was Obama's wing man. I bet black people were thrilled to be told the reasons behind their votes by an old white man. Sanders is nothing if not determined to not take responsibility for his shortcomings.

  • Mike Giles

    It’s been 49 years. Global climate change has ravaged this planet. Mutant gangs of amphetamine addicts roam the desert. And I have spent so long traveling the wastelands I’ve become something of an urban myth. I’ve spent so long searching legends have been passed down to my grandchildren. I’m known as the seeker. And even in the end I haven’t been able to find who asked.

  • Silver and Gold Brew

    Seriously this guy…..don't help promote a stereotype even if its true. Its hard enough already convincing women that you don't want to just just F them. To help promote the idea that we just see women as objects helps no one. Because even guys who aren't just [email protected]# boys get painted with the same brush. He couldn't have said she was the best part of my day that is the truth, being with her made my life better. I was under a lot of stress and it's feels great having someone that wants you as much as you want them. Bill always sticking his foot in his mouth.

  • Amberscion

    This was a particularly disgusting piece from TYT. Starting with Vila using the "He makes my skin crawl" phrase that they so roundly decried in prior videos, and rolling on from there.

    Let me make this very clear: I am not defending Bill Clinton. His sexual misconduct acts with Lewinsky and others are insupportable. But TYT in this video are sinking to the lowest of the low, using tactics and statements that they themselves have railed against. This level of hypocrisy is disgusting. TYT should be ashamed of their actions and words, and people should lose their jobs over this kind of hypocrisy. Some level of standards should be maintained.

  • Ray Renati

    You guys are totally judging Clinton on a clip that they asked him to make for the documentary. He wasn't excusing his behavior. In fact, he said there was no excuse. What are you listening to? He did take responsibility.

  • Mary Dolores Siqueiros

    Unless both Bill and Hillary are explaining their relationship with Jeffrey Epstein they best shut it.

  • hanihighest

    People need to leave Bill alone. Noone in the history of mankind has had that much shit for getting a bj. And why people giving Monica shit for blowing the president.

  • Maverick P

    😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😂😂😉😉😉😉😉MONICA LEWINSKY will have spent more time behind the Resolute Desk than BERNIE SANDERS ever will!

    Anyone But Bernie 2020

  • Maverick P

    ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝Hilary Clinton is the antidote to a severe Viagra overdose!

  • Lighter Fluid15

    No, this is why TYT sucks, not as much as everyone else but Lewinsky is a Ho!!! Women love saying it takes 2 when a man wants a financial abortion but it doesn't take 2 to have an affair!?!?! You people are ridiculous, Clinton is a bastard but don't bring up her age and any other nonsense, she likes giving oral sex. That's wonderful if Bill was her husband, he wasn't and she along with the rest of the world knew that. You bastards can't call women Hoes who are Hoes, gold diggers and clout chasers what they are. No it has to be that they were taken advantage of, blah, blah, blah. That mindset is way more sexist than a cat call or whatever feminists are whining about now. Women can be shitty human beings too, but until Mattress Girl and Jackie Coakley are in prison where they belong I will continue to point out that it's people like here at TYT who make them possible.

  • gridsleep

    They had squeezy toys back then, didn't they? FDR had a swimming pool put in. Somebody had that covered over with a bowling alley for Truman who didn't bowl; he prefered to mow the lawn. A little on the side is not stress relief, it is seeing what you can get away with.

  • yogibear6363

    I see the decades of brainwashing propaganda put out by the conservative media to get lefties to turn on each other has been effective.

  • Rebecca Liew

    Not defending Bill on what he did to Lewinsky, but let's look at the unbalanced energy here: Hillary is a tough masculine energy in herself to do politics like her husband. Two masculine energies managing a Clinton household = unbalanced dynamic, with both sides aggressive & ambitious for their own goals. To avoid another Clinton-Lewinsky thing again, hopefully the Clintons had a good honest look at what they want in a relationship as a couple, not as a political family. If they haven't figured that by now, that was why the not-too-nice talk on Lewinsky past.

  • Grow Master

    im confussed tyt was begging people to vote for hillary in 2016 and now they turn against her by going after her husband trump again in 2020

  • Paggos

    Pretty sure it takes two people to have sex…just sayin' she got famous from it. Any publicity is good publicity, just ask Trump….

  • Beverly Vinson


  • Renaldo Silva

    More trash commentary from Tyt. This is why Bernie Sanders will not win the nomination because of this Tyt garbage. This is what Bernie Bullying looks like 100%.

  • I Got Fat

    He's married to Hillary and people can't believe he cheated? She's less sexually appealing than a hole in the drywall.

  • Castor Troy

    TYT continuing to bring the most shrill cringey guest hosts on who do nothing but make noise out of their mouth holes.

  • Renaldo Silva

    Cenk and Anna should start reading some of the comments from they're daily video's and make some adjustments. Its really trending towards Tyt heads are buried in the sand. Wtfu!

  • Jean Jones

    So, I guess he had anxiety his whole life? When will the Clintons ever just stfu and go away? Those two were made for each other. News are morons for running this!!

  • Am rose

    He got narristic tendencies so he never admit responsibility for it. Wow stress reliver is his excuse for having an extramaritial affair on Hillary. He sounding ill looking old he had some heart attacks and operations karma payback, hmmm so he has watched over the years how this has affected her life but act like he is more important. He probably still has a thing for her can hear it in his voice seems a bit quiet and reflective he probable wishes he still with her having an affair.

  • AlternativeFaxxx

    I love tyt but I’m sick and tired of the guys on here not explaining the headspace of a guy smh yes sex is a stress reliever and for these ppl to act like that isn’t a fact is ridiculous

  • s staners

    I’m waiting for the guy in the middle to turn to one of the ladies and say, “man, it’s been a real stressful week.”

  • onerpone

    It’s Official!! The Democrats have convinced me that the corona virus is a threat to my life. I am avoiding crowds of any size. I call for the upcoming presidential election be canceled and President Trump remain in office indefinitely until the threat is over, standing in line with others waiting to vote is a threat to my life

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