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BMO | Jane’s Story

Teacher: Say that you
have 50 cents and you want to buy
an apple for 23 cents how much change
would you get back? Who knows the answer? Elijah? Elijah: 27 cents. Teacher: Very good, Elijah! 27 cents is the correct answer. [♪♪♪] Grandma: Happy birthday
princess. Go and spoil yourself, okay? [♪♪♪] Mom: You like it? Jane: Yeah. Mom: We’re going to get it. Some retail therapy,
right? Jane: Right. Mom: Don’t tell your dad. Friend: Is that a new jacket? Jane: Yep,
just a little retail therapy. Mom: Another bill? Dad: Bit of advice hunny marry rich. Jane: I picked it
out myself. Fiancee: And with tastes
like that, she’s going to put me in the poor house. I’m going to take
of everything. [♪♪♪] Waiter: Here you go,
gentleman. [♪♪♪] Husband: Thank you
so much. Realtor: So, as you can see, ceilings – major feature
of this property. Contractor: Should be an
easy fix. I’ll send the quote
to your husband? Jane: Sounds good. TV: I mean ya, that’s Derek. He earns it, I spend it! [♪♪♪] Lawyer: Just to clariy. were all of your
investments held jointly? [♪♪♪] Jane: I don’t know. [♪♪♪] Fiancee: She’s going to put
me in the poor house. Contractor: I’ll talk to your
husband about the cost? Mom: Some retail therapy, right? Grandma: Go spoil yourself. [♪♪♪]

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