Boy-Love Series | EP 13 | OUR SECRET | EngSub | Official
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Boy-Love Series | EP 13 | OUR SECRET | EngSub | Official

Chap. 13
Pact: Day 4! Wifey, are you at school? Yes! Has the nurse come to check on you? Yes! A pile of pills! Only external wounds! Why so many kinds? External, my d*ck! Can you find any part of your body without a cut? LMAO! I must look so nasty! Have you ever been less nasty? Screw you! How come a wife talking to her hubby that way? I put a jar of candy on top of the dressing table!
“Suck” some if you need something sweet. I am! LOL!
My wifey is so…”tactful”! Thank you! I know me too well! Wanna know how tactful I am in s*x?
Give me a shot, OK? Noooooooooooooooo Why are you always saying those evil things
before such an innocent like me? But I accept your request! Such a boy with lust! Mind your body first! When do your parents return from work? I’m not sure!
My mother said the other day,
2 months, if I remember correctly! But don’t you worry!
Doctors said I can be discharged tmr! Just stay home! When did I say I’d mind travelling? Still, why can they let a torn out patient like you out tmr? Are you fooling me? I swear! I’m telling the truth! Then where will you be saying?
At Nien’s? I have my home! Who’ll take care of you there? That wrinkled face dog? Shut up! She has a name – LOL! Stop body shaming! Who? Me? Body shaming? I’m just describing your dog the way it looks! I won’t forget the moment it bit my CK pair of jeans! LOL! Blame it on your fierce look! She’s too kind to ever bark, not to mention bite
…before you came! OK! It’s not about that LOL or LMAO something! It’s about you staying alone in that fortress,
with a body scary enough to banish any devils to hell! And there’s no one else to assist you! My home’s become a ghost house thanks to you! I’ve been living all alone for long!
Nothing’s ever happened! That’s the past!
Now it’s different! I’m surprised at why such a high-income family
can’t hire a housekeeper! We used to have one!
But there were troubles and we can’t now! How about relatives? That’ll be troublesome and things may get stirred up!
I don’t quite get along well with them! I can handle this myself! Nien comes by on a regular basis, btw! Lord! Your limbs are all bandaged!
How can you “handle this”? And what if you want a pee-pee
in the middle of the night? I just had some joints displaced!
You said as if my whole skeleton were misplaced! Stay with me! I’ll bring you back to your nest of origin
after you’ve fully recovered! What? What? I will never, ever! I can handle this on my own! Don’t fight back! Nor irritate me! I’m copying today’s class’s notes first! See you in your ward tmr! Rest well before I come! And stop complaining! Grumpy Rumplestilskin!!!

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