BreadTube’s Love Affair with Cyberbullying | SJD Vlogs – #1 [CC]
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BreadTube’s Love Affair with Cyberbullying | SJD Vlogs – #1 [CC]

It was the beginning of my Talkspace therapy
that prompted me to begin vlogging, and I had to carefully consider this. Privacy risks are the most obvious issue,
but the other is the channel itself. Should a vlog exist here? Is it relevant to what I’m trying to achieve? For my own sake, I wish the answer was no. I’d be far better off if it was. But if you follow me on Twitter, or you’ve
even been a subscriber who’s watched my last few videos then you probably already know
I’m in therapy due to events directly related to this channel. It goes deeper than that though. For the sake of other people’s privacy I won’t
name names, but if those people wish to be identified they’re welcome to turn up in the
comments. Earlier this year, members of the Breadtube
community harassed a Twitter user until they attempted suicide, then immediately began
again once they recovered. Soon after, members of that same community
harassed a Youtuber so severely they ceased all activity on the platform. Now here I am, experiencing wave after wave
of harassment from various Breadtubers. One of the most recent and horrifying acts
was having my account of being raped when I was four years old signal boosted to 11,000
people without my consent by two men from the Breadtube community. I’m now having to crowdfund online therapy
through Talkspace that costs roughly $200 a month as a result. The Breadtube community has problems, one
of which is with cyberbullying anyone who challenges the status quo of said community. I can’t stop Breadtubers from engaging in
that behavior, but they can’t stop me from shining a light on it either. Therapist: Good morning, SJD. Thank you so much for your message, and giving
me a bit of background about what you’re going through. Uhm, it sounds like you’ve been retraumatized
by- by all of this. That’s just awful that someone took, uhm-
took your story, and used it for their own purposes. Uhm, and I’m sorry that you’ve been caught
in the middle of that. Uhm, it’s just, you know, very insensitive
of them, for sure, and clearly they don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes
to women’s rights, and victim’s rights. SJD: Then, of course, just a few hours ago
I woke up to this bullshit. Nicky: “Comrades, I have a very important
mission for you. Social Justice Demon is a YouTuber that regularly
doxxes and harrases other potential leftist YouTubers. One of the worst attacks by SJD was that of
disabling another leftist YouTuber’s income from Patreon for a whole month. You can see that this person is not joking. They are really out to get the livelihood
of leftist YouTubers by spreading falsehood. If anyone ever confronts them on twitter,
the person will block them immediately. I need to know literally anything you can
find out about them. I need you to find out their discord account
want to know what servers they hang out in most frequently, and who they talk to. The leftist YouTube community is under threat
and they need our help.” SJD: The owner of the server this was posted
to, messaged me last night. Meet Nicky! Nicky likes boobies. Lots and lots of boobies. And sexual predators. Hi Vaush! And more boobies. And more boobies. And more boobies. Hi, Emerican. And more- Oh, look. It’s Peter Coffin. The guy I released a video about just a few
hours before Nicky DMed me. I’m sure the timing is a coincidence, and
that there is no connection whatsoever. At this point, ya’ll might be wondering what
the fuck kind of server Nicky runs. Well, wonder no more. Nicky: 1. We declare the abolition of the private ownership
of land and the instruments of production. Property and its wealth will be held in common
by all members of society for the satisfaction of the material, moral, intellectual, and
spiritual needs of all. 2. We declare the abolition of all governments,
police force and courts. This country will be administered by the direct
action of the working-men united under the free producers known as communes. The communes will be self-managed by the assemblies
of its members. The great national federation of communes
will unite them for common action, communication and coordination. Members may join any commune they like from
#commune-membership 3. The communes’ assemblies will elect a delegate
who will keep regular correspondence with all other communes in the federation for maximum
efforts coordination. He will sit at the #national-committee of
the national federation. 4. The producers’ assemblies of the self-managed
communes are the highest supreme sovereign body of the country and no other organizations
will top them. All elected secretaries and delegates are
prone to be recalled by the assemblies of the commune at any time. 5. The country will be safeguarded with weapons
from outside force by a national army of workers volunteering for service. Any worker may chose to volunteer for service
in the #recruitment channel. Long live the peoples’ revolution! Long live Anarres! Long live anarchy! It’ll be difficult for Breadtube to be taken
seriously as a leftist community if cyberbullying and doxxing are something it becomes well-known
for. That’s something some of you might want to
start thinking about. On a more positive and completely unrelated
note, I- actually, I can reread exactly what I said to my therapist when I introduced myself: “Presently, I’m housebound. To the best of my knowledge that isn’t going
to change. However, yesterday I had an appointment with
a specialist, and was told I’m now approved for a treatment that could change that. Between the number of hoops my insurance company
requires one to jump through before ever approving it, and the small chance of it actually working
for me, I didn’t think it was worth thinking about much beyond doing the initial research
on to see if it was something I was willing to receive if my insurance company ever did
say yes. Well, anyway, I’ll see how that goes. I don’t want to get my hopes up yet.” So yeah, wanted to share that. I’ll keep everyone updated on what happens. Special thanks to all my Patreon supporters
for the month of May 2019. Andri, Dat Trans Chick, Duncan Kemp, Higgins
the Seagull, Holden, and Steeliest Llama.

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