1pp oh boy Antoni back when I that prank
and today you feel I would never my family just so difficult
like actually catch each other without everybody each other say it advocate
each other with pranks what I feel like today
yeah more feel I get a career today so share the outside in the washroom she
washes eat and I’m gonna know what watch I finally get another room you know I
don’t know but more Cayenne Xperia my always been a chill I will not always
been what about everything like our past and stuff and stuff like X’s over taco
so Mia Carter I want to mix them today and see what she rock when I want talk
too much but I saw get it to roll in so I got final fight again
the Medicare card in the room I’m shy about conversation I dare ya so let’s
see it goes so yep you can find some ID BM community no I did something yeah
yeah I do shut up stretched me on what oh yeah we
do not know sure sure stop stress when I thought I’m not shutting right now sure
missing I share my says Sheriff yes I shine sure
mr. Shawn meta easy a decision mr. sure is a gr sure yes – I’m Jana ediot
see a mosaic see him go talk to Tom talk up in the argument Jesus Christ so lon Samia Samia yeah yeah om Shawn
with a share with Sarang stop God mrs. shit you’re sure so mr.
Schurr stops tris me or that sugar gamma 3 years now let me say Oh Oh once
they’re gone Oh years I get problem Britta here’s a
give problem you need an X would miss a oh yeah it might I know here you see a brown me up run around with you you know yeah okay
yeah yeah yeah never say never say what should you say me a thumbs up if you
liked the video and it spam the comment section with tea

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