CASE REWIND! Woman Thinks Man She Had Affair With Is Now Cheating & Suspicious Texts | Couples Court
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CASE REWIND! Woman Thinks Man She Had Affair With Is Now Cheating & Suspicious Texts | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case
ofStewart v. Smith.You all have been together
for two and a half years. You’re engaged.
You have one child together. And allegations of cheating
are destroying
this relationship. Is that right? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. Miss Stewart, why did you
bring your fiancee
to court today? Well, Your Honor,
I believe he’s cheating on me. Um… I’ve had to, you know,
ruin all my relationships with all my family
just to be with him,
and we have a kid together. So I’m really seeing
if he’s worth it. If you find out
that he is cheating, you’re not only potentially
gonna lose this relationship, you will be alone. Yeah. You will not have
your family to go back to. No, I will not. That’s a tough choice
to have to make between… This is… Yeah, yeah. Between somebody you love
and your family. Right. And then
you’ve chosen love. Yeah, I did. JUDGE DANA: And the question is
has love chosen you? STEWART: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: All right. Mr. Smith,
has love chosen her? Oh, yes. I’m really
in love with her, Your Honor. We’ve been through
thick and thin, hard times,
really hard times, and we’ve been at
our high points together. She’s the love of my life.
I want to marry her. What do you hope
to prove today? That I’m not cheating.
That I’m loyal to her.And I just want her
to know that,
so we can move on.
So your wedding plans
have been even put on hold,
because of these allegations
of cheating. Is that correct? Yeah, that’s correct,
Your Honor. Are you starting to see
the classic warning signs? STEWART: Yeah, I am. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
tell me about that. Well, a lot of times,
when I’m checking his phone, I’ll see text messages
when he’s texting, like,
a woman or something, and he’ll call them
“bae” or “boo.” I can’t control
what somebody says to me. STEWART: No, it’s not… Oh, no! BOTH: Not the
“I can’t control!” All right. If I had a dollar… You can always. JUDGE DANA: All right.
Let me tell you this. You can’t control,
but let me tell you
what you can. When somebody does that, you have to put them
in their place. You have
to say, “Hey, hey, hey. “I belong to somebody else.” Because when
you don’t check them, they presume,
“Oh, okay, this is all right.” So you have to be like… JUDGE KEITH: When you say
you can’t control it, yeah, you can. But what I mean by that is
them texting me the first text. You know, I’m saying
I can’t control that first
text coming in. But I can say something
like you just said. But you never do.
You never do. JUDGE KEITH: Do you say
something or do you reply back
saying, “Hey, bae,” “Hey, boo”? Nah, I just kinda ignore it. You never respond back? I respond back,
with, like, not… Not… “Bae, boo…” JUDGE DANA: But you don’t
respond to the “Bae” part? Yes, you have! Okay, maybe sometimes. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, so,
sometimes, you have, okay? That’s what we need to get at. So when you said
you can’t control it, not only are you
not controlling it, you’re encouraging it
by responding in like fashion. JUDGES DANA AND KEITH: Right? Right, right. And that’s not good, is it? SMITH: No. ‘Cause this has got you
here talking to us. What else you got? Well, when I check his phone, or sometimes when
I check his location, he’ll say, “I’m going here
to hang out with my friends”
or something, but he always
stop here, stop there. Or sometimes, he’ll just be
somewhere else for an hour. How do you
check his location? Well, on Snapchat,
you can check it on there. Sometimes I use Google, and I can check it
through my email,
see where his phone’s at. JUDGE DANA: Wow. JUDGE KEITH: Why you
doing all this? Just to make sure.
‘Cause a lot of times, like, ‘ll check his phone,
and I’ll see that. So now I want to make sure
he’s not cheating on me. That’s like five minutes
after I leave
the house, though. JUDGE DANA: But you know
if you go looking,
you gonna find, right? Yeah. You understand that? But here’s the thing, though.
If she’s gone through his phone
and found text messages, “Hey, boo, hey, bae.”
He’s responding. Yes. Then she’s probably thinking,
“Okay, lemme check up on this.” I understand. So that might be
what’s fueling some of this. Is that a fair statement? Yeah, that’s a fair statement. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
see, I get that. But I think it’s very difficult
to hold a person… “Were you at the donut shop
instead of the drugstore?” All right, well, let me
approach it this way. All right, let me
see what you got. JUDGE KEITH: Has he been
unfaithful in the past? Yes. There you have it. Okay. Well. What happened? Well, he was with
a family member of mine. And he cheated on her with me. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Oh! JUDGE KEITH: So you know
what you’re looking for? You know what
the signs are.
You know… So it’s the classic
“How you get ’em
is how you lose ’em.” (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE KEITH: And that’s why
your family
won’t talk to you. Yeah. That’s why you’ve had to
make this choice between… So it’s not just disapproval
of, like, “We don’t like him.” It is, they don’t like this. Yes. JUDGE KEITH: Now, you stole him
from another woman. Yes. A family member,
not just another woman. A family member. It was more like
I just fell in love with her.
I was down at the time… And the other family member
wasn’t there for me. You cheated on her
with other people, too. Yes, yes, I did. But in my defense,
we wasn’t like…
You know? So you were
with her family member, fell in love with her,
and said, “This is the one
I need to be with.” Yes, Ma’am. JUDGE KEITH: And now, she thinks you’re ready
to move on to somebody else. SMITH: Yes. Because there’s text messages. Because of
your location issues. It’s everyday, all day. JUDGE KEITH: What’s it like
in your relationship? SMITH: So say
I drop her off at work. Uh-huh. SMITH: Round 2:00. Probably by 4:00,
she’s pinging my phone. Or she wants to know
where I’m at. Or she’ll ping my phone,
and then call and ask me
where I’m at. Which, like,
that’s weird to me. ‘Cause you just
pinged my phone,
it comes to my phone. She does it,
so I know
every time she does it. So you know
you’re being hunted? Yeah, so it gets… So it gets kinda annoying. So, like, sometimes, I just
stop answering the phone if I already told her
where I’m at, you know. You already know
what I’m doing. I hang out with… Most of the time… Most of the time,
you’re not where you’re at. I’m where I’m at. No. A lot of times
you’ll just say,
“I’m here and there,” that’s why I question you
before I say anything. Because a lot of times,
you just lie. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
so here’s the question. Are you where you say you are
or do you disappear? Sometimes. JUDGE DANA: But a
little bit of both? Most of the time,
he’ll disappear,
’cause he’ll just turn it off. What periods of time
does he disappear? Um, sometimes when
he goes out at night,
after the bar. He’ll just disappear.
He’ll turn off his location, he’ll say, “Oh, you know,
I’m gonna pick you up, “we’re gonna go
to a party at 2:00 a.m., “or whatever
after I get out
from the bar.” He’ll just turn off
his location,
not answer the phone, and then not come back
till, like, 9:00 a.m. Usually, it’s ’cause I’m drunk.
Sometimes, I fall asleep
in the car. Sometimes, I fall asleep
in a friend’s house, you know. JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE KEITH: What else
do you have? STEWART: We share
a phone together, and one day, I went to…
He was dropping me off at work, and I took the phone
with me on accident. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And somebody had texted, literally, soon as I
walked into the door. Like he had told them,
“Hey, she goes to work
at 2:00, text me after.” Hit me up. Yeah. So I got a text from…
It was a woman. And they texted and said,
“Oh, when are we
gonna hang out?” So I texted back
acting like I was him. And I said, “Oh yeah,
we can hang out later.”
She said, “Great.” And I texted back and said,
“Are we gonna hook up,
you know?” And she said,
“No, I’m on my period.” Like they had hooked up
before in the past. No, Your Honor… All right, this is…
You submitted that information
in your court papers. Yeah, I have evidence. JUDGE DANA: And this is your
“Can’t today because…” Yeah. Mr. Cutler, you can’t say that? We got kids, man.
You can say that. I’ll try. All right. SMITH: I have
a lot of female friends. JUDGE KEITH: Well, Mr. Smith,
you say you have
a lot f female friends. Yes. I’m curious as to what
comes after that statement.
Because it could be, “I have
a lot of female friends. “I don’t know which one
of these I was planning
on hooking up with.” If you give somebody phone,
and that person
is interested in you, whether you’ve cheated with
her or not, and you play
like you’re that somebody, when you’re talking to them,
and they’re interested in you, and you say,
“Oh, you wanna hook up?”
and she’s wanting to hook up, I feel like she’s gonna reply
just like she would
if it was me. But she’s playing like
she’s somebody else. So you think that
because she was catfishing
for the most part, she caught some bait? SMITH: Yeah. Okay. So my question is have you ever caught him
or found anything physically
to support he’s cheating. Yes. During the summer
he would go to the pool a lot. And there’s a lot of
pretty ladies at the pool
in swimming suits. Well, one day,
when I went to work,
and I came home, I found a bathing suit
in the bathroom. And I want to presume
that was not your bathing suit because you were
not swimming at the time. Yeah, I have evidence. Ron, would you please
get that folder, please? Thank you, ma’am. JUDGE KEITH:
And so you came home, you found a bathing suit…
A woman’s bathing suit?
I take it. Yes. Where did you find it? STEWART: It was hanging
on the knobs on the cabinet. JUDGE KEITH: Where in
your house was this? STEWART: In the bathroom. In the bathroom, you found
a woman’s bathing suit
hanging on the knob, so when you found it,
what did you do? I got really mad.
I asked him about it. And he said, “Oh, you know,
she was changing in the room “and she just needed
to change out of her clothes.” Do you know who this woman’s… Yes, I’ve seen her
wear it at the pool.
I knew exactly who it was. Has she ever been around
Mr. Smith before? Yes, yes. JUDGE DANA:
Have you seen them
flirting together? Yes. So you think this might be
one of the women
he’s hooking up with? STEWART: Yes. I’m not flirting
with ’em, Your Honor. Okay, what’s this
woman’s bathing suit
doing in your bathroom? It wasn’t just me and her,
it was another girl, too. That doesn’t sound good. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) No. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Smith… I’m concerned and intrigued. How many women were there? There was just two. JUDGE KEITH: Just two? Yeah, just two. Just two. SMITH: But at the time, um, we came from the pool, and we were all changing
to go out to eat somewhere. You and these
two other women? I wasn’t changing with them. Why would they be in the room? They were in the room,
because our bathroom
is in the room. Why your place? SMITH: Our place? Because it was close… No, because, that woman…
The one that’s bathing suit, she had plenty of friends. I mean, she was very popular. And so she had plenty
of friends that was all
women’s apartments where she could have
went and changed.
Why our bathroom? So in your complex,
at the pool, she could have gone to
a number of women’s apartments and this
wouldn’t been an issue. JUDGE DANA: Is that correct? STEWART: Yes. Do you see why
this doesn’t sound… You know, Your Honor,
I ain’t thinking much of it, because she’s seen me
hanging with them before,
she’s seen us kicking… I’ve kicked it with them
numerous of times. Okay, so what if I had
a dude come in our bathroom
and change? JUDGE DANA: And his
trunks are on the… As long as she wasn’t
in the bathroom with him. Like, I’m fine with that.
Like, that’s where the… You know, the button’s pushed
if she’s in the bathroom
with him. I wasn’t in the bathroom
with her. Okay. Mr. Cutler,
I think that we have enough evidence
at this point. What we got is the following. She goes on the phone,
and she finds text messages saying “bae” and “boo.” Mmm-hmm. She comes home,
after a hard day’s work,
no less, and finds a woman’s bikini
hanging in her bathroom. And then the final thing was that he doesn’t
tell the truth
about where he is. So based on all of these
different factors, she believes he’s cheating. Miss Stewart,
if you found out he’s cheating, your relationship is over? Yeah. JUDGE KEITH: You’re done? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: But there’s
more at risk here. She’s already severed ties
with her family. So she’s just out there. She’s by herself with a child. This court has done
a full and complete
investigation to determine is he cheating? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) At this time,
the court would
like to hear from licensed private investigator
and certified polygraph
examiner, Kendall Shull. Ron, please escort Mr. Shull
into the courtroom. Yes, Your Honor. RON: Kendall Shull, step
right over to the monitor. SHULL: Thank you. RON: Thank you. Good day.
How are you, Mr. Shull? Good day. Fine, Your Honor.
How are you? JUDGE DANA: We’re good. JUDGE KEITH: It’s good
to see you. Mr. Shull, what did you do
to investigate in this case? We put Mr. Smith in a room
with a very sexy woman to find out one thing…
Is he a cheater? JUDGE KEITH:
Tell us what you found. Well, as you can see
here in the footage, Mr. Smith engaged in
small talk with this woman.She put the moves on him
to see if he would bite.
And I give him credit.He showed no signs of cheating.Were you able
to gather any information
from this exchange? We were unable to
find any evidence during this entire exchange that shows signs of cheating. JUDGE DANA: All right. To further
investigate this case, you also conducted a polygraph
examination of Mr. Smith.
Is that correct? I did, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE DANA:
And Mr. Smith was asked, “Have you ever had
sexual intercourse “with the woman
who left her bathing suit
in your bathroom?” Is that correct? SHULL: That’s correct,
Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: And what was
his response? SHULL: He said, “No.” What did the
lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being truthful. (SOFTLY) I’m sorry. (CHUCKLES) And we have one other question. Mr. Smith was asked “Since your relationship
began with Miss Stewart
two and a half years ago, “have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone
other than Miss Stewart?” What was his response? What was his response? Well, to this
particular question, Mr. Smith
did make an admission. AUDIENCE: Oh! He said that when he is mad
at Miss Stewart, he stays out all night, and sometimes,
he sleeps with
another woman. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Smith,
how many other women
are we talking about? (SIGHS) Your Honor,
it’s just one. But when you get mad,
you run to this woman? No, no, not repeatedly.
It was a one-time thing. JUDGE DANA: This young lady
has severed herself from
her family for you. So, are you telling the truth? Are you lying now?
Were you lying
when you confessed to him that you were with other women, sometimes, more than once? JUDGE KEITH:
When you get mad? No. JUDGE KEITH: And now,
your fiance
has just stormed out. SMITH: Yeah. JUDGE KEITH: What do you
have to say about that? I figured she was gonna get
emotional about it, but… “Emotional”? It was a one-time thing early in our relationship.
One time. Ron, could you go and see
if she has pulled it together
and can come back? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
Okay. There she is. Miss Stewart,
I know that this is a lot. So much so,
you had to leave the room. But you did come here
for answers. I just want to know
who it was with. Um… Was it with the family member
or somebody else? The family member. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Wow. Well, now that
you know that, Miss Stewart, what do you do
with that information? I want to move on. Honestly. Mr. Smith, is there
anything you want to say
to Miss Stewart right now? I apologize. I’m sorry.
I really love you,
like truly. You mean everything
to me, really. If you really loved me,
you wouldn’t have done that. (MOUTHING INDISTINCTLY) You have a child together. And the family unit
is so important. And if you,
somehow in your heart,
can figure it out and bring him
back into your home,
God bless you. But if you choose not to, ’cause my mama said,
“You can do bad
all by yourself,” then you will need counseling
on how to co-parent together. As we say in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance
for a good relationship. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS)This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. JUDGE KEITH: This is the case
ofThomas v. Thomas.You all have married,
you’ve been together
for three years, but you’re living
in separate homes. Miss Thomas, why have you
opened your case today? I’m just here, basically,
to prove that my husband’s
a cheater, always been a cheater.
I love him for
the life of me but this endlessness
has got to stop. He is a cheater. JUDGE DANA: Okay, so,
you’re saying, you know he’s a cheater,
he’s always been a cheater? TACARA: Yes, Your Honor. Okay, Mr. Thomas, have you
always been a cheater? No, ma’am, I have not.
The only way she’s
thinking this is because when me and her
first got together, is because of the fact
I had another woman
living with me, and I was getting ready
to get her out of my house. Because she claimed that
she was pregnant from me
and she wasn’t. TACARA: So, I don’t get calls
from lots of women, all times of the night,
I’m just losing
my mind, I guess. JUDGE KEITH: But you all
are married. TACARA: Yes EDWARD: Yes, sir. JUDGE KEITH: But you’re living
in separate homes? TACARA: Separately, yes. EDWARD: Yes, sir. JUDGE KEITH: All because
you think he’s cheating? TACARA: All because
I know he’s cheating.
Texts from other women, calls from other women,
pictures from other women. Now, you know that’s a lie. If all of this is happening,
popping off,
why are you with him? Honestly, Your Honor,
he is a great provider, he is a great father. He is there when
the kids go to sleep, there when they wake up,
like, he is an awesome person. Like, we’re always on
the same page when
we’re together, he’ll make sure we connect,
when I need something. JUDGE DANA: So, when
it’s good, it’s good. When it’s good, it’s great. It sounds like she’s talking
about two different people. On the one hand… Yeah, I was like… Okay. Is this the same person? (ALL LAUGHING) Now, Mr. Thomas, we know
what she likes about you. What do you like about her? Well, Your Honor, I love her
to death. I’d do
anything for that lady. I mean, honestly,
she takes care of
my other half of the kids. I have five kids with
another woman. JUDGE DANA: Wow. EDWARD: She makes sure
she takes care of
all 11 kids. My kids love her to death. JUDGE DANA: Wow! And this is why this ring
is off right now. Until the truth is done
and everything is out, I’m not putting
it back on. See? Done. JUDGE DANA: So, you’ve
taken your ring off. Off. I’m more than willing
to do anything I got to do to make sure that we come back
into the same home again. Because it’s ten in
the household now. It’s messing with
the kids, bad. Because they’re
getting rebellious. They’re doing all kinds
of other little stuff. So, Thomas, I see
tears in your eyes. I mean, it’s a lot
that’s going on.
Like, literally. JUDGE DANA: So, you are here
fighting to keep
your family together? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: All right.
Now, you put
out there in the world that he is a cheater,
always been a cheater. What proof do you have
this man who’s standing here with tears in his eyes,
is a cheater? Well, for one example,
Your Honor, I’m getting mysterious
phone calls in the night. A girl called me one day,
and she was like,
“Listen, I was with your man. “The night that
he leaves me, calls,
saying he’s with his boys, “we’re really having oral.”
I’m, like, I’m confused. JUDGE DANA: Okay, wait.
Hold up. A babe calls you up. TACARA: Right. And says, when your husband
is out with the boys or out, at least once a week,
he is coming, having
oral sex with her? Right. Absolutely. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE KEITH: And she just
called you out of the blue? JUDGE DANA: And what
do you do with that? What do I do? I wake him up
and have a conversation. “Umm, get up.” He leaves there
at 10:30 at night. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, you wake him up
to have this conversation,
and his response is to leave? The reason why
I got up and left… JUDGE KEITH: Tell me. I know who the person is. It’s my ex-girlfriend. She is just jealous.
She is jealous of Tacara. Because every time
Tacara says, “I want this,”
I make sure she have. So, this ex-girlfriend
has it out for
your relationship. EDWARD: She got
a vendetta against her. JUDGE KEITH: She’s trying
to jeopardize your marriage? EDWARD: Literally. JUDGE DANA: So,
she made up this whole story about
you having oral sex. You are not having oral sex
is what you’re testifying? I don’t mess with her.
I don’t mess with
that girl, period. JUDGE DANA: Do you
mess with any woman? No, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: So, you’re saying
this is all made up, she is just being
a first class hater. That’s it. Basically. JUDGE DANA: All right. All right, I don’t know.
What else you got? TACARA: Well,
Your Honor, for two,
we were both going to work, and when I get to work,
I get a mysterious phone call. Well, a text,
’cause I’m at work. I check my phone,
I see a picture, and a message saying,
“I’m with our man.” (AUDIENCE GASPING) I’m like, “Our man?” I have the evidence
to prove, pictures. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: You’ve got
the picture? I do. The picture that
she got that’s… JUDGE KEITH: Ron, would you
grab that for us, please? RON: Yes, Your Honor. That’s an old picture.
That’s from the same… Hold on, we’ll give you
a chance, Mr. Thomas. TACARA: I have the pictures
to prove… JUDGE KEITH: She texted you
while you were at work? TACARA: Right. JUDGE KEITH: And says,
“I’m with your man.” “Your man/our man.” JUDGE KEITH: Our man. JUDGE DANA: Oh,
well, well, well. JUDGE KEITH:And then she
sends you this picture?
TACARA:Mmm-hmm.JUDGE DANA: And this looks like
a current picture? Absolutely.
And pictures don’t lie. JUDGE DANA: Yeah. I say pictures don’t lie. I don’t know about y’all,
but I do say
pictures don’t lie. JUDGE DANA: Pictures are
strong evidence of
something happening. TACARA: Pictures don’t lie.
I don’t care what you say. JUDGE KEITH: So, Mr. Thomas… Pictures don’t lie. That’s my ex-girlfriend, sir. JUDGE KEITH: The same one? The same one that be
driving her crazy,
driving her up the wall. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
wait a minute. The woman in this picture
is the same woman who called and said
you’re having oral sex? Once a week. Once a week. She’s also the same one
that is inboxing her
on social media. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: And now
she’s texting pictures
of you and her. EDWARD: That picture is old. JUDGE KEITH: So, how old
are you saying this picture is? That picture is at least
about a year old. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE DANA: But you’ve been
with your wife
since February of 2015. Miss, this is how it’s
been with me. Every time that girl
kissed me somewhere, she’d try to take a picture
or something and make it
look like we were together. JUDGE DANA: Okay, no.
No, no, no. JUDGE KEITH: You’ve been
in contact with her. JUDGE DANA: Look at
this picture. You’re all snuggled
up to her and smiling. Miss, that is an old picture. TACARA: Right. JUDGE KEITH: You said it’s
a year old, and you’ve been
with Miss Thomas, you’ve been
together for three years, and this is a year old,
so this is
since you’ve been with her, and this is not some picture
that was taken from a far off. Or like a real quick. You all are
hugged up together. JUDGE DANA: And
you’re smiling about it. JUDGE KEITH: Yeah. Your Honor, it wasn’t nothing. It was nothing. JUDGE DANA: Okay. It was something because
it’s photographic
evidence of it. I’m looking at something. Listen, Your Honor,
this don’t make no sense to me. JUDGE DANA AND JUDGE KEITH:
It doesn’t make
any sense to us, either. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, we’re all on
the same page with that. I love her to death.
I’d do anything for that lady. That’s just one of the stories,
’cause his boss,
they come pick him up for work, he came to pick him up,
I guess Edward forgot that he told him to come
pick him up from my house, and when he came
to pick him up,
guess who wasn’t there? (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, he proceeds
to call Edward on his phone, and I hear him say, “Okay,
I’ll meet you up here on “Indian Hill Road
and Pine Hills Road.”
So, I’m, like, “Oh, let me grab these car keys
and make it up here,” ’cause I want to see
where he’s meeting him at. So, as soon as I see
the work truck pull off, I pulled behind him
and followed him. I followed three cars, likely, so he can make sure
that I’m not behind him. ‘Cause that’s what a pro does. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) TACARA: To make sure
I’m not behind him. So, I blocked the truck in,
I jump out… JUDGE DANA: You blocked
the truck in? I do. I parked right
behind him, so
they can’t pull out. (LAUGHING) She’s good. I’m like, you got
a second career working here,
go ahead. I do. So, I say,
I’m like, “What’s up? “I thought you were
already at work, sir?” He’s like, “Cara, listen,
I was just grabbing…” “You could’ve grabbed
a burger at home. “We’ve got a house
full of groceries.
Why you eatin’ up here?” And I see this girl looking
out the window, and
she’s smiling. JUDGE DANA: Oh, wait a minute.
So, you… So, there’s a woman looking,
where is she? TACARA: She is in
the restaurant. She’s sitting at the table,
looking out the window,
she’s just smiling. I’m like… “This is the same broad
that told me “that she was with you,
this is the same broad
from the picture. “So, you’ve got
some explaining
to do, homeboy, “cause I am weary
and I am changing locks, “I just want you to know,
so, by the time
you get home, “that won’t work.” Like, you need to explain. JUDGE DANA: You’re
at a restaurant
with the same woman you’re not friends with? EDWARD: I don’t know
what she seen, but when she pulled up
at that restaurant, I was coming out the door
with my plate. I had
ordered my food that morning for breakfast. There was four other women
standing at that store. JUDGE DANA: And you didn’t
happen to see that one of them four was the lady
that’s been in contact? EDWARD: I didn’t mess
with nobody. I really didn’t. I didn’t mess with nobody.
She came up with
the truck tripping. JUDGE DANA: I didn’t ask you
if you messed with ’em, I just said, did you see?
Did you see
your ex-girlfriend? I wasn’t paying
no attention to them. I just wanted to get
my food and leave. JUDGE KEITH: Take it back
a couple of steps. Why did your ex boss show up
to pick you up for work,
and you’re not there? I had forgot I had told him
to come pick me up
from the house. I just walked in front
of the house, up the street
to the restaurant. It was right up
the street from my house. So, was your ex,
the same ex
you’ve been talking about, in the restaurant at
the same time you were? She could’ve been in there
but I wasn’t
paying no attention. I mean, I was hungry. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: So, you’re saying,
if she was there, you didn’t
know she was there? EDWARD: If she was in there… I don’t know if he was hungry
or thirsty. I don’t know
what he is. Your Honor, I have
a third story which will place
everything into play. When your boss tells me
something, that’s
a whole different story. He’s like, “Listen,
since you want answers,
I’m gonna tell you what it is. “Your husband was messing
with somebody when
we was in Georgia. “He used to text her and
if you don’t believe me,
go through his phone.” And I got the texts
to prove it. JUDGE KEITH: So,
his boss tells you that he’s been
messing around… His boss tells me about a whole
different incident that I
didn’t even know about. But I’m glad you did,
’cause you just signed his
divorce papers, signed, sealed and delivered. JUDGE DANA: All right,
do you have evidence of this? TACARA: Yes. I do. Ron, would you please
get this evidence. RON: Yes, Your Honor. Thank you, ma’am. TACARA: You’re welcome. JUDGE DANA: So, his boss
tells you in response, “Get your old man’s phone
and look at the girl
he had up in Georgia.” TACARA:Mmm. Right.JUDGE DANA: So,
did you do that? I did. JUDGE DANA: And what
did you find? (EXHALES) Pictures, messages, the works. Okay, were you texting
this woman in Georgia? EDWARD: No, ma’am.
I have people that live here. I didn’t text nobody, ma’am. (TACARA SIGHS) All right, tell me
what these texts look like. These texts were
a girl laying out with… All you see is a tattoo
on her butt cheeks,
pardon my language, butt, and a message saying
the night was great. So, you tell me
what that means. It means she got
a picture of her… You need to show me
where this message was at
in my phone. TACARA: If I had
the picture still, and I could
recover the pictures. All the pictures I was able
to recover was screenshots
because I lost my phone. Your Honor, I don’t
know what… I don’t know what
messages she’s talking about. JUDGE DANA: Mmm-hmm. I don’t do stuff like that. (EXHALES) You not been involved
with anybody since
you been married to Miss Thomas,
is that what you’re
telling this court? Yes, sir. TACARA: We’ll see. JUDGE DANA: Well, we have
a marriage on the line,
husband. TACARA: We will see. And what the evidence that
we have heard today is, that a women
texted you and said, your husband is meeting
her to have oral sex with her. Absolutely. He just gets up and leaves,
’cause he says he doesn’t
want you nagging him. I gotta tell you, if there’s
ever anything to nag about,
that would be the one. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Tell me about it. JUDGE DANA: The second
thing is, you get a text
from the same woman. She sends you a picture
of your husband
taking a selfie with her. Mmm-hmm. And then the final thing,
the final thing, is that you wake up
and find his boss there
to pick him up for work. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: And you’re like,
he’s not here. Mmm-hmm. They meet at a restaurant.
You, like Dick Tracy,
slow walk that thing down, block him in,
and lo, and behold, sitting in the restaurant
is this same woman. Laughing and grinning
like it’s funny. And my understanding is
that if you find out
that your husband is, in fact, cheating,a man you are not even
living with right now
because of all of these
allegations of cheating.
JUDGE KEITH: Not living
with him, not wearing a ring. JUDGE DANA: Yes. JUDGE KEITH: And they’re
living separate lives in separate households. JUDGE DANA: And it’s splitting
their family apart.
Their children are suffering. Absolutely. But you are saying, I’m done. I made a wrap. I’m done. JUDGE DANA: But if you find out
he’s not cheating, are you willing to reconcile
and move this marriage
forward? I am. I’m willing to work… I’m all hands down.
I’m willing to work it out. I really need to come home. JUDGE DANA: But you
need to know. But I need solid proof. JUDGE DANA: You need to know.
You need to know. So, what we have at risk
is a family, Mr. Cutler. A family and a marriage. This court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court
would like to call licensed and certified
forensics examiner Terry Fisher to determine
is he cheating. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE KEITH: Ron, please escort
Mr. Fisher into the courtroom. Okay. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Fisher. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: How are you,
Mr. Fisher? I’m good, Your Honor.
Thank you. JUDGE DANA: Good. Could you explain what
you did you investigate
this case? On this particular case,
I did a full forensic analysis
of Mr. Thomas’s cell phone. This included
searching his messages,
his messaging apps, as well as looking for
any deleted photos, videos, that maybe relevant
to the case. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE DANA: Did you uncover
anything in Mr. Thomas’s phone? Yes, Your Honor. The first thing I found
was that, two weeks ago,
at 1:17 a.m., Mr. Thomas sent
a text message to a woman. JUDGE KEITH: Where you at
so I can see you?Send me address.(AUDIENCE GASPING) Did this conversation continue? FISHER: Yes, Your Honor. This particular conversation
continues all the way
until 2:18 a.m. in the morning. JUDGE DANA: They’re doing this
almost for an hour. FISHER: Yes, Your Honor. TACARA: Hmm. JUDGE KEITH: Did you find
anything else in
Mr. Thomas’s phone? FISHER: Yes, Your Honor.
I actually found a photo
of a nude woman. (AUDIENCE GASPING)I was then able to determine,
after thorough examination
of the photo,
that the woman in question
was actually Mrs. Thomas. You was finna get the business.
You was finna get it. JUDGE DANA: So, you have sent
photos of yourself, personal in nature,
to your husband. I have. JUDGE DANA: All right, that’s
grown folks stuff. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) TACARA: He was finna
get the business. JUDGE DANA: And did you find
anything else other
than that? No, Your Honor. Well, we ordered
a polygraph examination of Mr. Thomas and
we have the result. Ron, would you please
hand those to me? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (JUDGE DANA SIGHS) JUDGE DANA: You know,
Mr. Thomas, you look nervous. EDWARD: I ain’t nervous. JUDGE DANA: Your’e looking
down, folding your lips. Is there anything
you want to tell us
before we read these results? No, sir. JUDGE KEITH: You sure? The only thing I want to say
is that I want my wife and
my family back. TACARA: Do you? JUDGE DANA: All right. We’ll see. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Thomas,
you were asked, “Have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone
other than your wife, “since you’ve been married?” Your response to
that question was no. The lie detector determined that you were being… …truthful. What? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) What? Told you, didn’t I? I see relief. I see a lot of emotion
on your face. What do you
want to say to your husband? I apologize. Now can I come home? AUDIENCE: Aww! Seriously. JUDGE DANA: He can’t make it
more plain than that. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You can. You can. EDWARD: Thank you.
I’m tired of spending
at my mama’s house. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING
AND APPLAUDING) Seriously. TACARA: You can. You can.
I’ll give you that. EDWARD: Thank you. TACARA: I’ll give you that. JUDGE DANA: Okay, y’all
look like y’all want to go on. Y’all can come over
and see each other. Y’all know each other. TACARA: Thank you. Thank you. Okay.
I’ll give you that. Do I got to be a jerk? JUDGE DANA: All right.
I love a happy ending. But a happy ending
isn’t the end. TACARA: It’s not. All right. So, y’all
are gonna go out of here,
get your family back together, get back in the same
household together, get back into the same
bedroom together,
not to be underrated, and you all are gonna have
to move this ball forward. You both want
to be together, you want to have
your family together, you know he is being truthful,
and more importantly, faithful. Yeah. All right. We have counselors,
we want you to visit with them, so you can get a plan of
how to rebuild the foundation
of your marriage, and as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself out of
an opportunity to have
a happy, healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


  • Rene S

    Plain ole karma and she got what she deserved. No sympathy for the first woman and it’s almost amusing how easily he lied before the test. She gambled knowing the game and lost. And because she choose a man with lacking qualities over her family of course she has to stick with him. She was foolish and arrogant to think a cheater wouldn’t cheat on her.

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  • Arminca Goodwin

    If you gotta check on your significant other, you don't trust them. There is no relationship. Loyalty and respect doesn't exist. They never existed in this drama.

  • John Smith

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