Christina – A Call Center Love Story – Part 2
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Christina – A Call Center Love Story – Part 2

Christina: Yeah, you know. You’re talking with lots of lots of different
people… Christina: But how you know my name? Christina: When I said “Hello?” how you knew
my name? Christina: My name is Christina, how you know
that? Me: I’m not sure if I can tell you… Me: …cuz maybe some.. Christina: To be honestly, Robert… Christina: Can you tell me when I said… Christina: first time when I pick up your
phone… Christina: Right? Christina: And when I said “Hello?”
Christina: Right? Christina: So when I said “Hello?” first time… Christina: you just said: “Are you Christina?” Christina: You said like that, remember? Me: Yes, yes I remember! Christina: So how you know? How you know that? Christina: I’m very surprised you know my
name. Christina: Because… Christina: Nobody know my name even in the
office. Christina: I just joined it. Christina: I’m just very new. Me: Ah ok. I thought… Me: I heard that you were absent from the
office. Me: But I didn’t know that you’re just new
to the company. Christina: I don’t believe that. Christina: Might be you know something about
me? Christina: Even you know my name? Me: I just know… I just know your name. Christina: And you know me? Me: No, I (don’t). Me: Yeah, I know you by talking to you. Me: Except of that I don’t have any information
about you… Christina: Ok, alright. Christina: Thank god, thank god! Me: Yeah, don’t worry! Christina: I think you have all the data about
me? Christina: Even my fingerprints, you know? Me: Yeah, don’t worry! Me: By the way, how old are you? Me: I would say like… 23 or something. Or 24? Christina: It’s about you or it’s about me
you’re asking? Me: About you. Christina: What you think? Christina: It seems like… Christina: You’re kidding me, right? You’re kidding me… Me: Why? Christina: I think you’re kidding me! Christina: You want to say more than… Christina: Or less than 23? Or about the 23? Me: 23! Me: But is it exactly 23? Christina: More than? Me: 24? Christina: What do you think? Christina: You guess me, I’ll tell you. Me: Yeah I would say like 24. Me: Or 23? Me: I’m not sure. Like it’s… Me: It’s like… I don’t know… Christina: You know, you are magician! Me: Is it right? Christina: Yes, you know even my… Christina: Yes. Me: But 23 or 24? Christina: This is true. Christina: 24. Me: That’s crazy! Me: It was just like a prediction… Christina: That’s why I told you… Christina: I told you before you are a good
prediction. Christina: I don’t know. You are… *giggles*
Christina: What I can say you are magician or prediction or… Christina: You are Messia? Me: Almost, almost… Christina: Right. Christina: Who know everything what will be
happening in the future… Christina: Yeah, Prophet, Prophet! Christina: I meant to say Prophet! Me: Yeah, exactly! Christina: You don’t have any data about me? Christina: Or you have all the data? Me: No, I was even thinking that your name
is Rose… Me: because from where I got the information
it’s ahm… Me: It was like “Christina / Rose”. Me: So I thought your second name would be
Rose. Me: I mean your second office name or something. Christina: More about that: You also know
about the Rose? Christina: You know about the name? Christina: How you will predict for that? Christina: My second name would be Rose. Christina: How you predict? This is the second strange to me… Me: But is it right? Me: Because yesterday you told me that… Christina: Yes, yes. You’re absolutely right. Me: Christina Rose? Christina: Yes. Anna: Hello? Me: Hello?
Anna: Hello! Me: Hi “no name”! Anna: Hi Robert, how are you? Me: I’m fine, what about you? Anna: I’m good. Me: But why are you disturbing my call with
Christina? Anna: Because she doesn’t want to talk to
you anymore. Anna: So that is the reason I take this call… Me: πŸ™
Me: So you can tell me… Anna: What “mmh”? Me: You can tell me today your name maybe? Christina: I’m here. What happened? Christina: You don’t wanna talk with her? Me: No, she’s not telling me her name. That’s… Christina: She’s very beautiful, Robert! Christina: Rather than me. You can make friends with her. Christina: That’s why I transfered this call
to her. Me: Yeah but she… I think she doesn’t like me. Christina: You can speak with her. Christina: She has very good voice. Christina: You see, I tell you. She’s a very good voice. Christina: She’s very beautiful! Christina: She’s very good, rather than me. Me: I’m not sure. Me: She doesn’t even like me… Christina: No! She likes you. She likes you very much. Christina: That’s why she speaks with you
but you’re not interested to speak with her. Christina: That’s why she is not happy. Christina: Just call her beautiful. Christina: “Hi beautiful, how are you?” Christina: What you think? Me: But how can I call her beautiful if I
don’t know her? Anna: Very smart. Christina: You’re very smart, Robert. You’re very smart. Christina: Robert, my manager is coming. Christina: I call you after, ok? Christina: Can you please hang up the phone? Manager is coming in the floor… Christina: What? Me: Yeah, you didn’t sing to me the… any
song… Christina: I already sang you. Me: No, you didn’t! Me: We just were talking about the… Christina: Are you crazy, Robert? Are you crazy? Christina: I already sang you two times… Me: Oh, I can’t remember that. Me: That’s why I’m calling. Christina: No?! You just remember properly, ok? Me: No! Me: So you can sing again. It’s like… how much will it take? Christina: No man, no man. No way! Me: Why not? Me: Come on! You’re cheating your way out of it! Christina: Oh Robert! Christina: Robert! Christina: Robert? Me: Yes? Christina: It’s already late. Go and sleep properly! Me: That’s why I’m asking for the song because… Christina: You mean to say if I sing the song
then you gonna sleep? Me: Yes! What if I say yes? Christina: I gonna sing you a whiskey lullaby,
right? Me: Yeah, that’s fine for me. Christina: Yeah, you will sleep. Exactly… Christina: You mean to say we’re stealing
money from them, from the people. Christina: And you want to stop it, is it
correct? Me: Yeah, exactly. Christina: If you think like that I will never
talk with you again… Me: Why? Christina: Because I spoke with you in very
very very politely. Christina: Is it correct? Me: I know. Yes, Yes. Christina: And I will be the only one who
spoke with you very politely. Christina: I never abuse because… Christina: I don’t have any habit to use any
kind of abusing in any kind of people also. Christina: It’s a bad manner… Me: I know. I know. Christina: …in other way. Christina: So tell me Robert, how is my English? Me: It’s very good! Me: I can’t even tell the accent that you’re
from India. Me: From some people like from Kevin… Me: I can hear that he’s from India. Me: But from you for example I can’t even
tell. Me: I don’t know. You might be from UK or something or from
United States… Me: I can’t tell that. Christina: I am, I am. Christina: I work in UK (process) for last
10 years, you know? Me: Oh, that’s why! Christina: My English is not like in the US
accent. Christina: Because I never was in US (process
of that company) Christina: I worked only in UK. Christina: We work in the pensions process. Christina: The process for the pensions. Christina: I never worked in scam, I never
worked in uh… stealing like this. Christina: Because I worked in genuine process. Christina: So that’s why I don’t have any
habit to speak rudely… Christina: or I don’t have any habit to abusing… Christina: or I don’t know how to use any
abuse words also. Me: That’s nice! Me: But why did you go to this company then? Me: Because revenue and UK is a great place. Christina: Exactly the thing is there, Robert… Christina: Right now we have some problem
in the UK, in our process… Christina: One month, 2 months we will have
to stop about this, the pension process. Christina: So that’s why our manager told
me to work in the US for only two months. Christina: Until the process is come up. Christina: And I will back again in UK. Me: Nice, yeah. Yeah. Christina: Yeah, because I never worked in
this kind of…. Christina: you know… Christina: work before in my life. Christina: And I worked in UK utility… Christina: gas and electric, life insurance
and pensions and accidents. Christina: They are all the genuine processes. Christina: I hope you know that, right? Me: Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Me: So it’s like for an insurance company
or what? Christina: We just review the pensions in
UK. Christina: Those who have in the pensions
before, pension plan, pension scheme, you know? Christina: Yeah, we give the review of them. Christina: Because in the UK every once in
two years… Christina: they review their pensions scheme.


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