Cornetto Love Expert EP1 แอบรักเพื่อน…ควรบอกให้รู้หรือเก็บไว้คนเดียวต่อไป ?
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Cornetto Love Expert EP1 แอบรักเพื่อน…ควรบอกให้รู้หรือเก็บไว้คนเดียวต่อไป ?

Sawasdee krub, Dr. Nat. I need your advice. I have a secret crush on a friend of mine. He’s actually my close friend. How close we are? Well… …this close. What pictures are you taking? Let me see. Nothing particularly. Let me see. No. Ouch. There you go. Damn. I look so cool in your pictures. I thought you took pictures of your crush. I know it’s gonna be just one sided if I don’t confess my feelings to him. Well..I Hey, I heard you broke Namsai’s heart yesterday? You are so damn picky. I don’t like her. And I don’t want to date anyone right now. I don’t want to date anyone right now. But I’m scared to tell him my feelings as it may bring our friendship to an end. What should I do, Dr. Nat? Seriously. You only care about losing your friend, what about your opportunity? Look at me. I lost a lot… You lost your friend? No, money. I spent a fortune but I still want someone to fulfill my need. Even I lost a lot of money, I didn’t regret. At least I know I have tried. If you want love, you must not fear of getting hurt. Even though you get hurt, just take it as a new taste of life. If you keep stalling, the ice cream will melt away. Here. For you. Thank you. I like you. Love is like ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts. Dr. Nat, what should I do? I want my relationship to go further than just holding hands. If you want your relationship to go to the next level, why don’t you make the first move?


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