Could Ellen Find Love on ‘Love Is Blind’?
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Could Ellen Find Love on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Some of the couples from
Love is Blind are here. Not everyone who appeared
on the show found love. I was in one of
the early episodes. I wasn’t looking for love,
and I didn’t find it. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have fallen in love. And it’s so much more beautiful
than just basing somebody off their looks. Hello. Hello? (SINGING) Is it me
you’re looking for? It’s a Lionel Richie song. Anyway. How you feeling? Not great. I spent my entire
weekend at Costco picking up hand
sanitizer and water. I’d love to hear your name
again, your full name. Ellen Milady DeGeneres. But you can call me
Milady for short. Milady [INAUDIBLE] What about my belly? I wanted to give you something
that meant something to me. Did you get the box? Look, if it’s hand sanitizer
or water, I have plenty. Oh, I hope it’s a Rolex. It’s not heavy enough, but it– When you open the
box, what do you see? Nothing. It’s empty. What the heck, Damien? Besides my brother
and my family– Ugh, this better be good. –you have now become the most
important thing in my life. Oh, here we go. And I cannot put
you in that box. Blah blah blah blah. Where’s my gift? So I took the bow off the box? Just tell me what the gift is. And I put the bow on my
right hand, because today, I don’t just give
you a piece of me. I give you all of me. [MUSIC PLAYING – JOHN LEGEND,
“ALL OF ME”] Aw, this is one of my favorites. (SINGING) ‘Cause all
of me loves all of you. Love your curves
and all your edges. My head is under water,
but I’m breathing fine. Stop. (SINGING) In the name of love,
before you break my heart. I am your gift. I get on one knee for the
first time in my life. I’m sorry? And I ask you,
will you marry me? Oh, no. No. There’s a mix-up here. No. I’m here for a Netflix meeting. I think I came in
the wrong door. I look forward to spending
the rest of my life with you. Oh. This took a turn. I love you. Oh, OK. Somebody get me
out of this thing. Oh, straight people.


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