DAAR President’s Message March 12, 2020
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DAAR President’s Message March 12, 2020

Good afternoon DAAR membership Barry
Taylor your 2020 present here again with a further update on the kind of
coronavirus measures as you will be aware overnight there was a development in that Loudoun County Public Schools decided to to close their classes for
students and that is something that’s going to remain in place through March
20th. You will be aware that DAAR has a linked policy that whatever Loudoun
County Public Schools decide to do the DAAR class mirrors their
activities so consequently we have taken the action to cancel all classes
currently scheduled certainly over the next the next couple of weeks. The
Executive Committee meeting met later or earlier this morning should I say and we
discussed some some longer-term measures as this scenario develops and we
are starting to sort of look a little bit further afield as to how we will
address some of the the bigger events that we’re having to postpone as we work
through this issue and we’ll certainly keep you updated on those changes as and when they occur. The thing to remember is that we’re only talking about cancelling
events at this stage and classes the DAAR offices remain open for the foreseeable
future and the staff will be available here to assist member with any inquiries.
I would also add that we are taking some precautions in the event that we have to
start teleworking to ensure that all staff members are fully prepared to be
able to communicate from home should the need arise. As you will be aware, the
governor has recently announced a state of emergency here in Virginia and that
may start to have some impact in travel, you know, within some of our local
communities so we are at least taking steps to sure that we’re ready should that that event arise. If you have any questions
about anything I’ve said or you still have some concerns feel free to ring me
or any of the staff with any of your questions. For members of committees, for the board members, for anyone that was thinking of coming to classes over
the next couple of weeks, if you’re still unsure as to whether or not these events
are going to take place check all of the social media feeds, your emails, but if
you’re still unsure feel free to give us a call and we’ll confirm whether or not
those events are taking place but for the foreseeable future there will be no
class activity here at DAAR as the the sort of coronavirus you know
continues to to wreak havoc in the community the only thing that is
continuing is the SRS class which started this morning anyway and that was
in an advanced stage of preparation so there wasn’t much that we could do in
order to cancel it as people had already traveled to be here for today’s class so
that is the only class that is running and that will conclude tomorrow but
beyond that it will be a very quiet DAAR office here next week but I say we will
be here to support you over the phones or email should you need anything from
us. If there’s any further changes as we move forward because I know that
Virginia REALTORS are also discussing the issue with regard to the association
activities so I’ll certainly be updating you should we hear anything further from
them in the very near future. Thanks for your time. Speak to you again soon.

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