Dana at David, susubukang magsimula muli | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)
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Dana at David, susubukang magsimula muli | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

Let’s go to the bar! Oh, I don’t feel like
going to a bar right now. I just want to go
someplace quiet… …so I can think. You know? You’ll stress yourself out
thinking about things. You might even
get sick again. Tell us what
your problem is, girl. Well, I just… I just feel like… Uhm… …all my plans and dreams
will never be fulfilled. You know? My plans and dreams
of becoming a mother. [SNIFFLES] And I know that I should
be grateful to be alive and for this second chance, but I just hope that… I just hope that
I could still be a mother. There are plenty of other ways
to have a kid, Dana. I know. But it’s different
when the baby came from you. Do you guys understand me? Of course. And, lately, I feel so… I feel so incomplete. It’s like… Just knowing that I won’t be
able to bear a child ever again, well… It just… It makes me feel
so insecure about myself. [SNIFFLES] Look, I’m… I’m so sorry. [SNIFFLES] Oh… You guys shouldn’t
see me like this. But this will pass. – Dana, girl…
– [SIGHS] As long as you have
David by your side, we’re sure
you’re going to be okay. I know. But then I feel like
I’m also losing David. – Tsk! No, you’re not.
– My gosh! Don’t think that! – You’re not, okay?
– You’re okay. [DANA SNIFFLES] [PHONE RINGING] Hello? How are you? I’m fine. I’m going back to work
very soon. That’s good. And you? How are you? What have you been up to lately? Aren’t you supposed to be
in Singapore? Why are you still here? Oh, I know. Did someone hold you back? Or did someone not
allow you to go? Dana, for the nth time… – …I’m not having an affair–
– Whatever. And, yes, I was supposed
to go back to Singapore but I canceled my plans.
I admit, someone held me back. But it was you. Look, Dana. I refuse to
give up on our marriage. Do you think we can
start over again? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]


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