Demi Lovato Loves Reality TV
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Demi Lovato Loves Reality TV

Wow. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you so much, everybody. For those of you at
home, or if you’re here and you don’t know me,
too, my name’s Demi Lovato. [CHEERING] Ellen obviously– well no
you don’t know this, yet, but she isn’t here today. We actually Freaky Friday’d. [LAUGHTER] So I’m here, and Ellen
is dropping a track with Lil Wayne. [LAUGHTER] No, I’m actually here because
today is Tax Awareness Day, and that’s something I’m
very passionate about. [LAUGHTER] I’m totally kidding. You’ll pick up on
my humor as we go. We’ll get used to each other. I am here to shamelessly promote
my new single, “I Love Me.” [CHEERING] Thank you. It drops today, and I’m
so excited to be hosting this show with you guys. So thank you for having me. I’ve been a guest many times–
actually 10 believe it or not. [CHEERING] But I’ve never gotten to see
how it all comes together. So let me just tell you people
who work here, they really love Ellen. They’re obsessed with her. They walk around with– there’s pictures
of her everywhere. They got shirts
with her name on it, everyone here is either
gay or really gay. [LAUGHTER] So yeah. I’m happy to be here,
and I’m a huge fan of TV. I love TV, especially
reality TV. And that’s what I thought
we could talk here about. So one of my favorite shows
right now is Love Is Blind. [CHEERING] So good. It’s absolutely crazy, actually. People get engaged without
never seeing each other, and then have 30
days to get married. So if you think about it
what could go wrong, right? [LAUGHTER] There’s one woman who talks
in her confessionals– you know the part where
they talk to the camera– in a normal voice, but when
she talks to her fiancé, she uses an itty
bitty baby voice. See if you can
notice a difference. No one knows I’m in Mexico. It’s crazy, and it’s
tripping me out. I love hearing the waves– [LAUGHTER] –crashing the beach. That’s my favorite thing
in the whole world. Oh, this shirt. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. [LAUGHTER] Do people actually
talk like that? [LAUGHTER] OK, now I have tattoos. I have a lot of them. And there is a
show about tattoos called How Far Is Tattoo Far? Get it? Two people who don’t get along
choose a tattoo for each other, and they have to get
it without seeing it. And then there’s a big reveal. So again, what could go wrong? [LAUGHTER] Here are two cousins who
probably are no longer speaking to each other. Three, two, one. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are you dead ass? [MUSIC PLAYING] What is that? It’s a skunk spraying its
odor saying “Sweaty Lexie.” [LAUGHTER] I could be wrong,
but I don’t even think that’s how skunks work. [LAUGHTER] And then there’s this
reality show clip that Ellen has shown before,
but I love it so much that I wanted to show it again. It’s from a show on TLC called
Virgin Diaries, and well– just watch. Sunday. I’m 30, and I’m a virgin. I’m 29, and I’m a virgin. I’m not a virgin
entirely by choice. We’re saving our first
kiss for our wedding. I now declare you to
be husband and wife. Ryan, you may kiss your bride. Really? Yes. [CHEERING] Virgin Diaries an all
these special Sunday at 9:00, only on TLC. [APPLAUSE] I don’t think they’re
ready to have sex yet. [LAUGHTER]


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