Destiny’s Doors: Marriage, Motherhood, & Ministry. Episode 14: 21 Day Fasting Vlog.
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Destiny’s Doors: Marriage, Motherhood, & Ministry. Episode 14: 21 Day Fasting Vlog.

so what you’re about to view is video
clips from fasting from glory to glory private Facebook group there just a
minute clips minute and a half clips that I did along
the way with this 21 day juice fast that me and my husband did in November and
some other people were fasting along with us from the fasting from glory to
glory group but I’m also doing them for the first episode that I’m releasing in
a while of Destiny’s doors marriage motherhood and ministry and so I hope
you guys enjoy um the blessed happy fasting well it’s day one of this 21-day
fast I think I look how I feel I’ve thrown up twice we went to church for
three hours service this morning but but don’t we left there I was starting to
feel sick by the time I got home so nauseous so nauseous
I hadn’t meant to get off coffee a week prior to the fast and didn’t do it to my
own detriment don’t do it I’ve done so you’re gonna do
a long fast take a week to eat really clean if you don’t already which I
haven’t been unfortunately one of the things I’m praying and fasting about and
I haven’t told my husband this but I really feel like I’m gonna go a year
without refined sugars or coffee this is 21-day fast you’re kicking this
off and I feel off so my husband doesn’t drive so I after
the last time I threw up I was like I’ve got to go get some distilled water some
juice and carrots I’m gonna juice some carrots tomorrow morning I don’t feel
like I can eat or drink anything but I’ve eaten little bits of banana this
since I started throwing up to try to slow the detox which is a good way of
doing it and I’m gonna do an enema bag tonight just to help detox my body that
way a little bit hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow this is not the way to
do it y’all try to eat clean going up to the fast you’re gonna regret it
okay this part two of day one’s vlog I’m getting in bed feeling so much better I
took a half a goodies powder which helped my head and probably partially
helped slow my withdrawal from caffeine because I’m a coffee drinker and then I
did a bag intimate with just distilled water and so the those two things oh my
goodness I feel so much better my husband is 60 helping with a baby
so praying that tomorrow it will be an easier day that sitter called in and so
I’m really happy to have Abigail raised and we’re gonna go get vegetables more
vegetables to juice yeah I’ll record some more stuff then
okay day two down I’m trying to get in bed earlier it’s 11
o’clock so really it’s actually midnight I felt
great today so feeling good today prayed prophesied and ask the Lord to
meet a need ask him to meet the need today and the money came in for it
that’s just the hand of God for what I had asked for it hasn’t
covered all the need but I specifically asked if I’m supposed to go get those vaccines on Thursday then bring the
money in for it and he did I asked and it came in like within hours and so that
was kind of a miraculous provision kind of thing
many many people donated towards that so now I’m just asking him to help me raise
the money for the food and I still need to rent a car in Africa and there’s one
more little praying trip that I have to book and then take him money over there
to the orphanages and churches and stuff so he’s gonna provide all of our needs
all not some of them all of them all of them all of them and then I’ve got this
call to be on a radio it’s it’s international radio it’s like an app I
have to find out more about it but that is going to be something else I’m
praying towards but this is a fasting blog fasting is going good felt great
today yes I’m hungry but I’ll get over it okay this is day
three we just my face is burning like my face turns into like so red when the
Holy Spirit is and then a vein pops up in my forehead but we had a really good
we had a good / metastatic meeting can can I show y’all it’s just a fact it’s a
small fasting group God is doing great things great things
physically I felt great to tell you I took like a 20 minute walk with my
daughter the hill seemed a little bit more strenuous than normal so I didn’t
boot up it really fast but I took a little walk and just doing juices and
stuff I feel great physically so and God is doing good things he’s answering
prayers that’s my third day hey-up ago Bruce say
hello she’s having a little midnight snack
broccoli it’s time for bed keep your head it’s 9:45 we’re supposed to pick at
you in bed an hour early okay geez ha ha fast wit great today I drink
a lot of juice I made some cucumber broccoli carrot orange juice was pretty
good they’ve made some pineapple juice and I drink some pomegranate juice I’ll
drink some apple juice and I drink some our shoes Pro class the juice cuz the
juice fast I preached a good sermon to judge or not to judge are you cute our
eunuch unist maybe I shouldn’t say cutest bed they for the wrap it was good
got some pineapple juice on my bedside table put my jammie-jams on bye bye say
bye bye say bye bye so this is some yoga tea so I prayed over it because I’m
definitely not a yoga person but somehow it ended up in my cupboard and it is a
cleansing tea and it works this is day 5 d reading the word I’m reading I’m
studying dude right now actually so day 5 the baby is napping I am
reading the scriptures and praying for everybody I could think of my tribe
everybody you sent into this ministry everybody’s part of the ministry
everybody the ministry needs to reach everybody who the ministry has already
reached praying for the local ekklesia and the local academy the outreach and
praying for provision I’m praying for healing I’m praying for oneness with the
father I’m doing pretty good I went out and got a juice at the health
food store for lunch and I had about a little over half of a
cantaloupe juiced for breakfast and I’m a little a little bit orange juice a
little bit of apple juice it was my second cup of tea se6 it has been a good
day see my husband in there reflection over there he brought me some flowers
he’s been in his robe most a day his clothes on under it there we got a
little one here we like to dance and sing dance and sing dance in C Benson
Singh doesn’t see had to counseling calls today
also had a very divine appointment jeez my battery went dead because I had left
the lights on apparently and I was going out the door to work and the our nanny
had was here and I was working and lord help me to concentrate and I said
didn’t you hear me say I must have a divine appointment with the uber driver
he was gonna take the target to pick up some jumper cables yeah and I did he
helped me jump off my car and it was he was Muslim and had been Christian and
converted back to being a Muslim because of his parents and anyway I just like
eyewitness to him strong because the as he was trying to jump my car off the
time kept going back and then it would go forward and then it would go back and
then get before enough I felt the Lord say this might be one of his last
opportunities that’s how I’m very adamant and my witness but anyway then
then we went to a Christmas sale at this church that we we go to some and got all
these antique ornaments because our dog smashed and destroyed we got bags of
antique ornaments these are like a dollar a bag jeez jeez anyway great day
great day great day great fasting day we’re cleaning up tomorrow it’s messy
it’s our seventh day of a fast and it’s Saturday so we’re having little snacks
in bed mommy’s having hot tea and aren’t you say cheese say cheese
where’d you get that blonde hair girl where do we get a little I beeps
ships other ships back there so day seven of the fast and it’s going great
I feel just physically I feel great mentally I feel great spiritually I am
just about to explode with the glory of God that is just flowing through my
veins god is good god is good I’m happy
blessed I just am feeling very much United with the father and the Holy
Spirit and Jesus and costed it in the love today I got a new battery for my
car my I had a divine appointment I mentioned it yesterday I’m trying to get
my car jumped off but it hit me and it dawned on me that I’ve reached a pivotal
time where you know I’ve been drinking coffee every morning one of the things
on this fast I wanted to do was cut the coffee I’m clearly out for the fast but
then you know not just be dependent on coffee for my energy so day seven on the
fast I changed out the battery in my car and I feel like it was a prophetic
timing for needing a new battery and getting a brand new battery for my car
so I feel like now I’m waking up in the morning get kick-started without my
coffee and so I think that battery that morning coffee had run its course and
nothing I’ll never have a cup of coffee again but and I just feel like I have
traded a lower a lower thing for something higher here and the new
battery is just prophetic let me know I have arrived at that and I’m enjoying
I’m enjoying every minute of this fast so I hope some of you guys will jump on
with me I got two weeks left we got two weeks this is day seven
you’ll drink it your tricep mmm no she’s like you’ve been giving me some funky
juice too sweet not full of mean that doesn’t gross
okay just cuz it’s dull olive greens is just like suing to try to I think you’re
gonna like it yeah she wants to try it she wants to
try it because you’re drinking it down but then she smells it she’s like this
is day 9 I’m doing a video I am just I’m in my house but it’s cool so we’re all
snuggled up on the couch childcare just left I had a count’s an appointment
today went way over but it was really good and I went and picked up Christmas
tree that we bought at this church used Christmas decoration sale that’s 9 feet
tall and picked that up talked to the pastor he is gonna connect
me with some people in Africa he says we need to arrange a driver before we go
over there not try to rent a car anything we decorated our white tree
last night so she’s gonna be going down a little bit lip and I can work we’re listening to some beautiful
Christmas music there’s a tree are you getting hot honey or just shoot come on
day 9 going good I just make some cantaloupe juice basking in the love of
God and my little princess we’ll get back to work geez she found
this in the closet and she doesn’t want me to set her down this is date 11 of
the fast I’m cleaning out closets I’m catching up the books know something
about fashion just clears clears out the old makes room for the new
I get projects finished cut your bangs bangs feet she always said she sees
Dave’s speech he’ll climb under the tables we go fate fate huh cleaning out
a closet fun fun fun mm-hmm okay
fasting vlog day 14 out of 20 1 2 weeks almost down one week to go feeling great
today as we went out we were leaving this
morning to DC to go take warm winter things to the homeless people I was
hurting really bad we prayed over that God touched my back and healed it praise
you Jesus thank you God that was that was a miracle and feels really much much
much much better so we had some Jamba Juice while we were down there in Union
Station given way we had hats warm hats with the ears
warm gloves wool socks food packages like nuts and peanut butter crackers and
beef jerky and aren’t you some waters and I had a really really nice big warm
brand new coat that I got and two sleeping bags I said we went to Union
Station I have to pray with some people give some things out really really a
blessed time this one God that I gave the coat to because I was like whose
coat is this he was in Union Station we gave him a coat and a pair of gloves
and after I gave him that coat he got up from his seat and he started
straightening the tables and I just it just blessed my heart so much you know
you could tell he was sober I don’t know what his story was I kind of wish I had
talked to him longer but we were feeding Abigail Rosen and it was like he wanted
to work he wanted to work and he just did he was just straighten up the tables
just straighten with the chairs and stuff not I don’t feel like there was
any other reason other than he was compelled to because God had blessed him
to show that he wants to work with his hands not every homeless person is lazy
you know there’s different stories but anyway so as far as the fast goes
I drink quite a bit of juice today we had vegetable juice I had vegetable
juice fruit juices lots and lots of water so when we went to after we left
Union Station we went to go find more people we still have some things left
and we came upon a park called Franklin Park that was just filled with homeless
people there was a church truck giving food out and we gave a signal bag to one
guy was definitely a divine appointment he’s just like I feel like I know you
guys and then we gave it to somebody else and then like I guess somebody
heard we were giving things away and there was just like a rush of people how
many people 20 maybe that money Oh
some of them didn’t have hats one guy didn’t have a coat which I was able to
you know we didn’t have a ton of stuff to give out especially at that point so
we gave out what we had and hey I couldn’t like stop myself from saying
we’ll be back tomorrow to bring some more staff even though we had attended
not to go back till December and we spent everything that we had raised so
we on the way back because we gave our work we’d be back after church tomorrow
there was a lot of ladies there and one of the ladies I had asked her what she
needed and I still need to get a coat for her and I would love to get a coat
for that one guy who I didn’t have anything left for him but he got a hug
for me and it just seemed like he was so sober and so alert and just there was a
connection there and just felt like a family hug like it’s the warm hug and
he’s like is this your husband and daughter and said had you worried so we
stopped it Walmart on the way back I actually spent more than the original
trip but I still need to buy that coat so praying and believing that that will
come in because God will supply all of our needs and he will supply for every
good work that he created in advance for us to do we’re gonna go back to that
park and my goal is to raise money to order backpacks Walmart not backpacks
sleeping bags Walmart didn’t have any left and for the really cold weather and
my goal is to order sleeping bags raise money in order sleeping bags to get them
to the people down there because it is a serious serious problem the homeless
population is huge in DC a lot of women a lot of women one of the women I prayed
with at her Bible with her she had her cross on she was just sweet as could be
and I prayed with her and she was elderly too
it’s the I didn’t vlog yesterday I preached instead her breakfast it is the
morning on the sixteenth day starting to want to eat but I’ve dropped a ton of
weight I had gained back some of the weight that I lost on the weight loss
challenge prior to the fast it’s beautiful it’s a beautiful skin and
really long sometimes I get delayed in my speech so much to do
dream for strategy to get it done still working through some stuff at my dreams
getting some healing took communion this morning which is important to do when
you’re fasting I’m not a vision during communion that was pretty powerful waiting for the sitter to get here she’s
late I’ve only got three hours of childcare in the morning something’s got
to give with that cuz it’s just not there just got stuff piling up to do so
praying for the answer about that probably be when I get back from Africa
I’m gonna tell her I need her at least four hours in the morning she has
another hour job she goes to before she comes here and I’ve asked her about just
coming here for the full four hours and she’s kind of like hesitant but about
one day a week she calls in so I’ve got like 12 hours of childcare trying to run
this international ministry and launch a school in church it’s not enough time
can only cut into sleep hours so much okay this is day 17 of 21 it has been a
good day I have drink quite a bit of juice I tried out some kind of beet beet
juice some new juiced orbs really gross they must stomach turn but I drink most
of it just because I needed it and it was expensive just drink some tomato
celery carrot I don’t know what else they put in it I’ve had orange juice
today I had a bottle of carrot juice and lots of water so I quit drinking tea
days and days ago I’m had any tea in a while but I noticed
wanting a bite of Abigail Rose’s food today which that’s that’s a new thing on
this fast though I’m sure that the grace will carrying me through Saturday but
then it’ll lift and I’ll be happy to eat my husband said he noticed a little bit
of trouble focusing at work today and I’d I noticed that too on my own life I
had the kingdom living well the school was supernatural class tonight
and it was mega powerful prayed for two peoples healing and you know I was able
to prophesy and it was good it’s good see what else is there to say I’m
pressing them with the Lord still analyzing my dreams to see where I am as
far as breakthrough in some areas and digging deep digging deep I’ve still got
some more prayers some more breakthrough that is needed but I’m trusting the Lord
that that’ll happen I’m noticing like the cadence of my talk is a little bit
strange I’m like pausing almost like I’m drunk I am kind of drunk in the spirit
I’m definitely not earthbound right now even not even a little bit not even when
I’m doing paperwork numbers and cleaning house which is often the case but I
think this is definitely taking me to next level of glory as fasting often
does okay day 18 of her fast it’s Wednesday we’ve only got three more days
to go Dave said he had a little bit of trouble focusing at work again today but
I think is because we’re not getting enough sleep so it’s like 10:05 and
we’re gonna in bed cuz we get up super early I’m praying into some things and believe in the Lord for some
miraculous things to take place through our lives in 2020 but we’re starting to
look forward to eating try not to focus on that I know I am and drank a lot of
juice I made a cairn orange juice today and a cantaloupe juice then I just I
want drinking any veggie juice see my god dad oh I drank the leftover veggie
juice that was in that container did you make a veggie juice last night I don’t
remember it was last night no I didn’t actually drink that veggie juice that
you made add cayenne peppers is that what it was yeah okay
day 19 almost over we got some carrots and apple no no Eric and orange
they’ve peeled the oranges no we’re talking about how slowly we need to
break the fast what we need to break it on I’m actually thinking about food more
and more I have today been trying to put our rooms for Africa and just research
and figure out I got AB on another plane ticket and there’s no the town that
we’re going to in Kenya is so small they have like – like I looked on Google Maps
and it’s like they have no place for rooms there’s like one no we’re not
staying whatever that it’s not a hotel or anything it just looks like the back
of the store so we might have to go up to the next little town where they have
some guest houses we can read fishnet not fishnet mosquito nets rather so I I have had a conversation today
that leads me to believe there is a breakthrough but make a breakthrough in
the life of somebody I’ve been praying for
I’m really excited about that juice juice juice juice hello no pretty
princess what you got on your shirt what’s on your shirt what is it hey star
huh rainbow she knows her ABCs and a one two three
she can recognize the numbers you have anything to say Dave how’s your fest
going honey just like expecting expecting solid
I just realized or just was informed I had forgotten this is Dave’s second
21-day fast this year give me some juice okay we talked to Forest today we facetimed
him beautiful it’s your neck ah further and a grove of trees was an
opening to an underground shelter invisible to anyone who hadn’t come
there on purpose honey I’m doing 21 day block of log
fasting vlog this is our last day he’s some food tomorrow we got bananas and
plain almond milk yogurt mm-hm for breakfast then we’re gonna like mash up
a potato maybe put a little sour thing to make it moist it’s been amazing I’m so happy I’m so
full of joy I know I’ve got some healing some deliverance I feel like we have
grown we know God will honor the fast the things that we have prayed for we
have saved the way Grace when she wants me to sing her more songs at night she
says she raises her hand and she says love love praise Jesus praise Jesus we
love you Lord we love you Jesus we thank you God for your power for your mercy
for your grace for your strength say I love you Jesus Jesus is that a beautiful
girl she pretty are you pretty you pretty pretty
your foot no I’m gonna wait true yet it’s reading time that is reading this
is what you do when you don’t have television if we’re lucky we don’t
always have time to redo me we’re breaking our fast on bananas and plain
cashew milk


  • Dave Whalen

    I been practicing to get into a good fast with better intentions! When I start out I'm chewing while I'm nodding out Next I was feeling neck and head pain from my flat pillow that won't stay fluffed out and prompt me to get something to grab a quick meal and restart the whole process! I'm gonna get this right and get a workable fast, God help me!, thanks!* Gonna invest in a juicer! My immulsefyer makes great fruit smoothies but don't make carrot juice

  • Diana Daughter of God

    We had many repairs happened at once and no money to fix it. We take in and adopt foster children. We have one daughter of our own. I said Lord I know you can bring me money for these repairs even if you gotta send angels to deliver it. I got my shower and fixed dinner. We were about to walk out the door for New Year's Eve service at church. There stood a man in my driveway and a woman in a car. He said we got something for you. He handed me a heavy box. He said Happy New Year and they drove away. I opened up the box and it said survival kit. It had some survival items in there like a compass, storm proof matches, band aids, camando saw, and money. A bunch of quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. I looked up and we have a long drive way. They were not there anymore. They couldn't have been gone that fast. They were angels! I testified about it at church. God's good! No matter what wilderness Satan tries to put us in, God sends survival kits to get us through. LOL

  • missy sue gordon

    Wow I love this video, what an edifying and interesting journey to observe. I would like to embark on something similar in the days ahead. Thanks for sharing with us, much enjoyed!


  • Amanda Newman

    This is awesome,thank u so much!!! I've asked God how on things and he has shown me through you alot of them!!! I'm a visual person,so ur videos are amazing for me!!! Praise God for u!!!!

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