Destiny’s Doors: Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry. Uganda Part 1 Episode 18
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Destiny’s Doors: Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry. Uganda Part 1 Episode 18

so I believe that our time in Kenya was
a blessing to us and the people there we are excited to head to Uganda so they have pineapple tree farms yes oh my goodness we have been eating the
pineapple and we’re not big pineapple eaters we’ve been just like behind
pineapple eating it at the breakfast I don’t have a way to cut it or I’d get
one when they’re not completely fully ripe so they can transport them maybe it
doesn’t I don’t know if there’s anywhere in the
United States in Hawaii yeah I hear there’s pineapples growing on absolutely
everything in Hawaii how much do they charge for pineapple you wanna sing a
song tinkle drink a little stir you want cheese some crazy traffic
honey speak call bill call the five-story buildings down there
or lower than the foot of this building this is CEM Paulo this is my view at breakfast beautiful an omelet cookin so after she’s ready for the next one
Sarah emoji you for opening doors for her that no
man could shed without thank you for giving her a voice a strong powerful
voice that speaks your work with courage and with authority
lord I thank you for the thousands of souls that you are going to bring into
the kingdom because of the work that you have given my sister to do they using
everything that God has placed in your heart Angie that that we are so just love do what
you have done because as long as parties – Sangha for your party
nothing can what the beginning no bon jovi that time
periods but um struggle as a reminder together we stop by the rule my grandfather used to make these this
is one of the students dear Emily Rose I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ seated here in my room and deep thoughts perusing through my mind of how
to show my gratitude towards the efforts of your family coming to see us in
Uganda oh what a favour and honor that you took
such a long journey from the United States just to come and graduate us
Madame Rose it is really exciting that you showed us great lovely the laptops
that you gave heart our tutor Trevor Rashi to assist us in learning
I’m so grateful that you honored the graduation day which is an open door to
the nations on our side and of which I am to get a certificate that clearly
depicts me as a learned evangelist and entreprenuer who was able to start up a
primary school to avoid the case of poverty among and Vangelis and also
impacting the community through education which is a result of the
teachers efforts in the presence of this course of evangelism
viewership there is also an attachment of a brochure paper which shows the
mission that was instructed to me by the holy spirit just spread him all the
world oh please read through it God me were
necessary because I have an open mind on learning and growing in my spiritual
life besides that there is also a gift of a wooden bowl showing my appreciation
of your coming however much it is small please treasure because it comes from
the bottom of my heart Oh Madame Rose oh I wish that one day if
God provides and willing we’ll come study for oil profits always talked
about by our teachers hoping to the bet to boost and grow the prophetic gift up
in my life Mb thanks so much for your love and coming to see teach and
graduate us and Uganda this is be careful she tough it was no respecter person so today we
are going with our new friend Richard he’s gonna show us the home that he
built for him a his wife and now they have two sons she’s pregnant she can
have another we are across the street from our hotel in Kampala at the you got
the museum so beautiful in the city she says she saw a monkey I’m still trying
to spot it oh hey it might be here because we had monkeys outside of our
hotel room yesterday morning she should use our huge Oh feels wonderful out here
so this bat house looks interesting here’s another one to go
inside oh cool got several rooms oh that’s
really cool it’s at different regions or different time periods I think that’s
what they said good morning oh okay maybe they borrowed that what
was somebody one of the guys who gave us a rod that said it
maybe he said the different number of hills maybe it was six yeah
so clearly the bars to keep people out Wow that’s what the ladies do here gorgeous so that might change the dynamics this
would be a cool place to build a stucco house I love stucco houses with the
color ceilings like that odd that’s my dream home yes with them I give them water and live
locks the meat is different from my you what a scheme but even it is malaria
because women when you have a malaria you cook it take the water ah very
bitter neat dragon fruit it’s you sir it’s right in the middle of Black Sea
inside when you open it it’s our white with black seeds now what color is there
on the outside it’s green hmm god they’re free do they eat bugs and stuff
oh I do see the baby you see the baby in the tree honey do people ever keep
monkeys as pets what do you think about that Abigail
Rose do you think about that daddy that is the prettiest tree with the yellow yellow flower well


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