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Dimash Kudaibergen – Your Love REACTION! | REALLY DIMASH-IMPOSSIBLE NOTES! | Drew Nation

welcome back to our YouTube channel and
welcome in to the reaction room with mommy Drew tonight. Guys if you’re new to our
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this without you guys and so mua-mua-mua to all of you. I have
been waiting for the longest to do another reaction to Dimash. He has
recently put out a new release on his channel and I’m keeping my fingers
crossed and hoping that everything will work out well with this reaction to
Dimash Kudaibergen tonight. It’s his song “Your love.” I think that is the name of the song. I’m gonna be doing a bit of pausing in-between so be patient. I hope everything works
out fine with this video and it gets to stay up. So I’m not gonna talk anymore
let’s get right on into this 1 2 & 3. Oooh, before he even lets a word out of
his mouth first of all the beginning was so soothing whoo. I can’t wait to hear
what he’s gonna do but look at his face, so angelic. He’s ready, he’s ready and I’m
ready to hear him too so let’s do this. Check out that red suit. That suit is
making an absolute statement and of course yes, he sounds great. He is just starting out, he hasn’t even done his thing yet, right, but what is that
suit telling you? That’s what there’s full of confidence it’s saying he got
this he knows what he’s doing that’s who is oh-oh-oh.
Dimash Kudaibergen, this man, he, he knows how to do it. He has everything down. He has the clothing. He’s poised. He knows how to command the audience. It is a whole
package. He is an absolutely divine performer. Wooooo! yes, I love how the, it sounds like a violin. How it came right in there. His voice kind of transitioned
into the violin. Oh my goodness oh yes yes yes yes. What can I do to love again? Is that what
he said? You could just feel the emotion and the connection to the song as he’s
singing it. I don’t know who he’s thinking about anything about? He ain’t thinking about me. But you
could tell he’s connected to this song. Dimash has such control over his voice.
He’s not ready to boom right now but it’s coming I guarantee you that. Yes I hear your voice singing to
me Dimash. I hear it. You guys see the positioning and the poise the stance?
Everything is it’s almost like he plans it but it happened so smoothly that you
know it’s coming naturally. He’s not like a robot and he’s thinking about it.
Everything comes smooth. He is a total package in his performance and that’s
why I like him. It is not calculated. Although it is calculated, but it’s not
calculated in a sense that he seems like he’s practicing everything he’s gonna do
when he gets out on the stage but it’s calculated in a sense that he knows
exactly what he has to do to pull the audience in. This man is just good. Yes, I told you guy that was coming it
was coming. You guys hear how he just transitions from those deep tones to the
higher tones and it’s so smooth. You can’t even tell that the transition is coming.
He is a beautiful artist beautiful in every way beautiful in every way. you see how he got in front of the
audience that he is just pulling them in with oh so awesome, so awesome. Look at him. Look at this position. Look at how he’s holding the mic. Everything is on
point with Dimash. He is like, it’s like a sports player how they practice
and practice because they want to make sure to get everything right on point
everything perfect. I could see that that’s what he does. Like constant
practice because he wants to make everything, he wants perfection he wants
perfection. Let’s go, oh my goodness. Wow, Wow that note that note. Do you hear how long he’s holding out? And he looks like he’s about to go even higher.
Let’s see, let’s see if I’m right. Oh my good gracious granny. Did you guys see how he did that? He pointed and commanded every note as he was saying it. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life
and he sounds so operatic, if that’s a word opera. Is operatic a word?
Operatic, he sounded so operatic! Wow, yes yes, yes, yes. Wooo, this man, come on…I can’t get over that, I can’t get over how he did that. Oh my goodness. You see how he goes? Every time he’s about to put you know straight into a note he’s commanding it. He’s pointing. He’s pulling. Oh, I love his performances. I love his performances. Look at the face,
right there, so effortless in what he’s doing. Wow, Wow, oh yes! Wait, I’m sorry – to have to stop right there – but you see that walk? You see how he walked away? Oh-ho-ho yes. He walked away with this skip
like, I tell you like he got this! You got it Dimash. You got it Diamsh! Oh, now he’s down on the ground. You know what other song I’ve seen him perform that he did this, gets down on the ground
I’m sure he probably does this in a whole lot of his songs but Adagio. Oh my
goodness that song was just dripping with such
emotion and passion. That’s another one that I did that hey I ended up having
to do something with that but he did the same thing got down on the ground with
all this emotion and it just pulls you in. You can feel everything that he is
singing. He almost makes you feel like he’s singing to you and only you. That’s
a good performer. Goodness! Oh my goodness! Wow Is he finished? Wow, and now of course here it comes, all the flowers. He is so grateful for it. Wow-wow-wow! Dimash Kudaibergen oooh, YES! Wow, Bravo Bravo Bravo. So, oh my goodness. He’s another one Dimash, that man I would like to see him perform in person.
This man is such a great performance. I will say over and over again. I’ve said
it from the first time that I’ve been introduced to Diamsh, that he reminds me of Michael Jackson and then it was shared with me that
Michael Jackson is one of the artists that he learned from and you could tell
in everything he does so calculated. The way he’s dressing in doing commands the audience. You cannot help but to be drawn into his performance and his
performances are immaculate! That is not an exaggeration, immaculate!
Absolutely a professional at what he’s doing, mua! I love it and I hope you guys
loved that performance by him. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. I thank you guys
so much for coming into reaction room with me tonight. If you’ve not yet joined the
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you guys. But, this is mommy drew saying D to the D to the D to the D nation Out…Bye!


  • drew Nation

    MORE DIMASH- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0Uyh0RSh_2I2Zp7aKIM0ib0eOIr6eqRe

  • diday manikan

    Love your reaction. We're seeing & listening to 20 yrs of 2 music degrees, sacrifice, training and hard work. He started his classical training when he was 5 yrs old and he continues to train at least 3 hrs a day.

  • Svetla Petkova

    The official YouTube channel of Dimash Kudaibergen:
    Dimash Kudaibergen – ARNAU ENVOY New York Concert (Barclays Center) – Part1
    Dimash Kudaibergen – ARNAU ENVOY New York Concert (Barclays Center) – Part 2
    Dimash Kudaibergen – ARNAU: Kinetic Voice Concert (Kazakhstan)

  • Hans de Ruiter

    Great reaction to Dimash singing this new song Your Love. It is a masterpiece by Igor Krutoy and Lara Fabian. Great performance by Dimash. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  • Tommy

    First time viewing your reaction to Dimash and Yes Dimash is great. You are not bad yourself. I hope you get lots of likes and subscribe 🙂 you are actually very natural yourself at reacting..keep it up.

  • samy bel

    Merci pour la réaction❤️❤️❤️ Dimash est hypnotique, magique, adorable, merveilleux, angélique, c'est un être humble et sensible, j'ai besoin d'entendre ses chanson avec son interprétation parfaite,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Paix sur le monde

  • EkbMetro

    Another great masterpiece from Dimash, Igor Krutoy and Lara Fabian! BEST SONG EVER!!!
    Congratulations to all Dears!
    It was a gift from Dimash and Igor Krutoy to all women on International Women's Day on March 8
    (this holiday is very popular here in Russia, and all men always try to do their best for their beloved women)

    Meanwhile, do you know what “Krutoy” means in Russian language?
    "Krutoy" means "cool guy"!

  • Garden Flower

    So awesome reaction which DIMASH deserves ! Thank you👍🌸🌺. Ya; DIMASH is perfection! He has it all..A very nice, well respected human being💕💓💕

  • Henry Denner

    Dear beautiful Ma'am. 😍
    I love your reactions so much.
    Dimash is absolutely incredible. We are perfectly astounded by his performances.
    G'bless you from South Africa. 💕

  • Waldemar Sobieraj

    Spotkały się trzy gwiazdy tekst napisała dla Dimasha Lara Fabian muzyka Igor Krutoj. I powstała piękna piosenka i piękna reakcja 🤗🤗🤗

  • Элана Бессоновская

    Thank you for your comment. The lyrics were written by Lara Fabian especially for Dimash.

  • Гульжан Жалмагамбетова

    Спасибо дорогая!!! Ждем продолжения реакции на Димаш Кудайберген!!!!!

  • Angel Blood

    Hello! I its song listen everytimes she such beauriful how sing song. Peformance song Diamasg was very awsome himself song sound very beautiful from voice Dimash it holiday eaars asn soils my. I loved it song! Song sing genies Dimash. Lara Fabians write text for Dimash and Igor Krytoi is playaing song are Dimsh sing. I loved trio! They are very good peopl i loved such peopl. That super awsome trios. I glad what they are there is!)))))

  • Samat Appasov

    Зачем так часто останвливаешь, ты позоришь музыку, лучше наслаждаться. Лучше кривляка перед вирусами, удачи!

  • Айнур Жасарова


  • Иван Емелин

    Не представляю, можно ли было ещё больше поиздеваться над прослушиванием песни, чем сделала эта замечательная и красивая, во всех отношениях, женщина… Разве, что только без звука прослушать, или по-кадрам пустить… Мне интересно, она в своём нереальном экстазе понимает, что творит – насколько надо сильно любить Димаша, что бы не давать ему петь… Удивительное рядом… Сплошные парадоксы… Её чувства и её действия – взаимоисключающие… Если тебе нравится певец, или песня, ты что делаешь? Правильно – слушаешь, а если очень-очень нравится – то слушаешь очень тихо, ловя каждый звук, наполняясь энергетикой песни и атмосферой происходящего… Или я что-то не понимаю…

  • Dee Johnson

    You are so right, he commands the song. I heard one you tuber say that he was glad to be alive to see Dimash. I am too. This man has a deep influence on people! Love your reaction, keep reacting. There is more.

  • City Girl

    Dimaaaash 💖🎼..I don't know how many times have I listened to this song! He is The king of music! 🎤👏👏👏💖 Thank you for your reaction! You are funny and genuine! 😁🌷🌷🌷

  • Раша Туляева

    Thanks drew Nation! Nice reaction! Beautiful, excellent performance!It's bomb!!! Это мировой хит на века! Absolutely statement! Dimash is great man! WOW!!! WOW!!! Amazing, fantastic voice!!! Yes, he is a music painter! Bravo Dimash, composer I.Krutoy, L.Fabian, аранжировщик and friend Dimash – E.Bekchurin!!! Спасибо милая drew National за субтитры! Будем ждать другие реакции на божественного ангела, артиста номер один Димаша Кудайбергена! Please song "War and peace"! Music of Dimash!

  • Алла Бушуева

    Спасибо большое за такую эмоциональную реакцию на Димаша! Димаш Мировая Звезда!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Andrew Wells

    I have always liked your reactions, but this one had far too many pauses (unnecessary to avoid copyright problems when from Dimash's own channel.)

  • Day May

    His ARNAU concerts from New York, US (December 10th, 2019), Krasnodar, Russia (February 16th, 2020), Kazan, Russia (February 20th, 2020), Yekaterinburg, Russia (February 23rd, 2020), Riga, Latvia (March 7th, 2020), Moscow, Russia (March 9th, 2020), Kyiv, Ukraine (March 11th, 2020) all full house stadiums/arenas.
    On coming ARNAU concerts :
    March 19th – Hamburg, Germany
    March 21st – Dusseldorf, Germany
    March 25th – Prague, Czech Republic
    March 29th – Stuttgart, Germany
    April 4th – Minsk, Belarus

  • Гульжан Мусина

    Мамочка Дрю, почему раньше не видели Ваши реакции на Димаша? У Вас это замечательно получается! ЖДЁМ!!!!!!!!!!

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