Dimash — Your Love — Nohe Guti Reaction
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Dimash — Your Love — Nohe Guti Reaction

Hi friends, I’m Nohe Guti and this is another
video reaction Today I want to ask you many
Excuse me guys, I’m lost, I know, I I’ve lost, but, it’s for a good reason,
for a good cause. I moved my office to another place !!! But as we continued, they already know what the situation is like.
Today we are going to make a video reaction of this fabulous boy Dimash Kudaibergen
and his new song “Your love” we will see what do we think !!!! I lost my mouse !!!! Oh how nice! I felt that I ran out of air good
guys i can tell you. Cute!!! There was a part that I liked, I don’t know if it was with
the piano or with the violins, that the voice of him merged ….. Oh how nice! That beautiful!!! No, I really needed some
Dimash Kudaibergen in my life gentlemen really.
This guy always surprises us at song lyrics are very sad and
very stark. Dimash Kudaibergen, who I pass you!!!!????
what happened???? It is an intrigue gentlemen. I quite loved the Staccatos too
that he did, they were very good Yes very good
ya, ya, try not to do it because I definitely don’t get out, I give it and
I give it and it doesn’t come out. But he is definitely wonderful,
the voice of listen cleaner still than in others
videos of which I have already made video reaction of the,
I don’t know, I like it more, I liked it better this presentation to other videos I’ve
hearing that he has done more things, more … I don’t know if they are told … frills … yes or no?
You correct me. More things, more ornaments, more, more things to impact
plus. I like more this song as well as he performed it
because it was understood much better yet the feeling he wanted to give.
It’s wonderful !!!, apart from that I was in Red and black, I’m in black and red today
you can see. And guys I want to send many greetings
to all of you who are always highly connected,
and they write to me, so beautiful and they want me good things, really good vibes the
I love very much, I love you very much, of truth. To all of Brazil, those of Cuba,
those from Chile, those from Costa Rica, Guatemala Honduras, Mexico, United States, all over
world. Dominican Republic too They wrote, I saw
a message from this country, thank you I really want, I hope that
Well, this new study will like a little more … I love you very much
and I send you a hug from the heart of heart, you know, as you can always
leave me your recommendations, your messages, everything you want down here. Y
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also, if you liked this video and they loved it as much as I can give
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very much, I love you, a thousand kisses … thanks for joining me today


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