Don’t  touch it! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.08]
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Don’t touch it! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.08]

Mom. How far do you want to take this? So why did you take out trash and peel garlic there in the first place? As I heard it, I got so mad that I nearly lost my mind. Mom. What do you know about Ms. Mun? I don’t know much about her, but I do know that she loves my son desperately. And she’s nice to me too. Why else do you think I let her in my house? But I don’t feel that way. I’ve never loved her. And it will never happen in the future. Things will change as time passes. She cares about you so much. How can you not love her? While you were sick in bed, she took care of you the whole time. She said she would stay by your side even if you never came around. So are you saying you like her? Of course, I do. I will make her my daughter-in-law. What if the daughter-in-law of Inter Market was a school bully who drove her friend to death? Will you be okay with that? What? What did you say? Ms. Mun was a perpetrator of school violence. That’s ridiculous. Where did you hear such baloney from? Just look at her face. She would’ve rather been bullied. She doesn’t have the face of a bully. She would never bully her friend. Her victim was Kim Cheonga, the girl you tried to bury. Who? Seola’s sister, Cheonga. What? You know Cheonga tried to commit suicide with Jungyeom, right? Is that true? Are you sure about that? If it’s hard to believe, you should go ask Ms. Mun. What is it then? So it’s like Jungyeom died because of Haerang. Gosh, I can’t believe this. Did she really do such a thing with that innocent face? Please have some, Chairwoman Hong. You know what? Yes, ma’am. Chairwoman Hong. No. Even if she can’t be my daughter-in-law, it’s not easy to find someone as loyal as her. I can’t kick her out just like that. All right. I should get the most use out of her before I ditch her. I’m listening, Chairwoman Hong. Do you have anything to say? How are things going about Kang Siwol? It will soon be taken care of. Make sure to do things right, okay? Yes, ma’am. – It’s burning hot. / – Are you all right? How dare you touch me? Pardon? Nothing. You may leave. Go on. I told you to leave. Yes, ma’am. I’m a terrible judge of character. That cunning fox. She hid such a terrible past and put on an act to become my daughter-in-law by acting so naive? How dare she? Why is she suddenly so cold? It’s probably nothing. I’m sure nothing’s wrong.

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