Ed O’Neill Heard About ‘Married… with Children’ Cancellation from Newlyweds in Ohio
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Ed O’Neill Heard About ‘Married… with Children’ Cancellation from Newlyweds in Ohio

It’s amazing to do Married… With Children for 11 seasons
and then get another show that’s just as popular, for
Modern Family to go 11 seasons. Yeah, I mean, lucky. It’s incredible. And you just wrapped
a couple of weeks ago. Right, yeah. We’ve got four shows
that haven’t aired yet. The finale is a two-parter,
and then that’s it. And who was the most
emotional on the last day? Well, ha, I’d have to
say Julie, Julie Bowen. Yeah. And I thought she
was going to have to be sedated and carried out. But everybody was having
their moments, you know? And I’m like going, let’s
get it done, you know? I’m more or less Youngstown,
Ohio, steel mill, let’s get it done. And then they said,
but you don’t cry. You know, you’re not emotional. I said, four months from now,
I’ll be getting a massage, I’ll burst into tears. No one will know why. Right, exactly. What was the difference
between the end of this show or Married… With Children? Well, you see, when Married… With Children was
canceled, it was canceled in between seasons. So we were all off
doing our own thing. You know, in fact,
I found out, I was back in my hometown,
in Youngstown, Ohio, coming out of a bed and
breakfast, beautiful spring day. A car pulls in, just married,
you know, with the thing, just married, and the
cans hanging off the back. The bride gets out
in the bridal dress. The guy’s in the tux. And they go, my God, Married… With Children. And I said, oh, hi. You just got married. You know, wonderful. And they said, oh,
we love your show. We’re so sorry about it though. They told– Ah, what do you mean? What are you talking about? Well, he doesn’t know. It’s all over the radio. It was canceled. We’re sorry. I said, I’d rather
hear it from you. That’s hilarious. So I took them in, got
them a bottle of champagne, and that was how– that’s
how that went down. Wow, the network didn’t
call and tell you all? No, they never called me. And when they called
me, it was like– I swear to God, it was
like six weeks later. Someone dropped the
ball, Ed, on this. I said, I have a
question for you guys. 11 years we kept you in the
black, no gifts for the cast? You know, I’m kind of
speaking for the cast. Right. Ed, do you actually think
we’d let you go without gifts? I said, a helpful hint? I’ve got steak knives. I know Golden Girls got
Mercedes-Benzes or something. You know, I never got a gift. Wow, after 11 years. But it makes a better story. Yeah, sure. And you did OK after that. So now what will you do? Because Sofía has
America’s Got Talent. She’s going on to that. Oh, my God. I mean, I’m so happy for her. I texted her. I said, we were
always wanting scenes where we’re either sitting
down or lying down. And now you have a job where you
sit the entire time and someone else does the work. Yeah. And they’re going to
pay you a fortune. It’s a good gig. She’ll be great. What are you going to do? I’m going to finish
this water and then– Wow, big plans. Big, big plans. You know– [APPLAUSE] I, honestly, Ellen, I’ve
never made a plan in my life. You know, I’ll just go
along and see what happens. All right. I’m happy. And I’m happy that
we got the job done and it was a wonderful job. Well, I’m going to try to
write something for you. Thank you. OK. Because I think you need cash. The final season
of Modern Family airs Wednesday at 9 on ABC. We’ll be right back.


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