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Ek Family Love Story | The Comedy Factory

Not possible Temple renovation work is going on at my place And all the labourers are listening to Timli on speakers Even my house won’t be empty Plus my Grandma will be roaming randomly
around the house Baby, your Dad is a Real Estate Agent, right? Would it be possible to get the keys to a flat? What about all the stuff you used to
say about True Love? Baby, the heart houses all our Love And the ownership of my Heart’s real estate – – Ugh! LEAVE! belongs to you only! I think I’m ready But when will you get steady & go? Baby there’s a time for everything… Apna Time Aayega! *random person rapping in his own world* Listen If this time we don’t move forward… then then BREAK-UP!!! Apexa! Where are you off to? Grandma I’ll tell you a secret Don’t tell anyone okay? Yeah Actually, I’m going to meet Nitin Whoa! Well done!!! You did the best thing by choosing your own life partner I only got to see your grandfather one day after our wedding! What?! And that time, he was puking like crazy Why?! Because he had too much to drink… 18 full bowls of Basundi!!! What else could we expect… I think I just matched with Chandrakant on Tinder! He looks so cute without his dentures! Shilpaaaaa *SA RA CA SM ga re sa* *Sarcasm on fleek!* Stop it! Taunting all the time… Make some tea quickly, I’m getting late for work *This woman got no chill* Those taunts really came through… What are your plans for tomorrow? I don’t believe in all this, it’s a scam It’s a Capitalistic plan to thug the unemployed youth! I believe in the power of being Single. You guys can continue being Single Cause this boi is gonna MINGLE!!! ROFL! He couldn’t stop shivering while giving
his slambook to Priya ended up giving the diary instead… He looked as if Michael Jackson caught Parkinson’s Excuse me, Bitchy Bachelors!!! That was the old Montu This is Montu version 2.0! And I have a Girlfriend too! Girlfriend? Human Woman! Female? YES! So this Valentine’s, I’m not available Asta la Pista, sistas… Hurry up, I have to leave asap… What’s there for lunch today? *Serving taunts for lunch* Taunt me all you want… There’s just one person in this house who’s on my team APEXAA??? She’s not here, she has gone out And where has your mood gone? It left through that doorway 10 years back and still hasn’t returned… Do you know, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Wild huh? *speaks unintelligibly* What? BDSM BDSM. And You? You’ll end up pulling a muscle with all that bondage… You couldn’t even hold the missionary position
that one time… Oh stop it… This happened 10 years back… Don’t go all nostalgic and laugh over it again… Hello? Hello Yogesh bhai? Dhanraj speaking Yeah I have a house to sell I’m sending the keys with a guy Yeah sure, send it across, my wife will recieve it Okay I really gotta rush now… A client is waiting, I’ve to go visit a site You should have married your clients only!!! Do you wear a watch? Yeah, the one you gifted! Really? So at what point in time will you be giving me your undivided attention??? I am paying attention, which is why I am here baby… You just need to have some Saiyam (patience) in life! Don’t bring Saiyam’s name into this, okay? You know he’s my EX!!! Yeah I kn- – Ayeee!!! What are you doing here? Sir sir I haven’t done anything – Hey! Shut up! Sir, we are just talking, nothing else… VAATO just talking huh? Don’t teach me all this! If you want to ‘TALK’ you better do that at your house, or dOYO rooms… Sir, dOYO rooms are very expensive – – shh what are you saying… Is it? Here… 50% discount A gift from Pateil… But sir, where did you get this from – – Don’t ask just take it already… – It’s a valid question – Actually… I got it for my affair… But yesterday when she came to the station to drop my lunch she ran away with a culprit… sir sir please don’t cry Come on, we’ll drop you home, sit sit For real? yeah yeah Pateil JUST WHY? Wear your seatbelt, there’s a police man in the car Is there no seat belt on the back seat? This is a good place, right? Total privacy! Yeah but why don’t you… come a little closer and get cozy? Why are you sitting as if I friend-zoned you? I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything…. Sir, Popcorn Oh god! Why are you such a coward? You killed the entire vibe… It’s not my fault baby All this societal pressure… it’s too much to handle Chill babe… chill chill… Let’s do one thing, let’s try dOYO rooms We anyway have the coupon that police man gave us… Come on? 9 8 6 9 6 9 69 69 Hello? dOYO rooms? Yes? I want to book a room for tomorrow, 14th February Madam, the entire hotel is full due to Valentine season But if you want, I can set up a curtain in the parking area But you’ll have to arrange the mattress on your own SHUT UP!!! Now? Home But, your parents will be home, right? I meant DROP ME HOME!!! Yeah sorry sorry… Please wear your seat belt Finally the Duplex property in Ireland got sold SURPRISE!!! Bless you… My sneeze stopped mid-way because of your bless you So F**k you!!! Neither do you get gifts, nor do you value what I get Huh!!! Shilpukdi don’t do this to me please… Shit man… Who is it??? Err… Dad it’s – – but listen – Sorry… Sorry! Pick it up already!!! The ringtone is stuck in my mind!!! Yes dad… sorry Hello? Why are you not replying to my messages??? I’m home right now, let’s talk later okay? Please… Ugh!!! You keep sitting at home the entire time!!! Who’ll find a place for tomorrow then? Dad is sitting right beside me – – then do one thing. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your dad only, OKAY? Why are you making an issue out of this tissue? Please try to understand – – I don’t wanna understand anything! Okay do one thing Say ‘I Love You’ I can’t say anything of that sort right now please Apexa – please Apexa – kti Khurana, please understand Apexakti Khurana, please, it’s not possible right now I want you to say it! Swear on me and say it! No baby please try to unders – You have to say it But liste – Say it! No but Say it!! But please – SAY IT!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU daddy… I thought of you as a devil child But you are the Sweet Child O’ Mine Shilpukdi Listen, enough of all this Action foreplay Let’s get to the actual Romance part Yes please Shilpaa??? Where did you keep my bottle of Old Monk? This Baa Baa Black Sheep Baa… Huh!!! What a vibe – killer! Oye! What are you doing? Preparing for a Funeral Whose Funeral? Yours You ungrateful offspring! You Nasty Tyrant! Be respectful to your elders! Sorry, it’s my brain’s energy that converted into anger The room is decorated, and it’s Valentine’s tomorrow so obviously for it! Why don’t you try converting your brain’s energy to something productive for once? Try your hand at studying sometime maybe? Your exams begin from next month And the 8th chapter of Biology
is not the only one to be aced Yeah yeah Punctured already? Huh! Kids… Finally there’s no one around, no disturbance… We got this chance after such a long time Yes You look really handsome today… Thanks! I know… I mean… You too! You’re looking beautiful! Come closer, please Yes In this soft candlelight you look like the sun-kissed version of Kartik Aryan Is it? Then I’ll carry a candle with me all the time There was a time when we couldn’t stay
for even a minute And now? Long-distance relationship Shit You on the couch, me in the bedroom Tonight let’s erase all this distance with our love… Shilpaa You own my heart, and I’m merely your tenant I want to roll around like a carpet
in the super built-up area of your heart Will you let me heat up my desires in your fireplace? This man can’t romance properly even once! Ughh… Your taunts will never stop… Wait, I found the torch Did my princess have dinner? If you call me a princess again, I’ll punch you! Sorry sorry… No sorry, send me a picture… *wink wink* Hey Don’t tease me too much please… It’s you who’s teasing me… Listen I hope you have found a place for tomorrow… Also, please delete all the pictures, okay? they shouldn’t get leaked Okay baby But I’m a little worried… because… I couldn’t actually find a place… Okay you let it be I’ll set something up, okay? Bye Bye baby I’ll hit you in face! My mood hasn’t gotten any better! Baby actually the thing is – – STOP IT! Whatever you say, for me it’s all a big excuse to me! And whatever you say, it’s all a big taunt to me! So let’s cut the chase and get to the end directly Alright! You sleep in the bedroom, I’ll take the couch Why will you take the couch every time? Tonight I’ll sleep on the couch! But – EQUALITY! I find you extremely hot when you’re angry! You too!!! This is such a big bunch of keys… I thought I’ll find the one in the 1st on 2nd try But I had to try ALL OF THEM! From next time onwards, please
don’t make me do such deadly tasks! My Courage The Cowardly Nitin Why do you worry so much? Your bravery is thinner than the toilet paper… We have the Duplicate key now, right? Yeah… Everything is sorted! Apexa How to Super Like someone on Tinder? I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything… But Nitin, chill man Grandma is cool! Apexa Romancing in this house is next to impossible I’m saying out of experience… Finally the time has come Will you be my turpentine? WHAT??? Sorry.. I mean Will you be my vvvValentine? Yes! Nitin Will you be my Valentine? Of course! Ready? Yes! 1 2 3 Apexa? Dad? Aunty? ?? Nitin Nitin Nitin??? Sounds like the sound of a pin!!! And Apexa Are these your extra classes? Aunty, please don’t scold Apexa Shut up TinTin!!! I’ll scrap the shit outta you! Please don’t speak to Nitin like that We will!!! Did we give you freedom for doing all this? Aunty, actually we were just – – Open your mouth again and I’ll thrash you right away And Apexa, what are you guys doing here? Why did you guys come here??? cccClient meeting, I came here for that So why did Mom come with you then? Don’t you know that? How would she know? Wasn’t it our Secret? Why are we speaking in Questions? EVERYONE! SHUT UPP!!! Now only I will ask the questions, no one else. We came here for some work And here some different kind of word is going on entirely Did we give you so much freedom for this? Tell me Apexa People say that Daughters love the parents
more than anyone else can do But I guess all YOUR love is for this Tintin-tiding! What is all this set-up, roses and balloons and all? Such NONSENSE!!! Dhanraj sir, YOU HERE??? What is all this Mr. Yogesh? Have you turned my house into a brothel??? Who are all these people? Should I call the cops? I’ll make sure your License gets cancelled Yogesh!!! Actually Dhanraj sir, we were doing a family meeting Hello! I’m Shilpaa Yogesh’s wife This is my Daughter Apexa And this is… err… my Son-in-Law… Son-in-Law? Son-in-Law??? Son-in-Law! Yes our Son-in-Law… Actually our Sangeet program is happening soon so we were just practicing our steps for the Dance on Bole Chudiyan, right? Sorry sorry Mr. Yogesh I misunderstood you… You have a lovely family… You guys please continue, I’ll get going We were done anyway… Let’s go and give the Invitation cards for print 500 Internal Server Error

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