ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》EP09 | 楚炎相親偶遇阮濛 異洲設計婚紗求婚夏林
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ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》EP09 | 楚炎相親偶遇阮濛 異洲設計婚紗求婚夏林

[Well-Intended Love Season 2] Here it is. Mu Mu. You… Only if the agreement is terminated, we can get married. Since the engagement is your plot, I’ll help you finish your plot. For me, marriage is a gamble. Dare to gamble with me? Of course. I dare to gamble on everything, as long as I won’t lose you. [Episode 9] Miss Jiang. Mr. Ling. Aren’t you waiting for Xia Lin? I warned you about the agreement. I don’t understand you. I never showed it to anyone else. I warned you for the last time. Mu Mu is my bottom line. Behave yourself. So what are your opinions about my proposal? Chu Yan. We agree on the transformation plan you proposed. The company has to transform now. But projects you just mentioned are still too risky. I said it’s just an attempt. In the investment stage of a business, we need the support of traditional businesses. As a traditional enterprise, we can’t support its transformation. I still think we should do it step by step. Chu Yan, You got the contract with Puhua. We really appreciate your ability. But after all, you are new. There is a lot for you to learn. What about this? We will consider about your proposal later. And you consider our suggestions, too. Let’s go then. What’s wrong with you, Sis Jiang? No. So how is it? It’s going well. We should be able
to finish work earlier today. By the way, Sis Jiang, I don’t have work
tomorrow evening, right? You have plans? I have a high school reunion tomorrow evening. I haven’t been to a school reunion for years. I really want to get together with them. High school classmates. When we were in high school,
we had good relationships. Okay, have a good time. Come back and work hard. I see. I’ll go now. Go ahead. Boss. This is from your dad. Details of your blind dates. Throw it away. If he gives these to you again, throw it directly. OK. This Huang Ai Xi is Mr. Huang’s daughter? Yes, I heard Miss Huang
has just returned from abroad. I’ll meet her. Boss, don’t you hate dating the most? Yeah, but I’m afraid my dad will keep
talking about it. Since I have to choose, I’ll choose the most impossible one. OK. Feeling comfortable, Mu Mu? Yes. Mu Mu. You were great today. Zhen Bao Hui was trying to cast in a bone between us. I would never believe her. That’s why I say my Mu Mu is the best. Don’t kiss up to me. We have to make some rules. In case it happens again. Mu Mu, I promise it will never happen again in the future. How? Like this. Ling Yi Zhou, I want to tell you something. Go ahead. I am hungry. I’ll cook noodles for you. OK. By the way, I’m going to a school reunion tomorrow evening. OK, I’ll be back early tomorrow. and go with you. No. No families allowed. Just do your work. Why not? You know what? In this way, I lost a chance to declare you are mine. When you were in school, there must be
many boys who liked you. Yeah, I was popular. Are you jealous? No, I’m not! My dad said Mr Chu just took over the company. Mr. Huang and his daughter talk about everything. Yes, we have a close relationship. What about you? Don’t you talk to your family about everything? I personally feel like bringing business home is a disrespect to family members. I just returned from abroad. My major is Jewelry Design. You are really good. Just like your dad. Thank you. Maybe what I learned could be useful for your company. I don’t think so. Our company has no related business. What’s your constellation, Mr. Chu? You believe in it? Just a random topic. Maybe we can see how much we are matched. Aries. Aries? Aries is warm and cheerful, but impulsive and self-centered. I’m Virgo. A perfectionist. According to what you said, I don’t think we matched. I’m sorry. Did I bother you? Sister Fei. Come. Thank you. Don’t worry. Opportunities are for those
who are well-prepared. Don’t worry, sister Fei. This time I’m totally ready. I hope sister Fei can give me a chance. I’ll try my best. Thanks You have the potential. Believe in yourself. Fei Fei. Why are you here? I bought your favorite fish. I’ll you make Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil. Didn’t you say I have a strong flavor and I need to eat something light? Why are you so nice today? Once in a while is fine. Since my fish is here, you… I…should I leave first? OK. bye. Let’s go. Sister Fei. See you tomorrow. Bye. Let’s go. What does Miss Huang usually do? I like arts. I go to see some exhibitions. I also like traveling and sports. Pretty good. So Miss Huang likes to travel around and not staying at home. I think people live once. Shouldn’t we go to the outside world to see more? I mean the world at home is not wonderful. If we get married, my work is very busy. Miss Huang still likes to travel around and have fun? I think women should focus on family. Take care of the elder at home. And care for husband and children. Mr. Chu. What era is it? Why do you still have this kind of thought? That may be the tradition of our family. I hope my wife will be a good and traditional one. We just met for the first time. Is it necessary to talk about
life after marriage? Blinding dating is for us to talk about our ideas about marriage. By the way, Miss Huang. I think you are right about one thing. I start to believe in constellations now. I don’t think we are matched. Sorry. Sorry. This lady. Don’t you know it’s impolite to eavesdrop? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I don’t know why this chair comes here itself. I’ll move it back. Sorry. Sorry. Honey. You. Miss Huang. She is actually my girlfriend. My father won’t let us be together. And forced me to blind dating. She had to sneak along. Baby. I won’t cheat on you. Don’t worry. Mr Chu, are you exaggerating? If you want to refuse me, I’ll say it. Or you have been acting for too long and get occupational diseases.
If you don’t want a blind date, just talk to your dad. Don’t waste other people’s time. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Wait a minute. Could you touch me again? Don’t get me wrong. I just want you to repeat what you did just now. Can we be friends? Are you sure it’s friends… not blackmailing? Did you get hurt? My name is Ruan Meng. You can also call me Xiao You. What about you? Me? I need to think. Don’t leave. I am very busy. Just to make a friend. I don’t have time to play with you. I am very busy. All because of my dad. Force me to blind date. So embarrassing. Xiao You. Sounds familiar. She doesn’t even know me. Are you OK, Miss Ruan? I’m fine. Don’t worry. That guy. He’s special, right? He looks familiar. I think he’s an artist. Is he? So your name is Chu Yan. The previous superstar with huge fan bases. Now he has taken over the family business. Miss Ruan. Should we get him to apologize to you? Don’t scare him. Don’t stay within ten meters near me from now on. OK? Yes, Miss Ruan. Chu Yan. It’s too sour. Did you put a bag of pickles? It’s too sour. I need a glass of water. [Bai: Sister Fie, don’t abandon me!] Eat the vegetables. Who is that man downstairs? And someone just sent you WeChat message, asking you not to leave him. Who are they? Not two. Just one. Who is he then? No, no, no, no, no. Not one person. No, it’s one person. What am I talking about? I mean I have nothing to do with him. He’s a supporting role in my play. When you were downstairs, he was so close to you. You didn’t avoid it. And why does he always send messages to you, and ask you not to leave? How do you explain that? Have a look yourself. Bai is a small role in my new play. He said he liked my script very much. And asked me to give him more scenes. He said he wanted his role to be more vivid. But his role is just a small potato. I can’t change my script for him. Not angry anymore? Angry? Why should I? I’m not angry. Eat. It is a bit sour. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time. Xia Lin. Xia Lin. Where do I sit? Sit here, sit here. Come. Come. I’ll go there. Come and sit here. Xia Lin. Xia Lin. Xia Lin. You are so beautiful today. You’re really here. Sui Peng said you wouldn’t come. He’s talking nonsense. Xia Lin. Xia Lin. I watched your new drama. It’s good. When is your next drama coming? Xia Lin. Do you remember our head teacher? He always said all you got is a beautiful face. Now, look. You face makes him so proud. The head teacher tells everyone you are his favorite student. Our head teacher is still the same. He doesn’t change at all. Yes. Xia Lin. Why didn’t your rich husband come with you? Does he think your school classmates are nobody to him? Right. I heard that he brought you a lot of resources. Is it true? Do you really have feelings? All of a sudden, you were engaged. Sui Peng said no family members in the reunion. So I didn’t bring him. It’s all Sui Peng’s fault. Yes. Who is talking bad things about me? You come. It wasn’t me. Xia Lin is here. I just arrived. Xia Lin. You’re popular now. I see you in all kinds of activities on TV. Looks so good. I still remember you took up
the cudgel for a student in our next class. Like a heroine. The whole school knew about it. I remember it. He was always bullied by others and dared not tell his teacher.
The name is Yao Liang. Yes, yes. I remember that now. He seemed to have been hurt badly
and was taken to hospital. Fellow students. When I went to the hospital last week, I met Yao Liang’s mother. His mother told me Yao Liang was hit by a drunk driver two years ago and still in a coma now. They don’t know when he’ll wake up. How could this happen? In high school, he didn’t talk much, but he was kind. Yeah, he’s a good guy. But a bit cowardly. Even if he was misunderstood, he wouldn’t defend himself. Xia Lin. Didn’t you help him back then? He should be very grateful to you. I didn’t help him much. OK. That’s it. I just feel a little emotional. I shouldn’t have said it. Come on, everyone. Liu. You go there and sit. Let’s have a toast for our reunion. Come on, everyone. Cheers! Cheers! Sit. Eat. Xia Lin. I’m Yao Liang, your high school classmate. Maybe you don’t remember me, but I always remember when I was bullied in high school, you were the only one who protected me. These memories are getting stronger recently. It asks me to tell you what I didn’t say at that time. I like you. I’m sorry if it scares you. If possible, could you accept me as your boyfriend? Hello, Yao Liang. Of course, I remember you. Thank you for telling me that. But I’m sorry. Now I focus on my career. And I don’t have plans for relationships. OK. But can we meet and talk? We haven’t met for long. Sorry. But I have a ball dance in a bar to attend tonight. Can I go and find you? Come. OK. Let’s eat. Xia Lin, sit down. Xia Lin, I’ll discuss with the classmates. We are going to see the head teacher next week. Are you coming? OK, when you decide the time, tell me in advance. I will be there. Let’s eat. Let’s eat. Come. Come. Come. You drink too much. Mu Mu. No, I didn’t drink much. What if I drink too much? You are here with me. Okay, I’ll be with you. Here. Ling Yi Zhou.
Thank you for coming to pick me up today. Did you see my classmates? They were all jealous. Were they? Are you happy today? Yes, very happy. Do you know, Ling Yi Zhou? When I was in high school, I was the monitor in my class. Do you know monitor? That’s the head of class. Except for the teacher, everyone in the class had to listen to me. I felt more like a chare though. After high school, we haven’t seen each other. Meeting them today made me feel like I was 18 years old again. We even talked about the last lesson before college entrance examination. Mr. Wu, was our head teacher. He asked us to talk about our dreams. I told everyone very firmly at that time that I wanted to be an artist. But a lot of people thought I was kidding. The Mu Mu I know would never make fun of her dreams. Yes. You have to realize your dreams after saying it. Otherwise, why do you say it? Yeah, you’re very brave. You know what? There are many people who don’t even have the courage to say it. Let alone realize it. What happened? Ling Yi Zhou, when we were at the party today, we mentioned a classmate. Who? What happened to Yao Liang
has nothing to do with Ling Yi Zhou. Forget it. He’s busy enough. I shouldn’t bother him with these things. Nothing. Just a classmate. It’s OK. You can tell me anything. I don’t mind. I just want to tell you I’m very happy now. Thank you, Ling Yi Zhou. Then I’ll keep you happy like this. Your phone rings. Who is it? Boss. Grandma suddenly fainted. Now she’s being rescued in the hospital. What did you say? [A & E Center] It’s okay. Grandma will be okay. Don’t worry too much. It’s going to be okay. How’s it, doctor? The patient is out of danger now. She needs to stay here for a few days. We will see how she’s recovering. Out of danger? Yes. Okay, thank you, doctor. No problem. The doctor said it’s OK. Don’t worry. Grandma. You wake up. You are here. How do you feel? I’m OK. I’m getting old and blood pressure is a little high.
Don’t be too worried. Grandma. Don’t eat unhealthy good from now on. Will you promise me that? OK. OK. Grandma listens to you. Mu Mu. Where’s Mu Mu? She doesn’t like the flowers I bought for you. She insisted on buying a beautiful one for you. You know what? She stayed with me here all night yesterday. Good. Zhou. Listen. I had a dream just now. I dreamed about your
grandfather and your father. They asked me how I am. I told them Zhou is great now. He has a lover who loves him and understands him. Zhou. I will watch you get married and have children. I’m going to hug your babies. Hand. Hand. Grandma, let me tell you something.
But don’t scold me. Actually, that day when I brought Mu Mu back to you. We’ve already got the certificate. We are married. Just wait for your grandsons. Good. Good. Good. Zhou. You did a right thing! I need to get better soon and attend your wedding. Zhou. It’s great. Zhou is getting married. It’s Chu Yan. OK. OK. Xiao Chu. What’s up? How’s grandma? Grandma. She’s fine. The doctor said she needs to stay in hospital
for a few more days. She can leave the hospital if she’s fine. If Xia Lin didn’t tell me this morning, I didn’t know it yet. Do you want to talk to him? Yes, yes. Here. Xiao Chu. Grandma. Are you feeling better? I’m laughing like this. I’m much better. Don’t worry. I’m fine. Grandma, you need to get better soon. I want to eat the dishes you make. Grandma miss you. When you come to grandma’s house, I’ll cook for you. OK. OK, I will leave you and Zhou to talk. I will not disturb you. OK. Goodbye. How is it? Anything new? No. But I have. Ling. How is it? You just took over the company. Did they make it hard for you? You’re right. Aren’t they old-fashioned? I understand your pain when you took over the company earlier. Don’t even think about it. Your proposal and the company’s current businesses aren’t matched. It’s normal that they don’t want to take risks. it seems I fit in here instead of business field. I’m not like you. You are a business talent with success. It’s also a business. Have you ever thought about doing the things you are good at? Like photography. Do you know Mu Mu told me she wants a destination wedding? Can you think of anything
in combination with this? Photography. Travel. Wedding. You mean think about it from wedding photos. Traveling alongside taking wedding photos. If so, friends’ photos and couple photos can follow this pattern, too. Yes, indeed. So you get the idea. Who says you’re not suitable for business? During the travel, we can record precious moments at any time. And keep a good memory. Ling, your proposal really helps me a lot. Good. So you can combine the innovation
and traditional industries. In resources and marketing, you are not new. So your shareholders will believe you more. You’re right. From this perspective, it’s more reliable than the previous proposals. Don’t be too idealistic. We have a project proposal, but you haven’t identified its strength yet. How will you persuade shareholders? But my reasons and photography are my biggest advantage. No, I think photography and travel is just a pattern. Your advantage should be your competitiveness. No one else can compete. If it’s only about the pattern, it’s likely to be copied by others soon. They might do it better. You mean either I make the travel interesting, or I film better photos. Pretty much it. But you have to think in detail. One more thing. You need to think about how to
attract customers at the same time. And make them believe you. How to find out the advantages in the same field? I can find the photographers and stylists of the top fashion magazines where I shot before. And integrate all my resources
in entertainment field. Yes, that’s your advantages. I want to shoot, too. But it also increases the demand for capital and costs. Online promotion and brand marketing are very costly. Do you still need to worry about it? I’ll invest. Ling. Stop looking at me like this. I’m just talking business. Ling’s group is also investigating new projects. You just need to prepare a perfect proposal and convince me. And you have to take care of our wedding photos. OK? You can rest assured. You have to pay for it yourself. Forget what I’ve said. I’m joking. Ling. All right. Come. Come. All right. Though you don’t need my help. I can treat you to a meal. Boss, they say it’s ready. Mu Mu. I’m going to meet a very important client tonight. I need a partner. Come with me. Pi Dan. Why are you here? Ling Yi Zhou, come out. Mu Mu. Do you like what I prepared for you? You did a poor editing job in those photos. Mu Mu. I didn’t get involved in your past. I hope I won’t miss every day in your future. Every day, I watch the sunset and the stars with you. I’ll grow old with you. Though we already got the certificate, I’m sorry I never gave you a perfect proposal. I hope you can give me a chance. So I can be in your life with honor. This wedding dress was originally designed by me. From its color to its material, I chose them one by one. It took me long. And I decided to name it after you. Unique summer in the world. How beautiful! Mu Mu. Please marry me. I do. You’re mine at last. You’re mine, too. Mu Mu. Do you know what I’m thinking now? What? I hope to hold our wedding soon. I can’t wait anymore. I want to tell the world that you are my bride. Lin Lin. Sis Jiang. There’s one thing I didn’t tell you. Ling Yi Zhou and I have got the wedding certificate. Given the special status, we didn’t tell anyone about the marriage. But now we want to find a chance to tell the public and fans about our marriage. But don’t worry. It will never affect my work. You tell me such a big thing now! We need to reconsider about telling the public. After all, you’re a rising artist. You have to think carefully. I know that. But I still think it’s better to be honest with the public. It also depends on the company’s opinion. By the way, don’t forget to try red carpet dress for the opening ceremony of the TV Festival. I remember that. Sis Jiang. Don’t worry. Boss. It’s late. You’re still here. You’re off work. You go leave now. No work for you. Do you need help? I can do it myself only. Then I’ll leave. I’m leaving. ♪ Is she the happiest in the world ♪ ♪ I don’t want to compare
her smiley face with someone else♪ ♪ Just give me some more courage ♪ ♪ It’s all affordable ♪ ♪ It’s not smart to say that ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath ♪ ♪ Take a look at yourself♪ ♪ There’s no problem ♪ ♪ I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ I don’t need you to remind me ♪ ♪ I didn’t believe it or listen to it♪
♪ So I didn’t see it and fell into a game♪ ♪ I’ll do anything for you ♪ ♪ Do not indulge yourself ♪ ♪ Very sincere ♪ ♪ I don’t tear you down to convince them♪
♪ I’m the one not being careful ♪ ♪ I become unreasonable for you♪
♪ Don’t believe in love ♪ ♪ I can’t bear the pain, even if I breathe deeply♪
♪ I’m still crazy, I still mind ♪ Black is always a classic choice
on the red carpet. The material of the dress can show your body shape. The cut is also perfect. You do it on purpose. I did. I just want everyone to know that we’re married. Who are you? Hello, aunt. I’m Yao Liang’s classmate. My name is Xia Lin. So you’re the one who abandoned my son for money.


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