ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》EP11 | 夏林混亂中被分手 異洲查清真相自證清白
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ENG SUB《奈何BOSS要娶我S2 Well Intended Love S2》EP11 | 夏林混亂中被分手 異洲查清真相自證清白

[Well-Intended Love Season 2] Black is always a classic choice
on the red carpet. The material of the dress can show your body shape. The cut is also perfect. You do it on purpose. I did. I just want everyone to know that we’re married. Who are you? Hello, ma’am. I’m Yao Liang’s classmate. My name is Xia Lin. So you’re the one who abandoned my son for money. [Episode 11] Hello, Sis Jiang. What’s up? Nothing. There are too many bad comments
on your Weibo recently. Would you like me to turn off
the comments for a while? Leave it alone. Turning off the comments won’t stop them. Alright. You’d better not
surf the internet for a while. Tons of bad comments, which may affect your mood. I know. I won’t look at these things recently. I will try not to be disturbed. Good. How is going on between you
and Ling Yi Zhou? What is he going to do? I just realize that there are so many things I don’t know. So I’m in a mess. I need to calm myself down. OK, have a good rest these two days. Calm yourself down. I’ll help you get rid of the work. I will handle these things. Okay, Sis Jiang. Thank you so much. All I have done is for you because I love you. You hurt an innocent person just because you love me. Mu Mu, You also think I had something to do
with Yao Liang? Why didn’t you tell me
you were there at that time? Because it was so sudden. And someone has deliberately
made it this way. I was afraid you would misunderstand. I don’t want to let you know until everything is settled. Ling Yi Zhou. Can I trust you again? [Writing a post] Boss, are you taking a rest? Not yet, what’s up? I just got the news. Miss Xia posted the news about
your breakup on Weibo. What? What happened between you two? PR department asks if you need to respond. I’m in a mess now. I need to calm down. Mu Mu! Mu Mu! Mu Mu! No. No need. Okay. Would you like something to eat, Sir? Well, have a good rest. Do you have any suggestions? Just bring them up. We used to have travel business but we couldn’t compete with those big brands in the market. Your combination of travel and photography is just as an innovation in the pattern. Are you sure it’s competitive
in the market? Photo-shooting tour is more focused on shooting. And travel has become a must-have consumer product
for modern young people. Basically there are one or two travel plans
per year. When they travel, most young people love
pleasure and excitement. This worth being recorded. Compared with the indoor shooting, shooting while playing is not only free but also personalized. It’s more in line with the concept
of young people. Taking pictures while having fun. But we have no experience in photography and these industries are very limited. For all I know, no one has managed to become
a national brand so far. This also happens to be
the advantage of photo-shooting tour. The flexibility of photo-shooting tour can fill the gap, we can develop it into a national business. What’s more, there is also a demand for high quality
in smaller cities. This flexible format allows
small cities around to enjoy first-class service. That’s a good form. But you just said that all customers would order online. Is this too risky? After all, most consumers are more likely to trust what they can see in real. Almost all traditional industries are now looking for ways to integrate with the Internet. And our main consumers are young people. Everything from consulting to online ordering is done online. It not only saves cost of both sides, but also is the main style of consumption of the young people nowadays. Internet e-commerce is just about ordering, the key is the quality of offline operations. What are your differentiation advantages? Indeed, we still need offline stores. We may locate the offline stores in the main tourism cities. Because not only there is a large crowd, but the rent is also very budget-saving. As for the quality, I was in the entertainment field, I have a lot of resources and connections. First-class photographers and first-class makeup stylists can bring good experience to consumers. Moreover, I want to find a celebrity
as our spokesperson to make them trust us more. You can be the spokesperson yourself. Well. We’ll think about it when the plan is approved. Okay, I have no problem. Mr. Chu is young and promising
with a bright future ahead. Alright! Bojue photo-shooting tour is officially launched. Ling, you should congratulate me. My plan was approved by the board. Congratulations. Do you have time this afternoon? I have something to talk with you. OK. See you at the same place. OK. One more thing, Xia Lin and you… There are some misunderstandings
between us. It’s a bit complicated. I can’t explain it clearly. I don’t know what I can do for you. Since it is a misunderstanding, fix it. Both you and her are not impulsive. Am I heavy? Too heavy. Because now I’m carrying my whole world. Zhou. Zhou. Grandma. Let’s go home. Is it all done? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Take a sit, grandma. I’ll get you a glass of water. OK. Zhou. Why didn’t Mu Mu come today? Grandma, Mu Mu is at work now. She will come to see you when free. Zhou. Grandma has experience before, I guess you two had a fight. No. Sure enough. For men and women in love the more they quarrel,
the more they love each other. But when you’re angry, it’s easy to say something tough that hurts. Therefore, love and marriage
should be well managed. I know, grandma. Ling Yi Zhou, you’re hiding
too much from me. I can trust a person unconditionally, but you just cheat me again and again. My trust has been destroyed. Now I really don’t know whether I can still trust you. What if she doesn’t trust me anymore? Xia Lin. Lin Lin. Why aren’t you answering my phone? You freak me out. I just turn off my phone. I want to be alone. I’m sorry I make you worry about me. It’s okay if you want to calm down. But why did you break up with boss Ling? Are you serious? We didn’t break up yet. I just want to calm myself down for a while. Is that what you meant in your Weibo? Weibo? Your life seems good recently. Don’t forget to pay back your debt. OK. OK. OK. I could have got the money back
last time, but I suddenly got no luck. Just give me two days. Last chance. It’s so hot, we don’t have time to come here
all the time. Sorry, sorry. Thank you for your hard work. I promise to pay back the money
in two days. In two days, If you don’t pay, we will get rid of you and your mortgage. Be careful. [Scapegoat]
[Important record] I have to extort more money. Am I wrong? You said broke up in your Weibo. I didn’t post it. Really? Maybe someone stole your account? There is another possibility. What are you doing here? It’s me. I came here a few months ago. It was your boss, Mr. Jin
who received me at that time. Step aside. So it was you! Haven’t you got enough money yet? Mr. Jin told us if you dare to come here again, we will break your legs. You’re just a security guard.
Get out of my way. He’s not here. Go away. You. Get out! Fine. Sis Jiang. Did you post that Weibo? Yes, I did. But it was also our team’s decision. How can you make a decision for me? This is a private matter between
Ling Yi Zhou and me. Xia Lin. I know you can’t make up your mind to break up with him. I know you. There must be some problems
between you and him. You’re trying hard to
keep the relationship. It’s bad for your life and your career. It’s better to break up. Life is private. Work is work. I will respect your opinion in my work, but I should make my own decisions in life. Xia Lin, you are not all by yourself. Do you know the team behind you has been affected by the news of Ling Yi Zhou. I apologize for the trouble to them. I will do my best at work. But for this one, I won’t give in. I won’t allow such things to happen. You can’t meddle in my personal life without boundaries. Fine, I apologize. Sorry, Xia Lin. I didn’t think about your feelings. But I hope you can understand I did this for your future development. I delete the Weibo right now. OK? I will delete it soon
and minimize the influence. What are you going to do? I can only say that your account
was stolen and you were just resting, so you knew nothing about it. Okay. Don’t do such a thing again. Your team has gone too far. How can they post without your permission? And now the comments say you leave Ling Yi Zhou
once he’s in trouble. I didn’t expect… when I wake up, I have been broken up. By the way, since you’re not ready to break up, you should explain it to him. Boss. Give it to the legal department. Okay. Let’s go. His phone is off. Well, the statement is posted on Weibo. He should have seen it. It’s too messy to explain to him. I think boss Ling has already admitted he had a crush on you, then he has nothing to hide. Besides, you don’t have any relationship
with Yao Liang. There’s no need for him to kill. He is very self-disciplined, he would never drive after drinking. I don’t think he’s suspected. I thought a lot last night and also figured out something. What I’m sure is it mustn’t be done by Ling Yi Zhou. But I just can’t figure out why he lied to me. Finding out his investigation on me and seeing that mask made me realize we’ve already met before. And he was in love with me long time ago. It happened that Yao Liang was in that bar. There are so many things
on my mind these days. I don’t know how to react. I just want to calm down. I really have no intention to break up. I told you my idol is innocent. It’s all Jin’s fault. Xia Lin would certainly regret it, if she broke up with him because of this. Wasn’t her account stolen? No. Maybe she deleted it, because too many people wrote bad comments. It seems that Boss Ling had nothing to do with Yao Liang’s car accident. That’s a terrible injustice. He’s probably trying to find evidence to solve the problem on his own. But it’s also grieved to be suspected by his beloved one. Am I that kind of person in your heart? Mu Mu, answer me. Sorry. The subscriber you dialed is power-off. Sorry. Jia Fei, let’s go and find him. Miss Xia, Miss Xia. Boss is not here right now. Where is he? I’m not sure about that. The boss left just now. OK, I know, thank you. Thank you. You can leave now. I need to ask Wen Li. Fei Fei, Xia Lin. Why are you two here? I have something to ask you. Don’t be afraid. Move, move. Go, go, go. Fast! Ling Yi Zhou. Ling Yi Zhou. That Weibo wasn’t posted by me. I didn’t mean that at all. It’s not important whether it was
posted by you. Because you said you needed to calm down, let’s give each other some space. No. Too many things came in one time, I was in a mess. I didn’t know we met so long ago. I felt like there are
too many things I didn’t know. I got no time to react. I come here to say sorry and I shouldn’t have questioned you. OK, I know. Ling Yi Zhou. So stupid. Idiot. Sorry. It wasn’t for you. Could you take a picture for me? Just one picture, thank you. Okay. Turn around. You should turn around. Why are you here? She’s taking my picture. What a coincidence.
Are you here on business? Shall we have dinner afterwards? But I don’t know when my meeting
will be finished. Sorry. Next time. You like Chu Yan, right? Fei Fei. Ling Yi Zhou must be very angry. What should I do? Take it easy. Change his mind. How? He is ignoring me. You two are in the same situation. By the way, my name is Ruan Meng. You can also call me Xiao You. Ruan Meng. Xiao You. Oh, I see. Are you going after Chu Yan? Not really. I just feel like I want to see him all the time. Look at you! Women of the new generation? Not as good as my female characters. You’re so excellent, why don’t you give some advice? I have written so many love stories. It’s just a piece of cake. The three of us make an alliance called the Lover Alliance. Lover Alliance? Yes. I’m the consigliere and I’ll make sure you
can reach your goals easily. If you want to find true love, you should do everything step by step. First step, people who know the enemy
can win every battle. You think you know the people you love very well. It’s wrong. No, you don’t. Or you only know a little bit about him. At this point, we need an off-court assistant. Rocket! I win again. I am so sorry. Put it up. Put it up. Fei Fei. Why are you so free to ask me out to play poker today? Let me guess. You must think I work too hard recently. Am I right? So you ask me out and relax. Right? Wen Li. I have something important
to tell you today. Is there anything more important
than playing? We could discuss after playing. We could discuss later. Assistant Wen. Do you know what Ling Yi Zhou
is doing recently? I have my work ethic. Can’t you even tell me? I am loyal only to my boss. Hold on. Hello. I am Ruan Meng. Hello. Well. I want to ask. I think… Could we talk about it later? You. You. You. Alright, alright. Sit down, sit down. So humiliating. Two idiots. Wen Li. Who did you say you were loyal to? Did you miss anybody? I am loyal to my boss at work, but you emotionally. Emotionally. Then do you know what is the most important thing
between lovers? Trust. I really, really trust you. You should also trust me. You are right. Wen Li, smile. Take a picture. Lin Lin. What? How could you unite and play with me like this? I think you can be
our good off-court assistant. And give us reliable information. In fact, I can’t tell how sad the boss is. But this is just the way he numbs himself with work. Especially during the meeting, I noticed his couldn’t focus. This is a good thing. This shows that Ling Yi Zhou
still cares about you. This is the time to take action to save your love. What about Chu Yan? Could you tell me something
more about him? I have less contact with
Chu Yan recently. It doesn’t matter. He’s easier to understand
than Ling Yi Zhou. I’ll find out more for you. Alright. After the first step, we come to the second step. Making encounters. This sounds cheesy but it works. Because everyone believes in fate. What’s important is physical contact. Physical contact? I’m good at making encounters. In fact, Chu Yan and I have no intercourse. So I make chance encounters. Because I can’t see him, I need to get chances to meet him. Your talent and ability are very good. What about you, Lin Lin? I’m thick-skinned, but if he doesn’t want to see me, I don’t know what to do. Take it easy. We have the off-court assistant. May I have a request? Shoot. Can you pretend
I haven’t been here today? We haven’t met today. I will delete it. Bye. Fool you. What’s wrong with you? Are you treating me like an idiot. You fell into the trap of Ling Yi Zhou again. The recording is evidence. Is the recording fake? Can’t the evidence be falsified? And can Ling’s group get rid of this accident? He put the blame on Mr. Jin just because Mr. Jin can’t fight against him. That’s pretty obvious. You’re right. People like Ling Yi Zhou must have many ways to escape. Anyway, Liang was hurt by them. Right. Ling Yi Zhou has hurt a lot of people. Aren’t you hot? Turn down the temperature. The overall effect is good, what do you think? The background style is what I want, but I don’t think these clothes are suitable enough. Can we try another one? Miss. You have tried and confirmed these suits with us before. But I am not satisfied with these pictures. Besides, the effect doesn’t look the same outside as inside the room. Miss, we have confirmed this suit before. It’s not a good idea for you to change clothes now. What do you mean? You think I’m being unreasonable? Sorry, I’m late. Traffic jam on the way. I’m also the company’s stylist. I was supposed to match the bride’s clothes today. Let me choose a new set
of clothes for you. Okay. Follow me. This is the Xiuhe suit. It suits the local scenery. This is not bad. Because we’re in the old town. And it looks solemn on you. You can also try this one. It’ll be a little simple, but it can show your figure. Nice. Mr. Chu. Miss Ruan, thank you very much. We are very satisfied with the pictures. Mr. Chu, you really have a good choice for your stylist. That’s great. Our purpose is we hope that customers would leave deep
and unforgettable memories in the process of traveling and shooting. Darling. I think we can choose a few more styles. Let’s take more photos here. That’s great. Liu. Yes? They are going to take more pictures. You discuss with them
about the follow-up. OK. Please. See you later. See you. You helped me a lot today. I didn’t know how to deal with her. Nothing. Women know women better. You can hire more female stylists. There will be more opinions
and perspectives. I really need to think about it. Let’s go. OK. Are you OK? Did you sprain your foot? I’m fine. Slowly. I take you to have a rest. Fei Fei. Is Lin Lin inside? Madam? Does she come? I didn’t see her. Smart. Help me take photos. What should I do? Ling Yi Zhou. According to the plot, aren’t you supposed to give me
artificial respiration? Should I? I can do it now. I was really chocked in the water. I’m not lying. Ling Yi Zhou. Sit here and have a rest. I’m fine. I’ll be fine soon. By the way. What are you doing here? You said you came here for fun last time. What about this time? I come here for work this time. Last time I was here, I found the scenery here is great. I can take pictures of models
wearing my clothes here. Your clothes? Yes. I design all my clothes myself. People used to ask me
where I bought my clothes. Then I just started my own clothes brand. More and more people are interested in my brand. I’m feeling a little stressed now. By the way, wouldn’t you be angry if people look at you differently as you dress out like this? I’m used to it already. After all, I don’t wear clothes for others. If I like something, I need to have the courage to accept its negative consequences. I want to pass on the happiness I get from the dress to others who also love it. And make those who do not
understand the beauty appreciate the difference. There are so many constraints in life, why can’t we just wear what we like? Like what I’m wearing today. I told you your foot needs treatment now. Let’s go. Let’s go to the hospital. Slowly. No bone damages. However, it takes time for the swelling
to go down. Don’t exercise too much recently. Use the medicine twice a day. Okay. Ruan Meng, wait here. I will take my car and drive you home. Okay. Sisters, my second step is successful. What are you giggling at? Do you think Chu Yan
fall in love with me? He has asked me twice about my injure. He said he would bring me dinner later. Do you think I should change my clothes? What should I wear? That’s weird. Why the outcomes are so different as we use the same method? Chu Yan is very gentle to her, while Ling Yi Zhou is still being cold. I understand one thing now. Teachers guide you into the field, but the rest is up to yourself. Xia Lin. Miss Ruan Meng. I want to praise you. You’re a master at teaching yourself. I’m flattered. The third step I want to tell you is making him feel responsible for you. Like how roses impress the little prince. There are millions of roses in the world, you must make him care only for you. You need him to take care of your injury. That’s the best example. Understand? Miss Xia Lin. Ling Yi Zhou. I am going after you this time. Wen Li, how many bosses do you have? Only you. I’m only loyal to you. Are you? I’m sorry, boss. I promise I won’t do it again. I didn’t say you are wrong. ♪ Is she the happiest in the world ♪ ♪ I don’t want to compare
her smiley face with someone else♪ ♪ Just give me some more courage ♪ ♪ It’s all affordable ♪ ♪ It’s not smart to say that ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath ♪ ♪ Take a look at yourself♪ ♪ There’s no problem ♪ ♪ I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ I don’t need you to remind me ♪ ♪ I didn’t believe it or listen to it♪
♪ So I didn’t see it and fell into a game♪ ♪ I’ll do anything for you ♪ ♪ Do not indulge yourself ♪ ♪ Very sincere ♪ ♪ I don’t tear you down to convince them♪
♪ I’m the one not being careful ♪ ♪ I become unreasonable for you♪
♪ Don’t believe in love ♪ ♪ I can’t bear the pain, even if I breathe deeply♪
♪ I’m still crazy, I still mind ♪ What are you doing so late at night? Drinking before bed is good for sleep, darling. Do you hear anything? It’s the air conditioner. How can the air conditioner still work when there the power is off? Do you have any pets in your company? No.


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