ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP38 | 帝君假冒苏陌叶跟小九赏花
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ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP38 | 帝君假冒苏陌叶跟小九赏花

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 38 Thanks to the mask I got, I can easily sneak into the mountain wearing it. Why hasn’t she come? She’s coming. I have read the letter that you left to me. You sent me the message and asked me to come here to relieve the lovesickness, since there were too many people in the day. But I have come here now, why don’t you turn around and even have a look at me? Actually you don’t need to worry about disturbing me. I also have… Lord Xi Ze, save me. She’s dropping down. What should I do? Your Highness, give me your hand. Give me your hand. Your Highness. Your Highness, are you okay? Are you okay, Your Highness? Lord Xi Ze, my clothes have been soaked, and the night wind is chill. Your Highness, you should be careful next time. I’ll lead you the way to get changed. Come on. Get up. Give me your hand. Follow me. Your Highness, this way. Follow me. Your Highness, it’s my fault to make your clothes wet today. There are some clean clothes in the painted pleasure boat. You’d better get changed as soon as possible. Lord Xi Ze, don’t blame yourself. It’s my negligence. It’s fine. It’s fine. Please, this way. Fine. What’s up? Qing… Qing. Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness. Is everything going well when they go inside the painted pleasure boat? What are you doing here? You scared me. I have promised to take you to enjoy the Yueling flowers when everything is done. But why do you come back so soon? Where’s Changdi? You come out as soon as you’ve led her in? You are so fast! What’s up? Why do you still look like Xi Ze? Change back to your own appearance quickly. There isn’t anyone else here. Well, take this. We have to wear it when we enjoy the Yueling flowers in the mountain later. So I prepared one for you. I heard there’s a tradition called Jade Girl Birthday here. Once wearing a mask, young men and women who haven’t got married can send speechless messages of love by songs and dances, which can help them find their perfect matches for a lifetime. How about it? Are you happy with it? Let me tell you, if some lady who you don’t know of invites you with a song, keep the words in mind, “firm your basis and consolidate your immortal root.” If there is some strange young man who comes to compel me, you also should remember these words, “don’t be lenient. Punch him to the ground.” It’s said that the Duanchang Mountain has been
blockaded tonight because of it. We should take care of each other along the way. Certainly, you should take care of me more. Sure. Why do you sound like Xi Ze? Why don’t you change back since I’ve asked you? Forget it. Forget it. It’s not early. Let’s go. Come on. Come on. Come on. Move. Here I am to congratulate you, mother. Happy birthday to you. I wish that your happiness will
be as immense as the Eastern Sea, and your life will be as long as the Southern Mountain. He, it’s been one year since we met each other last time. The Guan Chen Palace isn’t far from the capital city. Why don’t you return to the capital city? Mother. I feel better staying in the Guan Chen Palace. The scenery here is great and it’s also quiet. I’m weak since I’m a child. I feel comfortable to nurse my body here. As long as you feel comfortable, it’s fine. You should go to the capital city to visit your father when you have time. Sure. Why aren’t Princess Aranya and Princess Changdi here? Yeah, where are they? They are too naughty. Aranya is playful, so it’s usual that she comes back late. As for Changdi… Father, mother. You… Guards. Take the bastard away. Yes. You take Prince Qing away first. Yes. Send His Majesty, Her Majesty and others back
to have a rest respectively. Yes. It’s too dark here. Let’s go. Move. It’s getting more and more desolate when we go further and further to the Duanchang Mountain. And there are also howls from wolves. I’m so lucky to have you with me. Come here. Come on. Come here. Be seated. Lie down. Why are you so imperturbable tonight? Is it because you think the letter I wrote to Changdi in daytime is too disgusting? Don’t be mad at me. Who is Su Moye? A man who goes through
the flowering shrubs without taking one. It’s just an outrageous love letter. How can it surprise you
to the extent of being silent along the way? Moye, have the beautiful scene in a good day
and the union of love birds reminded you of any memories and made you sentimental? The book says that Yueling flowers won’t bloom until about nine o’clock at night. We’ll have to wait for some time. It’s fine. Well, I’ve learned a song about Yueling flowers. Let me sing it for you. Yueling flowers, the snow in the sky. They start to wither when they just bloom. Once exuberant, once withered. Once exuberant, once withered. They wither when the moon comes out. They bloom when the moon disappears. Yueling flowers don’t know they never meet the moon. They bloom in an instant. They wither in an instant. The instants witness their blooming and withering. You sang the song well. In fact, I’m not interested in plants and flowers. But I have read the book saying that Yueling flowers only bloom on the Jade Girl Birthday. They don’t bloom when the moon appears. They bloom when the moon disappears. So, the moon doesn’t appear this time of a year. However, it’s also said that what Yueling flowers want to
encounter the most is the moonlight. What a pity! It can’t be more miserable
that love birds are doomed to be apart. Moye, I feel that you’re a little different from what you used to be. What’s the difference? I can’t describe it, but I feel it’s either strange or familiar. It seems that the situation has happened before. Moye, have you ever had feelings for a girl? I’ve already known,
even though you don’t answer my question. The one you fall for must be Aranya. Yueling flowers are blooming. They’re so beautiful. These Yueling flowers are all blooming. Look at that. Come here. Come on. I finally get to see Yueling flowers. They’re so beautiful. Moye, it’s been over two hundred years. You haven’t forgotten her yet, which means Aranya hasn’t wasted her life. See. Just like the Yueling flower, we all think it’s pretty. The reason why it’s so astonishingly pretty is that it’s the only one that sparks in the night sky. We can see nothing but it, so we think it’s the most beautiful. What else do you know? You’ve always had her in your heart, and never let her go over the two hundred years. You volunteer to seal other memories, but her image is clearer and more impressive in your heart. Then you’re in deeper sorrow. Actually, apart from her, there will be more persons suitable for you. Sometimes the reason why we’re so obsessed with someone isn’t that we don’t know the fact, but we don’t want to. What’s wrong with remembering only one in heart? Is there anyone else who is worth my special attention? It’s really rare to see someone else
who is as single-minded and faithful as you. I don’t mean you’re wrong. Instead of remembering her in your heart miserably… I… When do I look miserable? If you’re not miserable, why don’t you change yourself back? And you act so abnormal that you talk less with me. Actually I’m the one who can feel the pain the most clearly. It’s not as painful as usual. It’s a bittersweet pain that can torture one’s mind the most. So you can’t neglect how you feel. The pain deep in your heart will be the most fatal. I guess you may not get it clearly. You have to admit the pain, if it does hurt. As a man, how can’t you be generous to admit it? You’ve said so much, but you’re wrong. The one I like isn’t Aranya. Are you too miffed to admit it, because I hit what’s in your mind? If I did miff, I would have denied it more, since you said it out loud. Fine. Then spit it. Who is the one you like? How does she look like? I don’t mean Aranya. I’m just showing my concern to you. She’s pretty, and she will be prettier when she grows up. She has good personality and she is capable in every aspect. In short, she’s perfect. It’s certain that she’s perfect, since she’s the one I adore. Pretty appearance, good personality
and being capable of everything. It’s no wonder that Aranya has passed away in the Heaven Free of Grievance in her early age. There’s an old saying that even God may envy of a beauty. There’s nothing that can be complained about, if these people pass away in their early age. In fact, I used to have a deep affection for someone. Although I can’t remember how he looks, I can feel I’m supposed to love him so much. But I never get his response. Maybe now he is regretful for not cherishing you earlier. I think he should be an arrogant person. Otherwise, why do I feel heartbroken every time I think of him? Well, the flowers have withered. It’s time for us to go back. Let’s go. Lord Xi Ze, why do you lie to me? I’ve never admitted that I’m your master. Then… are you the one who was talking with me just now? What can I do now? I’ve talked with the wrong person. I’ve talked so much with Xi Ze. Have I said anything impertinent? Oops! I’ve mentioned Aranya so many times. Has he found that I’m not Aranya? Fine. Let it go. Everyone must have been asleep, since it’s late in the night. Moye must have gone to sleep. I must have a nice sleep, since Qing doesn’t come to bother me. I’d better go find Su Moye tomorrow. The primordial spirit of Xiaobai really isn’t in her body. How is it? Have you heard from Moye? No, I haven’t. Your Highness, all is going to the palace. We can’t stay in the painted pleasure boat alone. Shall we go to the palace in a while either? I’d better go find Moye first. Fine. Do you still remember to find me? – Moye. – Mr. Su. Master, have some tea. You. Do you know what a serious trouble you’ve stirred up? What do I do? I don’t act royal enough to leave you alone to face Changdi, do I? Do you know what happened later last night? What happened? I took Changdi here to change the clothes last night. Qing happened to appear, and he chased after Changdi, which made her cry out loud and run through even four woods in rags. Then, Changdi kept running all the way to finally arrive at the Guan Chen Palace. And then? She came across His Majesty and Her Majesty, which made her faint directly. Why didn’t you keep chasing after her? I did! She ran as fast as she could. I couldn’t even catch her. It’s so unlucky to be witnessed by His Majesty and Her Majesty. What about you? Where did you go yesterday? Where did you go? Forget it. Forget it. Forget it. Let me tell you that Changdi is always displeased with Aranya, and she’s a trouble maker. Maybe she will make you in trouble later. Do you know it? I guess not. I mean, at least Aranya is the biological daughter of Her Majesty and His Majesty. Even if they punish her, they won’t punish her too hard. It’s hard to say. Even though Changdi is unruly, His Majesty loves her most at ordinary times. Why? They are both princesses, aren’t they? I don’t know why Aranya is so pathetic but Changdi is beloved? Perhaps it’s because Qing Hua feel less hatred
towards His Majesty after the birth of Changdi. And she is the youngest daughter. Qing Hua is always fond of her. Well, I’m done. See, I happen to lodge in the body of Aranya who Her Majesty doesn’t like. Your Highness. Your Highness, His Majesty invites you to the palace. His Majesty also asks you to live in the Xiaohan House of the palace these days. Please take your belongings with you. Aranya, do you confess your sin? I have no idea what sin I’ve committed. Don’t go too far. I have shown my mercy to allow you to take Qing on board. But you don’t constrain him and even allow him to scare Changdi into faint. She is your sister of the whole blood. Do you think what sin you’ve committed? Your Majesty, Her Highness Aranya did make a mistake on this thing. It makes sense if you intend to punish her. But a mistake made by a disciple
is also the one of his master. I don’t discipline her strictly, so I’m willing to accept the punishment
with Her Highness Aranya. I wish you can calm your anger, Your Majesty. He’s right. Father. Don’t ruin the family harmony because of the trifles. It’s the first time that Sister Aranya has come to my palace. I feel guilty that I haven’t taken good care of Changdi. If you want to punish her, please punish me together. Go. Go. Go. Since Mr. Su says so, I won’t let you down. Please ponder upon your faults. Lock Aranya in the stone cage for ten days to ponder upon her faults. Thanks for your clemency, Your Majesty. But, – Your Highness. – It’s Changdi… Fine. Let’s go. Your Highness, what’s up? It’s not a big deal. It’s just I’ll be grounded for days to ponder upon my faults. Your Highness, please follow me. Your Highness. Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. You guys, put the belongings in the Xiaohan House first. Her Highness will be back in a few days. Yes. You’re fine, and you don’t need to see me anymore. Lord Xi Ze, since you didn’t even check on me, how do you know it? Besides, did I do anything wrong to annoy you? You worry too much. I feel you are in good health, and your breath is peaceful, once you step in. Lord Xi Ze, my father was seriously angry at Aranya. I’m sincerely asking you to check on my father. What happened to Aranya? Aranya didn’t take good care of Qing. Qing went outside and scared Changdi. And father and mother happened to witness it. Father was so seriously furious that he punished Aranya to ponder upon her faults
in the stone cage for ten days, and her master Mr. Su also got involved. Aranya’s birth parents are so cruel-hearted to lock their own daughter in the place like this. But it’s fine. I don’t have to find a way to avoid Qing. See how I’ll deal with that bad girl, Changdi, when I meet her again. Come out. Move. Am I released so soon? Are you in the room, Your Excellency? Come in. Lord Xi Ze, my father specially invites famous local theatrical troupe to put on performances in the palace. I go out of my way to notice you. I’m wondering whether you can go there with me. I get it. Is there anything else? No, there isn’t. Okay. I’ll go there later. You come at the right time, Lord Xi Ze. It’s show time! I want to ask you to do me a favor. Lord Xi Ze, is it about Aranya? Exactly. Pondering upon the faults in the stone cage doesn’t matter. It’s merely a small punishment. It’s the rule of our imperial clan. You don’t have to worry about it, Lord Xi Ze. Please be seated. Lord Xi Ze, please. What the hell is this place? Do Aranya’s parents have a feud with her? How can they be that cruel-hearted
to lock their daughter in a place like this? Do you feel comfortable in the serpentine cage? You have a glib tongue, don’t you? Why do you keep silent today? Does it hurt? And you can’t say a single word, can you? Sister, you allow that stupid snake to tease me. Haven’t you expected that I’m not as silent as someone who can swallow an insult, and I’ll double what I’ve suffered sooner or later? Father has punished you to stay in the stone cage to calm yourself in meditation. But I think staying in such an ordinary stone cage won’t work. So I specially ask people to exchange it with the serpentine cage for you. I’m wondering whether you’re satisfied with it or not. Changdi, you’re my sibling of the whole blood. Why do you do this to me? It’s so ridiculous. Do you think you can regard yourself as my sibling since I call you sister? You can’t even behave yourself, just because father takes you
to the Guan Chen Palace for once. Don’t go too far. Aranya, have you been dreaming of being the same as me? What a pity! How can you be the same as me? I’m the favorite youngest daughter of father and mother while you’re the superfluous one after you were born. Even if I killed you, I would only be grounded by father. It’s on fire! It’s on fire! It’s on fire? It’s on fire. It’s on fire. Sister, what a coincidence! You can’t blame me this time. Even God thinks it’s miserable for you to live in this way and wants to release your soul from purgatory. Save me. Only one shot can make you unbearable, how dare you rattle on with the minus talent? Get out of my way if you spill all out. We need help. It’s on fire. Yes. Quick. We need help. Quick. Quick. Quick. Run. Come on, that way. Where is Third Princess? Hurry up. I haven’t seen her. Hurry up. Hurry up. – Mother. – Why do you stand still? Find her out now. Ensure her safety. I will. I will. Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick. Changdi. Fa… Father. Quick. This way. Come on. Move. Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick. This way. They go so far as to lock you in the serpentine cage. Yes. Come here. We need more hands. Quick. Quick. This way. This way. Get more water here. Hurry up. Where is Her Highness Aranya? I don’t know. I don’t know. Come here. Come here. Quick. Here is the water. Quick. Xiaobai, I won’t let you get hurt again. Get more water here. Quick. Here it is. Here it is. Come here. Come here. Your Excellency. Your Excellency. The dungeon is about to collapse. You can’t step in. Your Excellency. Aranya. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Hang in there. It won’t be hurting soon. Aranya. It’s you who saved me? I’m here to save you. What I’ve done is for you. Let’s go. Aranya, I’ll definitely bring you back to life. What I owe you, and what they owe you will all be returned to you. Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness. – Your Highness. – Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness, you wake up. Are you hurt? How can it happen? It’s said that you can be released in two days, isn’t it? How do you feel? Is there anything wrong with you? Well, slow down. Slow down. I feel bitter in my mouth. Was it Shen Ye who gave me the pain killers? Shen Ye? It’s Shen Ye who saved you. Chacha, prepare a pot of hot tea for Her Highness first. Sure. I’m on my way. Where is this place? It’s the Xiaohan House that is far away from the palace. It’s so miserable of you to suffer from such a big disaster without one night in the palace. Being far away from the palace also has advantages. A big fire hit the palace while the Xiaohan House is safe. Aranya has never won the favor. But this time, she can be said to benefit from the misfortune. Well, Moye, have you known that the palace would be on fire today and Aranya would be stuck? I did know a fire would break out. But Aranya was in the Xiaohan House without a step out when the fire was breaking out the other day. So I didn’t notice whether the fire had spread to the dungeon. It’s all Changdi’s fault. She locked me in the serpentine cage. I was helpless when the fire was spreading. If Shen Ye hadn’t been there, I would have died. The serpentine cage? In fact, Aranya had never made any troubles to be prisoned in the dungeon. You are different from her, so what you suffered from is also different from her. No matter what I do, I can’t duplicate Aranya’s life. How could you know the reason of her death? It’s… In the Dream of Aranya, it’s doomed to be the situation that
small errors can lead to huge consequences. There are uncertainties that may change what will happen here, but among these, there’s only one thing that can’t be changed easily. What’s it? Do you know the white lotus in the Pundarika Pond which is transferred from a human heart? The lotus always knows the changes of four seasons as well as shifts of days and nights while thousands of white lotus blossoms
in the Pundarika Pond never change. Do you mean what never changes isn’t the lotus nut but the human heart? Exactly. What happens in the mortal realm means nothing. Only hearts never change, including how Junuo treats you, as well as how Changdi treats you. And how His Majesty and Her Majesty treat you. So you ask me to go through the life of Aranya. Then I can get to know how they treat Aranya through worldly affairs, which is the reason of her death. Exactly. So you can do whatever you want to do, and you don’t have to behave as the previous Aranya. As long as you remember that you should make the same choices as Aranya did on certain great events
and don’t go against her choices, everything will go well.


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