ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP40 | 陌少识穿橘诺诡计,来一招将计就计
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ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP40 | 陌少识穿橘诺诡计,来一招将计就计

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 40 They really dance well. Right. Would you like to have a taste of anything beside you? No. I’ve had too many walnuts. Shen Ye, shall not we have a drink at such a good night? Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Let’s have it. Why isn’t Lord Xi Ze here tonight? And Changdi isn’t here, either. Is it because she doesn’t dare to see me? Lord Xi Ze has something important to do, so he is out for one day. As for Changdi… She’s coming while we’re talking about her. Father. Mother. Since we’re admiring the moon and stars, I’d like to play a song. I wish father and mother can live a happy life ever after. Third Princess’s filial piety is rare and commendable. How sweet she is! Shen Ye, it’s the Yueling-flower-made cake
especially baked by the imperial cook. Have a taste. No need. You don’t like it? Then try this one. Plum-made cake. No need. It’s so boring here. It occurred to me that I have something else to deal with. I’m leaving first. Take a message to His Majesty for me. Shen Ye. Shen Ye. What’s wrong with Lord Shen Ye tonight? He may have something to brood over. Changdi played the Guqin very well. Aranya, come here. Mother. Why isn’t Lord Xi Ze here? I have no idea where Lord Xi Ze is going. Maybe he’s delayed by something on his way, which happens all the time. You don’t have to worry about him, mother. Mother, I know where Lord Xi Ze is going. Lord Xi Ze is going to the Mount Shikong
to take Herb of Michel Galingale. Aranya has no idea about where Lord Xi Ze is going, while you know it clearer than she does. Mother, I’m worrying that Junuo hasn’t yet been cured, so I asked Lord Xi Ze to go to the Mount Shikong for Herb of Michel Galingale. Lord Xi Ze said I rarely asked him for something, so he would go there to fulfill my wish. Maybe he’s gone there in a hurry, so he forgot to say goodbye to Aranya. That’s the reason why Aranya doesn’t know. Since it’s for taking the medicine for Junuo, it doesn’t matter whether or not I know it. It’s so rare for you to be so generous for once. But the Mount Shikong is steep, and the spiritual beasts
that guard Herb of Michel Galingale are extremely fierce. If Lord Xi Ze got hurt, I would feel sorry for you. Lord Xi Ze always has strong magic power, so he shouldn’t be hurt by one or two spiritual beasts. You’ve worried too much. You… It’s fine. It’ll be enough for us to wait for Lord Xi Ze to come back. I’ve heard that pharmacist seems to have some treasure to present. Report to you, Your Majesty. I’ve heard from Your Majesty that the three princesses’ constitution is cold and cool. I’ve got some Jibai fruits recently, and requested medical apprentices to make congee with them. I intend to present the congee to princesses
to help condition their cold and cool constitution. Please make the decision whether to present it right now or not, Your Majesty. Jibai fruits? Aranya can’t eat them these days. It’s windy at night. You even don’t wear a coat. Your Majesty, I come back late. Lord Xi Ze, is everything okay all along the way? It’s fine. Then my wife and I will be relieved. Aranya’s just hurt in the serpentine cage, so she can’t be on her knees for too long. Well, you help Aranya back to her seat. Changdi, go back to your seat. This is my tea cup. Yours is also mine. I see no difference. Come on. Drink it off. What’s it? You made it? You can really cook, can’t you? I watched Chacha cooking it in the kitchen. Lord Xi Ze, you’ve said just now that Aranya can’t eat Jibai fruits recently. Why is it? Aranya’s been using Herb of Michel Galingale whose effect exactly goes against that of Jibai fruits. She can’t bear it. Why don’t I know that I’m using Herb of Michel Galingale? It’s in your bowl. Isn’t it the fish soup with ginger slices? Herb of Michel Galingale is located
where Yin Qi is extremely prime, and it’s fishy. So you use the fishy smell of fishes to cover the smell of Herb of Michel Galingale. And then you use ginger slices
to counteract the fishy smell of fishes. Almost. But I think if you want to cover the fishy smell of Herb of Michel Galingale, you can also use the smell of mutton. Fine, I’ll try next time. Your Highness, it’s not merely a cuisine but an extremely valuable medicine. Then it means you didn’t get Herb of Michel Galingale for Junuo, did you? If it weren’t for Aranya, why should I go all the way to the Mount Shikong that is precipitous and far away from here? I’ve checked on Elder Princess. She’s almost cured. It’s Aranya whom I’m worried too much about. So that’s it. Are you out of your mind? We were almost strangers to each other days ago. Have you really lost your mind? It’s because I tried that hard to go down the mountain while you didn’t come to me. It’s you who didn’t come to me. You were accompanying Junuo. I did come to you, but you seemed as if you hadn’t noticed me at all. You were always by the side of your master, Su Moye, so I ignored you on purpose. Aren’t you… I’m jealous. Lord Xi Ze, you can’t blacken my name. Meteors. There’re meteors. See. Meteors! Meteors? Meteors! It’s a good omen. It’s so beautiful. Aranya, I want to see meteors like this with you so much. But I always think she’s not you. Now, both Xi Ze and Su Moye care so much for her. She doesn’t even notice me. Moye, do you find there’s anything wrong with several persons today? What do you mean? Such as Changdi, who always values her fame so much, why did she blacken her name on her own in front of all? If she does love Lord Xi Ze, won’t it be better that she says it out to His Majesty directly? I’m afraid Changdi had already mentioned it to His Majesty, but she didn’t make it. Either His Majesty didn’t mention it to Xi Ze, or His Majesty mentioned, but Xi Ze refused. What happened today might be the scam Changdi made, since she is so eager to get married. How hard she schemed! However, she dishonored me in front of everyone, which exactly solved the problem for me. What do you mean? I’m worrying if there’s one day when Lord Xi Ze requests to sleep with me, how can I refuse him? But now, I won’t need to worry about it anymore, if Lord Xi Ze marries Changdi. Don’t you think Lord Xi Ze treats you with all his heart, since he ventured into taking Herb of Michel Galingale for you? It’s true. I’ve never imagined that he treated Aranya so well. It seemed how you thought of him before isn’t all right. But I’m wondering why Lord Xi Ze left so fast when the banquet was over. He’s going to learn to cook congee for someone. It’s so strange of him! Let it go. Leave him alone. Let’s go. Please go to the painted pleasure boat
between seven to nine o’clock in the morning. I have something to talk with you. From Aranya. Between seven to nine o’clock in the morning? How does it go? Her Highness Aranya and Su Moye have returned to their places respectively. That’s great. Are you clear what I’ve asked you to do? Yes, I am. Then take action separately. Yes. You don’t have to keep watching tonight. Have a good sleep. Your Highness, you can finally get what you want. Have a sleep, Xiaobai. Lord Xi Ze. It’s strange. Why do I smell the fragrance of sandalwood incense? Chacha. Chacha. You Highness, you wake up. You Highness, have a cup of tea to rinse your mouth. Your Highness, where is Lord Xi Ze? Lord Xi Ze? He’s in his room. No. No. No. Lord Xi Ze did come here yesterday night, and accompanied Your Highness to sleep. It’s I who welcomed him. What? He stayed here last night? Of course, he did. Wasn’t there anything happening to you? What should happen? It’s just… when I looked at Lord Xi Ze, I thought he’d like to sleep… sleep with Your Highness. What? Wasn’t there anything happening to you indeed? What’s wrong with you, Your Highness? How come I feel dizzy in a sudden? Are you okay? Junuo, time’s up. Be patient. It’s like brewing tea, which needs perfect duration and degree of heating, and right timing. It won’t work either too early or late. What I need is to make everything perfect. I worked so hard to make her poisoned
with the acacia-made liquid. Why shouldn’t I be in a hurry? I truly don’t understand why Lord Xi Ze treats Aranya so specially. Isn’t she a dirty pussy born in the snake pit? If he were to see Aranya hook up with someone else, do you think he would still
give the special treatment to her anymore? You’re right. As long as Aranya is convicted of the crime of adultery, I will wait and see how she’ll defend herself under such a great sin. If we want to beat her down, and give her no chance to turn the table but die forever, it’ll be the best move. Your Highness. Chacha. Mr. Su. Is Her Highness all right? I don’t know. Her Highness fell in a faint in a sudden. It’s almost the time. You leave first. It’s in public that she humiliated us yesterday night. How is it enough that just two of us go there? Someone, come here. You guys, follow me. Yes. What are you coming for? Someone, come here. Take the maid down. Seal her mouth. Don’t let her shout. Yes. You. Your Highness. It seems it’s the right timing you have mentioned. Aranya, Aranya, you won’t expect that you can have the ending like today. Aranya. Aranya. Junuo, isn’t this the outfit of Mr. Su? It looks like his. Is Mr. Su behind the bed curtain? Aranya, come out. How dare you hook up with your master in broad daylight? Even nonentities know better to protect their name than you do. Don’t you know how much your acts
will disgrace the name of the imperial family? Junuo, what should we do? Someone, come here. Go invite His Majesty and Lord Xi Ze here. You should say that something important is happening, so you go invite them. Yes. You surround the boat, and don’t allow anyone to leave. Yes. How dare they! Father. – What’s up? – Father, I don’t want to bother you indeed, but Aranya and Mr. Su have a secret affair and illicit intercourse regardless of the master-apprentice ethic. They’re on the bed now. Father, it’s the first time Junuo and I
come across the situation like this. We’re too scared to do anything. What’s happening? Why are you all gathering in the room of us early in the morning? I… It’s too noisy. Aranya hasn’t woken up. I’ll take her away first. I’ll give you a detailed result after I fully investigate the whole thing. He’s not Xi Ze. He’s definitely Su Moye. Su Moye’s transformation skill is so excellent that even you may not be able to recognize him. You have to trust me. Stop saying. Lord Xi Ze, what’s wrong with Her Highness Aranya? There may be some misunderstanding. I’ll take Aranya to my place first. Your Majesty, I haven’t expected you’re also here. Mr. Su, why do you come here? Here is the thing. I received a letter yesterday, the signature of which is Aranya. It says I’m invited to the painted pleasure boat
between seven to nine o’clock in the morning. But it’s I who taught Aranya to write. Others may not be able to recognize whether it’s her handwriting, but I can definitely distinguish the difference. So I intend to inquire Aranya when it’s proper. I didn’t expect that Your Majesty has come to visit her with the two princesses. It’s I who don’t come at the right timing. Father, don’t trust him. He’s talking nonsense. On this kind of thing… Your Highness, you… you can’t treat me unjustly. I have another letter written by you. Go back. You wake up so soon. Do you feel well? Why do you ask me like this, Moye? What happened? Changdi and Junuo wrote a letter to me in your handwriting. It says to invite me to your painted pleasure boat. But I found the truth later. What do you mean? Although they tried so hard to imitate Aranya’s handwriting, I can still identify the extremely subtle difference. Later Chacha came to me, and she said there’s something wrong with you. Then I finally knew that you were poisoned
with the acacia-made liquid. The acacia-made liquid? Exactly. I didn’t expect they’d have played such a dirty trick. What happened later? Later, I went to Lord Xi Ze’s place. Since it happened, we should just countermine it. What do you mean, Your Majesty? What they want to see is that you and Aranya stay together, but what if the one they see is me? So, you mean that we should exchange to make their scheme fail, which can be counted as a punishment. We should exchange, but it’s not enough. Do you know how to act perfect? So… when Changdi and Junuo came to catch us with His Majesty, they found the one in your room was Lord Xi Ze. This is the whole story. You mean, you went to find Xi Ze for help, and told him the whole story. Then he countermined to pretend to be you and played along with them. Exactly. And he also decocted a dose of medicinal herbs for you to steady your soul, which can help you defend the poison of the acacia-made liquid. But how can Xi Ze fight against Junuo and Changdi for me? It’s too perplexing. But it’s the first time I’ve been wronged over and over since I grew up. Everything is fine. I heard that Changdi and Junuo were grounded by His Majesty, which is what they deserve. But why am I in the room of Xi Ze? The situation was too complicated at that time, and your poison hadn’t been detoxicated. So he hugged you to his place for a rest. That’s it. We finally return to the capital city. I’m going to my mansion first to deal with some business. Tell me if you don’t feel well. Understand? Sure. Don’t worry too much about me. Well, I’m leaving first. Let’s go. Excuse me. Excuse me. Lord Shen Ye. Your Highness, are you okay? I’m fine. They deserve the punishment. His Majesty should punish them severely, since they bullied us. It will be the same whether
they make mistakes or not. There won’t be severe results for them this time, since they are beloved daughters of His Majesty. Forget it. Let’s go. Certainly it’s the most comfortable place for me. It’s so lucky that Lord Xi Ze has dealt with Qing. I have nothing else to worry about. Your Highness. Your Highness. Have you bought plum wine that I asked for? Your Highness, there’s something wrong in the imperial palace. What’s going on? Princess Junuo was sentenced to a penalty of decapitation. while Princess Changdi was condemned to exile. How… How could it happen? Haven’t they just been grounded? His Majesty and Her Majesty prefer them so much. Your Highness, they’re not sentenced because of the acacia-made liquid thing. So what’s for? Rumor from the imperial palace has it that Princess Junuo broke the code of conduct that
women should abide by, and she had an affair with the master who taught her to write. She concealed the fact of her pregnancy until now. His Majesty was furious so that Princess Junuo was sentenced
to a penalty of decapitation, and she was also eliminated from the book of merits. She will be executed recently. Commit adultery? But Princess Junuo had been engaged with Shen Ye long before, hadn’t she? Why did she have an affair with her master? It’s no longer a secret that Princess Junuo has been pregnant,
although she isn’t married. That’s the reason why Immortal Lord Xi Ze was invited
to go downhill to take care of her in person, when Princess Junuo was hurt earlier. I just don’t figure out why they say her pregnancy is due to committing adultery, and the infant to-be-born isn’t the next archmage. What about Changdi? Princess Changdi was exiled to a wasteland to ponder upon her faults by His Majesty, because she broke one of His Majesty’s favorite lamps days ago. But His Majesty prefers Changdi so much, how could he exile her just because she broke a lamp? It’s too weird. It happened in a sudden, so the situation wouldn’t be so simple. Chacha, go investigate it harder. Yes. The adultery thing of Junuo was exposed on 17th, April earlier. But it’s 27th, March, which is twenty days sharp earlier than before. Isn’t it… Your Majesty, you come in time. The news from the imperial palace is too surprising. I dare guess that what happened to Junuo is because you want to take advantage of Xiangli Que to punish Junuo severely. You’re right. So it’s the perfect action that Your Majesty mentioned earlier. Your Majesty, I mean, you’ve already known the secret of the imperial family of the inseparable king birds of this generation. The secret of the imperial family, does it matter whether I know it or not? I need to return to the immortal palace
to deal with some business. Please take care of Xiaobai for me during the days when I’m not here. Add these to her daily diet and nurse her carefully. Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I don’t deserve the name of being the most brilliant one all over the West Sea, since I failed to take Emperor Dong Hua into account, though I have pondered it over and over. No, Junuo can’t die. I can only count on Fengjiu. Your Highness, have the congee. Your Highness. Moye, you come in time. Let’s have the meal together. Mr. Su. No, thanks. I have something important to discuss with you. Chacha, you leave first. What are you doing? What’s it? Lord Xi Ze asked me to make you have it. It’s Xi Ze again. Have you told me that he and Aranya were a couple in name only, haven’t you? They were less a couple than friends between generations. Lord Xi Ze desired nothing, but how he treated Aranya better deserved the name of a master than how I did. Are you sure? Is the one you mentioned the same Xi Ze who had entangled relationships with both Changdi and Junuo, but acted nice to me recently? Now that the place is the rebuilt one, there may occur some problems during the process. It’s possible that there may exist some problems that lead to some changes in the personality of Xi Ze. But the previous Xi Ze did desire nothing. Then do you have some methods to make him be whom he used to? I really don’t like how he acts now. No, I don’t. Well, come on. Eat up the congee. I have something important to tell you. Why can I taste the smell of blood again? Let it go. I feel better after I have the congee for days. Well, what do you want to tell me? You’ve heard that Junuo will be sentenced to a penalty of decapitation,
haven’t you? Yes, I have. No matter what mistakes Junuo has made, as her parents, shouldn’t His Majesty and Her Majesty cover up for her? Why does His Majesty guillotine her directly? In fact, Junuo isn’t His Majesty Xiangli Que’s biological daughter. Don’t you always want to know the story of the siblings? I can tell you now. It’s said that Xiangli Que got the throne by killing his brother. His beloved Madam Qing Hua was originally the wife of his brother, Xiangli Yin. Madam Qing Hua was supposed to suicide after her husband died, but she had already conceived Junuo.
She couldn’t bear to do that. Besides, Xiangli Que worshiped Qing Hua so much that he spared Junuo. Then Madam Qing Hua remarried Xiangli Que. So Junuo’s biological father is Xiangli Yin? Exactly. Sparing Junuo was the last thing that Xiangli Que expected to do that very year. Xiangli Que wanted to kill Junuo long before. It’s disappointing that Junuo unexpectedly had illicit intercourse with her master. Although Madam Qing Hua had tried her best to cover up for Junuo and schemed to make the baby she was conceiving pretend to be the next archmage. But what happened between you and Xi Ze this time hindered the plan of Junuo and Madam Qing Hua, which gave the chance to Xiangli Que to find the proof.


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