ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP41 | 凤九用生血救橘诺和沈晔,太A了!
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ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP41 | 凤九用生血救橘诺和沈晔,太A了!

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 41 Junuo should suffer from her own actions, since Junuo and Changdi bullied me over and over. I’m wondering how I can take revenge on them. Now I don’t have to do it on my own. But you have to save her this time. Why? I know it’ll be hard for you, but nobody other than you could save Junuo. Why? Do you remember what I’ve told you months before? You have to help make the same decision on several crucial things that decide Aranya’s fate. This is the first one. When Junuo was executed that year, it was Aranya who saved her. So you have to save her again this time, as Aranya did before. Besides, this is the key step for you to leave the Dream of Aranya. That’s fine. Now that I have to do this, you should give me the same excuse as Aranya had at that time. Although she hadn’t made as many troubles as I did, there was always a feud between Junuo and her. Why did she save Junuo at that crucial moment? Because the one she wanted to save at that time wasn’t Junuo but Shen Ye. Shen Ye? What’s the story? When Junuo was executed that day, Shen Ye came to save her. But he was in trouble unexpectedly. Aranya came out to save them both boldly. At that time, I thought there was enmity between her and Shen Ye, but I knew it later. Why she saved Shen Ye was because she fell for him. Then what about Shen Ye? Now that Aranya saved Shen Ye, did he know Aranya fell for him? The clan of inseparable king birds values chastity. Madam Qing Hua married twice, which Shen Ye disagreed. He couldn’t fall for the two princesses who were given birth to by Madam Qing Hua after she remarried Xiangli Que, especially for Aranya. Among the three princesses, he could only fall for Junuo. But it’s Aranya who saved him. He was supposed to requite Aranya for saving his life, wasn’t he? Then what happened to them later? Although Aranya saved their lives, His Majesty ordered to degrade Junuo to an ordinary person, and didn’t allow her to step into the capital city forever. Besides, His Majesty believed that Shen Ye played favoritism, and what he did disgraced the holy orders. So he was deported from the Qi Nan Palace. However, Aranya requested His Majesty to allow Shen Ye to live in her mansion and help her cast a sword in the name of Lord Xi Ze. Cast a sword? She used the excuse for presenting a sword
to the Crown Prince of the Sky Kingdom as a birthday gift to defend Shen Ye. But I’m afraid Shen Ye wouldn’t have understood Aranya. From the perspective of him, that Aranya kept him in her mansion was merely to imprison him and take her revenge on him. Did Shen Ye return evil for good? Aranya shouldn’t have been treated this way. I always reminded the words Aranya once said. “One has to follow his heart, his destiny and the situation, no matter who he is, an immortal or an ordinary person.” It’s a pity that Aranya fell for Shen Ye, but her destiny with Shen Ye was doomed in the situation. You mean, why did Aranya choose to be a good person? Why did she choose to suffer all this? If Aranya had acted as half open-minded as you, she wouldn’t have ended up where she was. Since it’s a big deal, you have to ponder over it. Something big is about to happen in the imperial palace tonight. Haven’t you risen yet? I’m begging you to spare Junuo, Your Majesty. As the Elder Princess, Junuo committed adultery when she’s unmarried.
And she also cheated the emperor. She should be guillotined according to the law. There’s nothing I could do. Your Majesty, Junuo didn’t make the mistake on purpose. Not on purpose? What she has done is a huge humiliation to the imperial family. If I don’t guillotine her, everyone will consider that I abuse the law. No matter how unbearable I feel, I have to do it. If you were to spare Junuo, how come you would use these words as an excuse? Do you know what you’re saying? Your Majesty, after all these years, you still can’t bear Junuo, can you? If I didn’t bear Junuo, I wouldn’t have to wait till today. It’s you who always cover up for her and connive what she does. I won’t blame you for that. Don’t mention releasing Junuo anymore. What are you saying? Say it again. The day Junuo was executed, Aranya flew to the guillotine with a naked blade, and she sacrificed her blood to the sword, which finally saved both of them. Why did she have to save them by sacrificing her blood to the guillotine? What Junuo did was ignominious, but the execution of a princess should be recorded in the annals of history. So they made an elaborate plan. Only clan relatives of the imperial family
were allowed to watch the execution. The Lingshu Stage, in front of the immortal palace,
was chosen to be the place of execution. The executioner must be extraordinary, since he was chosen from those whose families had been hangmen for more than three generations. There are so many traditions for the beheading of the inseparable king birds. The most important one is the sword, which is the sacred treasure of the inseparable king birds. White Tiger Sword. White Tiger Sword? White Tiger Sword should be sacrificed by the wrist blood of the one
who’s about to be executed before use in order to release the double-winged white-fronted tiger
that protects the sword. The double-winged white-fronted tiger will swallow the flesh and blood as well as
the primordial spirit of the one who is about to be executed, and trap the primordial spirit in the sword
to make the one executed incapable of going to heaven. It’s too horrible. Since the white-fronted tiger is so fierce, how can I withstand it? Don’t be flustered in advance. I’m about to tell you the key to seal the tiger back to the sword. The white-fronted tiger is eager for blood. As long as you volunteer to feed it with fresh blood, and seal it back to the sword with your spiritual power, you’ll be able to save Shen Ye and Junuo. Will I have to feed it with fresh blood? The blood isn’t yours anyhow. It’s Aranya’s blood. What are you scared of? You’re telling the truth, but I’m the one who is about to suffer the pain. What a daredevil Aranya is! I’m afraid of pain most. Shen Ye. She betrayed you, but you still want to save her? We grew up together, even she did something wrong.
If there is a chance for her to be alive, how could I not save her? What a big speech you make! Do you still remember me? I do. You’re Xiangli Aranya. I guess you haven’t come up with the way to seal the white-fronted tiger back. People say that the blood of Your Excellency can purify the dirty. So I’m wondering whether or not Your Excellency will show mercy and purify my blood today. Aranya, the day that Junuo is about to be executed is coming. Qing Hua will come to discuss the strategy with me soon. But I have no idea whether now you will do the same as you used to that year. Your Excellency. Come in. Your Excellency, Her Majesty is coming to see you. Welcome her in. Yes. Archmage. What do you come for this time? You must have known what happened to Junuo. I know you used to be indifferent to what happened to the imperial family, but there’s an engagement between Junuo and you. Will you be indifferent to her either? The evidence is irrefutable, and the sentence is made totally based on the law. Junuo truly did something wrong, and she should be punished, but you also have the right to make the decision, How could Xiangli Que make the decision on his own without discussing with you? Princess fornicated her master, and she was guilty as charged. I wouldn’t have been able to change anything,
even if I had been present. That His Majesty made the decision without me was to protect my fame. Indeed, Junuo is guilty to you, since she’s your wife-to-be. Anyway, Junuo is also your cousin. As the Archmage, you must have some way to save her. Shen Ye, Junuo is the only descendant left by my late husband to me. Do you really want to see her killed by the White Tiger Sword? Please save Junuo for the sake of my late husband. I’m begging you, please. Master. Are you hurt? Shall I find a pharmacist to heal you? I’m fine. Don’t bother. I used to think that you pled illness to live in solitude
and transferred the position to me was because you didn’t want
to take care of business in the immortal palace. You wanted to be free. I didn’t expect that you’re hurt. What did you come to me for just now? You don’t come to me to talk about this, do you? No. You have seen that Her Majesty came to me. She wanted to know whether I could save Junuo. Junuo is your wife-to-be. Now that it has happened, whether to save her or not, it’s your own decision to make. It’s none of my business. You go back first. I need some rest. There are so many odds in the dream world. Aranya changes, and the Junuo thing happens ahead of schedule. Lord Xi Ze seems to be different from what he used to. Junuo is about to be executed in a few days. What on earth is going to happen? There’s only one day ahead of the execution of Junuo. I still don’t know how well Fengjiu can shoot arrows. I hope she wouldn’t make any mistake. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do it to myself. Aranya. Aranya. What a heroine you’re! You can even do this to yourself. I can’t make it. I have to figure out another way. Shall I keep the blood in advance so that I can wait to spray the blood over the sword at the critical moment when I save her? It won’t work. Then I still have to draw my blood in advance. I can’t make it. I really can’t. Your Highness, it’s the make-or-break moment. We can only count on you. I’m really scared. Can’t I stay? Don’t forget that you’re Aranya now. Can I use this? What’s it? Chicken blood. Chicken blood! Are you out of your mind? Since I pondered it over when I went back yesterday night. I can’t do it to myself, so I came up with the worst plan out of frustration. Do you think whether the white-fronted tiger can taste it, if I use chicken blood to feed it? You… How can you come up with the way of using chicken blood? You’re… Give it to me. No, I won’t. Give it to me. No, I won’t. Hand it over. No way. Fine. To tell you the truth, the tiger won’t drink anything but fresh blood. And if you want to seal it, the blood you use should be from someone who has consanguinity with the one who’s about to be killed by the sword. So I did all in vain? Finally you get it. Hand it over. Hand it over. What the hell is it? Are you forcing me to do it by myself? Have you seen how Madam Qing Hua looks at Junuo? You mean, why does she come? Why does she have to watch her favorite daughter guillotined in person? Now that she can’t bear it, why does she come? Maybe it’s because she loves Junuo so much that she wants to see her the last time. How Junuo acts today makes me respect her. She is about to be executed, but she still can maintain her demeanor as an imperial member. It’s almost the time. It’s time for the execution. Who dare disturb the execution? It’s Shen Ye. He does come in time. Of course, he does. I didn’t lie to you, did I? Since Shen Ye can subdue
the white-fronted tiger with only one move, is there no need for me to join the fight? Don’t be happy too early. It’s just the start, and the best has yet to come. Shen Ye just pushed the white-fronted tiger back for the moment. The tiger won’t be lame this way. It won’t take long for it to regain the strength and struggle to shake off the sword. It will be your turn soon. Why don’t you say it clearly earlier? I can’t make it. I have to go. Do you want to leave the Dream of Aranya? Your Majesty. Archmage Shen Ye, why are you here? I’ve learned something from the chapter about measurement of penalty by the spiritual sword before. Once the spiritual sword is used, if the person subject to enforcement
can seal the tiger back to the sword before his primordial spirit is broken, it shows Heaven’s care for every living thing. No matter how big crime the person subject
to enforcement has committed, he can be pardoned. You’re wise, Your Majesty. Can Princess Junuo be sentenced according to this law today? Thank you, Your Majesty. Let’s go. Shen Ye. Hide yourself. What’s wrong? Why can Shen Ye hardly resist so soon? The white-fronted tiger is born of evil power, and the appearance of a tiger is merely a shape. So the wound on it isn’t far more serious than it looks. Now Shen Ye is almost worn out. You have to save him. It’s your turn. I can’t make it. You’ve said that I should draw my wrist blood to seal the primordial spirit of the white-fronted tiger. How could I make it? It’s easy for you to say it out. See. The white-fronted tiger is so eager for blood, and it’s fierce. How could I fight against it? The clan of inseparable king birds has the special constitution. See. Junuo is weak now, and her fresh blood can no longer
satisfy the white-fronted tiger. Aranya and Junuo are born of one mother, so their fresh blood is almost the same. You will have to feed the white-fronted tiger
with half of your fresh blood later, and then seal it
with all your spiritual power along with Shen Ye. You can seal it back. Half of my fresh blood? Then will I end up dying? It can’t wait. Come on. Your Highness, I owe you this time. You’ll have to remember it. Are you a fool? Even though she betrayed you, you still want to save her? She’s my wife-to-be, and the sister I grew up with. Even though she did something wrong,
if there exists a chance for her to be alive, how could I not save her? What a deep sibling relationship, and how great the conjugal love is! Have you forgotten that I’m your sister either? Why do you always neglect me? No, I never neglect you. Never do I. You really are Aranya, rather than someone else. Right? I just think you don’t have to do this. Now we have to deal with that tiger first. Dong Hua, I kept little of primordial spirit and Red Qi in the battle with you that year. I didn’t expect that it will appear in the Dream of Aranya. God is blessing me. Xiaobai, hang in there. The moment I take back Red Qi is when I break the ward. Dong Hua, I’m about to meet you. According to the law, Junuo is spared from death penalty. She can get away with death penalty,
but she can’t get away with the punishment. She is evicted from the imperial clan
and degraded to a common person now. She’s not allowed to step into the capital city forever. Thank you for sparing me from death, father. Archmage Shen Ye, you serve as a supervisor, but you hinder the execution out of personal relationship. What you’ve done humiliated the sacred position. I shall report to the Sky Kingdom to evict you from Qi Nan Palace and degrade you to a common person. And you’re not allowed to step into the capital city forever. I accept it. Aranya, as a princess, you create a tremendous uproar in the execution ground, how dare you do that? You’re fined a salary of a month and punished
to ponder upon your faults for a month. Father. Mother. I buried the misunderstanding of the past, and fought against the white-fronted tiger for saving Junuo. I don’t win praise from you, and I’m even fined the salary. It’s fine. I accept it. I have yet to report one thing about Archmage. What’s it? A few days ago, Lord Xi Ze came to tell me that he would invite Archmage to help cast a sword that would be presented to the Crown Prince
of the Sky Kingdom as a birthday gift, when the immortal envoy would come to the valley. Lord Xi Ze, is she telling the truth? Yes, she’s telling the truth. Well, let Shen Ye go to Aranya’s mansion to cast the sword as a criminal. As long as the sword isn’t cast, he won’t be allowed to leave the mansion. Once the sword is made, he’ll have to leave the capital city immediately. Thank you, father. I accept it. I’m sorry, Shen Ye. It’s I who implicated you in trouble. I didn’t intend to save you. I was saving myself. Although Aranya keeps you in her mansion with the excuse for casting a sword for the immortal lord, she makes you prisoned in the mansion and lose freedom. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry about it, Shen Ye. You should leave here to live your life. Shen Ye. Your Highness. I made it. You should thank me. If she were not Aranya, why would she make the same decision? If she were Aranya, why would she be seriously injured today? And why is Lord Xi Ze involved in it? What’s wrong with her? You made her do it. It’s Aranya’s choice. But it shouldn’t be Xiaobai’s. She did everything you told her. I’ll take her away first. My power has been sealed in your body for too long. Now I have to take it back. Something’s wrong. Dong Hua? Dong Hua, you won’t be able to stop me this time. You’re just the shape. How dare you say it so arrogantly? Save your nonsense. It’s too painful. Moye is a liar. I almost die of the wound. There is a phoenix feather flower on her forehead. What’s up?


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