[ENG SUBS] [PART ONE] SF MuVi SF9 1st Anniversary  Soul Friendship 9 ③
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[ENG SUBS] [PART ONE] SF MuVi SF9 1st Anniversary Soul Friendship 9 ③

Well then, shall I take a pick? Hahaha Jaeyoon’s name has come out I will be writing Jaeyoon’s profile Firstly, shall I draw his face? This is it now if I remember correctly Jaeyoon’s birthday…? Chani is the 17th, 7th, May the 11th, 18th, July the 4th, August the 7th? July the 24th? Jaeyoon is the 9th of August. It’s the 9th of August, right? Since Jaeyoon is practising a lot, I wonder if his favourite hobby is singing. His nick name is ‘gukbap’ (a korean soup and rice dish). It’s gookbap hyung. Jaeyoon’s latest interest… is any OST? If lately an OST has come out Jaeyoon is our team’s rep for ballad OSTs. Jaeyoon has a habit of dancing No matter when, when Jaeyoon is singing he is at his happiest. When he’s is fanmeetings and even in concerts too There was an invitation to sing ‘Together With You’ with the vocal line When the song was seen it made him so happy. Something that I want to do together with Jaeyoon What will be good? What do you guys think would be good? Together As for me, together to have a heart pounding ment with chemistry I want to try making it. Making Yes. This is okay. Making a heart warming ment together. CAPTION: Something you want to say to Jaeyoon A very good hyung and In the future too in the team to be like soft honey. Hopefully being soft honey (sweet) in the future I’ve finished writing the profile, here. Please take a look PLS STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO OF THIS VIDEO IDK WHY IT CUT AT TWO MINUTES?????

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