Eric Stonestreet Enjoys Playing Pranks on His Girlfriend

Hi, Ellen. Hello, my friend. How are you good? I can’t believe I’ve been
doing this this long with you. It’s a pinch me moment
every time I come. No. It is true. I mean, think about it. My time in Hollywood
started so long ago. And to know that I get
to come to your show now, and for the last almost
11 years, is pretty amazing. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being here. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] You can just walk over. Yeah. So I pass your house
every Thursday. I go that way. I know. I’ve got a spike strip for you. I’m going to get you
one of these days. I’ll get in there somehow. So the last time, we were
shooting this hidden camera thing with Michael Bublé. And he was supposed to
be the checkout guy. And you were in line
checking out at that counter. And you recognized him, so you
thought we were punking you. Well, I shop at this place. And when we walked in, my
girlfriend Lindsay was like, I’m pretty sure
that’s Michael Bublé. And I’m like, what? I mean, I knew
something was off. And then when we got up
there, I was just like, well, I don’t know what to do
here, because I don’t want to ruin Ellen’s thing. But I know this is Ellen. I know her cameras
are around here. I’m like, I know this
is– something’s awry. And then I go– three weeks after that, I
go to another grocery store in the neighborhood. I walk in, and I see a
person up on a ladder, doing something with a camera. I’m like, is Ellen here again? And they’re like, you’ve
got to be kidding me. So twice– I know. I need to stop shopping
where you don’t pull pranks. Well, that was so
weird, because it was a totally different market. And you were in the same market. We didn’t happen to catch you. So I think you’re
catching a theme here. I go grocery shopping a lot. Yes, you do. But you were just buying
water that day, I think. Well, we had gotten sandwiches,
and we were stopping in. I was looking for firewood. I needed it, because it was
really rainy and cold, LA cold, at that time. So I was going to get some good
hardwood, because that market happens to have good hardwood. I just wanted to see how many
times I could say hardwood. [LAUGHTER] But you can’t start
a fire with hardwood. You need soft wood
to start a fire. So why did you want hardwood? Well, because I had
a lot of soft wood. I see. So you needed hardwood? Yeah. I needed the hardwood
to sustain the fire. Right, right. Andy just lost it when
you said soft wood. A little too close
to home, Andy? Average Andy. All right. So the last time that
the whole cast was here, we were celebrating that
that was the final season. And it’s like a Cher concert. You’re actually coming back. So congratulations. Thank you very much. You’re actually doing it on TV. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Thank you. Thank you, guys. It wouldn’t be
happening without folks like you that watch the show. Presumably, presumably you do. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] You’ve always been a huge
supporter of the show and had us all on many times. And appreciate that. But yeah, 11 seasons. I can’t believe it. We will do. Yeah, but it’s
consistently funny. There’s not been one
season that has not been as good as the other. So it’s great writing. It really is. And the characters are great. All of you are so talented. We all like each other. That’s the thing also. We all get along. And that’s the
question people always ask me when I’m out, is like,
do you all like each other? It’s like, yeah, we
all– we got very lucky with each cast member. Yeah, because
sometimes that’s not the case, after even
2 seasons, but 11. All right, so your
girlfriend, you mentioned she’s in
lots of your photos. Does she enjoy your pranks? Because you do a lot
of things with her. I think she enjoys them. And why would you not? I get so much
enjoyment out of them. Yeah, well, as long as you
do, that’s all that matters. Somebody asked me,
one time, they said, if you had to guess,
how many hours a week have you spent messing with
other people in your life? And I’m like, a lot. Yeah, that just
happened the other day. You told her you were
taking a picture. But you were actually
taking video. So she stood there forever. And then it turns out you
were actually doing video. And that’s only 13
seconds on my Instagram, but that’s full-on a minute
and a half in real life. She’s like, what are you doing? Just take the picture. I’m like, the sun’s not right. But the best prank I
ever got on her was I grew a mustache, a
ridiculous mustache. And she hated it. And then I convinced her that
Modern Family, the writers saw my mustache,
and they loved it. It was going into last
season, and they thought– there it is. Yeah, that’s it. And they said, you know what? We want Cam to have that
mustache at the season premiere. So I had the
creator, Chris Lloyd, one of our executive
producers, send me fake emails, saying, here’s our
story ideas for the mustache. This is it. And she’s like, you have
got to be kidding me. So she had to live with the
mustache for two months, right? The night before
Modern Family started, I got up in the
middle of the night and shaved it off,
and then just woke up. And she wakes up in the morning
and looks at me, and is like, your mustache is gone. I’m like, what? Are you kidding me? Are you serious? What do you mean? Oh my god. I’m like, I sleep-shaved,
I sleep-shaved– all just for that moment. Oh my god, that is a long con. That is hilarious. All right.

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