Falling in love but have to leave, the reason behind this turned out to be this way!|ep44-3
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Falling in love but have to leave, the reason behind this turned out to be this way!|ep44-3

I owe you money I will find a way to pay you back None of these matter You know that I do n’t do these things because of you I know But I still want to thank you for giving me the job But in the future, I will try to solve it by myself. I don’t want to trouble you I just wish you a better life So he doesn’t worry about you that much xiaojiu If you really want to be with him Make yourself better Wouldn’t it be better You know how he feels about you But I really hope that you can avoid harm to each other when you do things in the future what happened Do you think I’m embarrassing now right I know My mom has lived a terrible life I can’t get better The two of us are like dragging oil bottles wherever we go It’s ok do not worry I’ll be fine with my mom Will be better now and later Please tell your good brother, don’t let him stop coming to me I won’t go to him again We will not bother you Can you not get me wrong? Why do you have to be like a hedgehog How are you doing If not I can’t live at all You won’t understand From today This wall is engraved with your name like me It’s all you Do you hate me without culture? I feel hello I think you deserve me Do you believe in love? I believe I heard eating an apple at Christmas The person who misses will appear Your dad goes to Hebei to do business Your father took her mother Now your dad is running away My mom is still waiting for your father Why don’t you believe me? Just go and ask anyone around your dad who doesn’t know Do you treat us as stupid? What do you take Just this bad thing Shut up Your father has been in a bad health before why Just because of her mother


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