Fantasy Romance Movie 2020 | My Magic Fairy Wife, Eng Sub | Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P
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Fantasy Romance Movie 2020 | My Magic Fairy Wife, Eng Sub | Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team.
Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Wuxian fairy: Wushuang Wuxian fairy: Wuyan Wuxian fairy: Wuqiong My Magic Fairy Wife Brother. Sister, what are you eating here? Oh, here. My colleague, Liangren. Hello Hey, man Didn’t you tell me that it’s a mask party? You cheat me again. Hello Beauty. We’re newcomer Handsome guy. Don’t be shy. If you don’t take off your clothes, let me take off mine. I’m Liangren, a real loser. What’s wrong with me recently? Why do I always have strange dreams like this? Maybe, I become a kind of person like Jiu Shishuai? Shit! Gonna be late. Liangren. Why are you also late? Yes … Listen, Since last time you took me out to play, recently, I … I always have some strange dreams. Strange dreams? You must have some ideas. No, I don’t. You like it. No, I don’t. Listen, in our company, You are potential. The left are all losers. I really can’t save them. That’s true. Are you kidding me? I’m still afraid that something bad will happen. In two days, two days, we go there again. Stop! What happened to you? I wanna say … When I run for a bus this morning, I saw a beauty. Wow, so beautiful. She looks like you. But, she is not that beautiful as you are. You are prettier. Suddenly, a dog was coming, it’s going to bite that girl. It reminds me of you when I saw her. I won’t let it bite you. No way. Then I kicked off the dog. But it is a fierce dog. It likes a hungry tiger pouncing its prey. It came to me and bit my leg. You need to have a rest now. Yeah, I think so. By the way, well … Maybe I need to have rabies vaccines in the afternoon. I ask you for a leave Okay, okay. OK, OK. Take care of yourself. Go, go, go … Have a rest. Sister Fei. I neither met dog nor beauty. But I come here with him. So … let me in. Wait What did you call me? Fei sister. Oh, no no… Fei sister. You haven’t cleaned your gum up? Am I fat? You even couldn’t say something nice. Even if you come here earlier, I’ll count it as you are late. Wait Now that you are late, Go to buy breakfast. This is the list. So much … Do I need to buy breakfast for all colleagues? All of them? How dare you doubt at my appetite? Do I need to add some more? No no no … I’ve to put my bag here. Come back soon. How about your, get anything? There is nothing we want in this city. I think it’s stupid, and we can’t find it. This man What happened? Three beauties are looking at him here. He want to hide himself? Be careful Goddess? Ghost. Ghost … Stay where you are. Come back here. Leave me alone. Who are you? I tell you I did Kungfu before. Trust me You think I’m lying? All right. Go! Freeze! Let me go! What have you done with me? Where are you now? Release me. What do you want to do with me? Don’t eat me. Don’t eat me. Don’t eat. What do you want to do? Are you still naughty? No. Will you run away? No Stop Damn it. Heck, heck. I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming. Are you okay? Ghost You are so impolite. We are goddess. Goddess? I think you are crazy girls. What’s wrong? He is frightened. Look! Alien! You think we’re 3 years old kids? Don’t let me find you. I’ll take him back. Wait a second. His staff card. Find his company out. Then we can find him. Liangren. I let you buy a breakfast. Where are you? Siberia? Look your watch. Why don’t you come back yet? Manager, I will come back soon. My little Shuai is too hungry. No.438. No.438. How dare you scold me bitch? No, no … Manager. Hello. Hum … This guy. he scolds me bitch. and hangs up my phone? I want to kill him. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I didn’t say you. There are no ghosts in the world. There are no ghosts in the world. I’ve drank it. Liangren! No I don’t mean that. I can explain it with you. Explain what? I just ask you to buy breakfast. So you scolded me bitch, hung up on me and spout me water? You hate me so much? No. I think you are the ghost. I’m a ghost? How dare you! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you will really regard me as Hello Kitty. Who are you? It’s you? Beautiful fat sister. Are you too hungry? When you blood sugar drops, you will have violent temper. I have breakfast here. Eat it before it gets cold. The breakfast I bought has been lost. Even if she gets it back, It already became cold. Is she really … Wow, it smells great. There are so much food. Let’s eat together. What do you have? Pretty girl. Pretty girl. Pretty girl. May I have your name? Which delivery company? I’ll place order everyday. We can add each other in Wechat. You scan me. Or let me scan you. Don’t come over. You … Do you like him? I like him. I want to have a baby with him. What a pity! You looks beautiful, but you are blind? Leave me alone. Liangren. Liangren … Don’t close to me. Liangren. This is his home. But he hasn’t accepted me all the time. An unenlightened man. I’m going to kill him right now. Sister How? Thunderbolt or fire? Don’t be impetuous. This time, perhaps, I am too impatient. It makes him scared. I’m going to slow my speed. I think I can find the way to close him. Wuyan Do you have any good ideas for me? The first type of LOVE COLLECTION, We should use the beautiful body and sunny temperament. to attract their attention, and make them get us on their brain and fall in love at first sight. You are back. I made dinner for us. Let’s eat together. Oh,no. Who are you? I’m Wushuang. I didn’t ask your name. I mean why are you always following me? Did I offend you? The second type of LOVE COLLECTION, not only with appearance and temperament, but also with delicacy, in order to tie them fast and close. to conquer them. conquer their hearts. As a saying goes, the fastest way to catch a man’s heart is good cooking. Which one we eat firstly? This The dish took me two hours Then eat this. Broccoli is nourishing Then this one Take this dish, it’s great. I guess you are satisfied with my cooking. This … Liangren … Sister Yan, Please control yourself. Look at you Like a big beast. You looks powerful. You’ll scare them. This is because I feel anxious. Wuxian Family meet major crisis emergencies, think of Sister Shuang, she is always out of it, and also fall in love with Liangren, a stupid one. I’m afraid it will take her a long time to have baby. But the octopus is chasing us now. Sister, I’m also worried about it. But, worry doesn’t work After all, we are seeking for a father for children We must find a serious and responsible one It is for the renaissance of our nationality Sister, Look at these people They aren’t fit us. There are no good guys I have the different standard with you. I only care his performance and physique. As for the kid, I can raise baby by myself. I don’t need man. Look at him. Height, weight and appearance. He fits me in all standards. There he is. He? He is too old. Maybe he had married. So what? I can get what I want. You go home first. Let’s go to eat midnight snack later? Excellent Bro. Let’s talk outside. Bro What about this? As long as you stop harassing my sister-in-law and her children. I paid for it The last week. OK Go What … what do you want? I kissed him. I should be pregnant soon. You … What did you do to me? I just changed your cloth. Please … Who are you? Why are you always pestering me? I like you. A beauty in sight will be a heap of bones in a hundred years. A beauty in sight will be a heap of bones in a hundred years. You’re muttering all the night? What are you muttering on earth? It’s you! On the surface, you look beautiful and fair, in fact, You will be a heap of bones in a hundred years. Actually, you are White Bone Demon. You mean I am White Bone Demon? Yes. Look, this is my hand. Touch it. Is it the same with yours? Having a temperature? I am human being, like you. No way. Why? I’ve never been in love. What are you laughing at? That’s the reason why the God send me to your side No way Why? Think about it, do I know you? Do you know me? You even don’t know me. Love starts from date, step by step. You … But I don’t have time to know you step by step. Otherwise, Wuxian Family will be destroyed by the octopus. Wu Xie, I’d like to thank you for sealing me in the past ten years. It makes me master the Suction Magic. I really regret that I didn’t kill you. It makes you octopus bring harm to human being. Don’t be complacent. I have ways to against you. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma, are you all right? Wu Shuang. Wu Shuang. You need to take your two younger sisters away. Go, quickly! We won’t leave you alone. Hateful octopus! How dare you bully my grandma? Grandma. Grandma. Grandma Qiong. It is my fate. This Evil … He has terrible sight-legged Suction Magic The world will be in chaos. In the world of human being, only you three are the descent of Wuxian Family. All of you, stay alive and be more powerful. Stop talking! I kill them with you. Topple the mountains and overturn the seas Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. I’m sorry. Don’t cry. Everyone comes to the world with their own mission. I’ve finished mine. I’ve to go first. Grandma. Don’t worry. We’re take revenge for you. No, you can’t. You absolutely can’t beat him. Grandma … What should we do? When there is life, there is hope. The only thing you can do, is procreation. Go to find a … to find a man who really loves you. Grandma. Wuxian Family? Octopus? Look, I knew it, you are … To be honest, there is a very powerful and bad guy, he’ll kill my family. The only way to save us is procreation. I’ll revenge for grandma. The most important thing now, is to excuse her last word, procreation for our family. It’s not easy. Where can we find the right man? This man should be upright and kind, we don’t have much time to select. We have no choice. Sister Yan, sister Shuang and I don’t have any relationship before, where could we find the Mr.Right? It’s sample. Do you know how to train a dog? Taking food in your hand, and whip in another hand. It seems make sense. For man, more or less. Let’s … let’s go to find the man right now. We don’t have time to waste. Do you understand now? Yeah, but there is no reason I’m the right man. You see, I don’t have a terrific college degree, My job is not well and the salary is not high. There are so many men in the city, try other men, don’t be always with me. If those all don’t work, you should use the last method. You cry and be pathetic. Man is afraid of crying of woman. If a woman cried, they’ll surrender immediately. Don’t cry. Can I stay here for few days? I’m homeless now. My enemy is after me. How could you let me stay outside alone? All right, you can stay here for few days. Really? OK. I won’t touch you. I won’t touch you. I won’t touch you. It seems the first step is finished. Fighting! Sister Shuang and sister Yan all find boyfriends. What should I do? Thank you. You also can use magic? Our family, Zhang, can hunt monsters. And you are … I’m a fairy from Wuxian family. I’ve heard fairies of Wuxian family. They’re beautiful and have strong power. Today, I meet you, I’m so lucky. No, I’m the lucky one. How about having a night snack? Night snack? Sure. So … How about this? We can eat barbecue red octopus. What do you think? Well … What do you think? So … Both of you find boyfriends? Actually, he isn’t my boyfriend yet. We just ate night snack last night. You … almost ate by monsters. You still had a good moon to eat night snack? You don’t have much time to flatter. If I were you, I’ll take him immediately. Sister Yan, how can you be so energetic? Last night, the man in the bar, didn’t he die in the street? Almost. I make him sucked. I’m sure I’ll pregnant. We can see the pregnancy test. Sister Yan. Last night … are you OK with Liangren? Didn’t mine LOVE COLLECTION work? Well … Last night, I tried my best. But he didn’t reacted to me. How can he bear this? Does he … does he have some problems? Hi. Morning, loser. Liangren. This is my sister, Wuyan. This is my sister, Wuqiong. You’ve met them before. Hi, hi. Enjoy your chatting. Make yourself at home. I do not bother you. Come over here. Come. I gotta take a shower. It seems he doesn’t have problem. His body is honest. The problem is in his heart. Sister Shuang, you need to work harder. One girl in my home is annoyed enough, now there are three … Will they also want to live in my home? If it is true, what should I do? I did a private job for whole night, now I should have enough money to help sister-in-law’s. I’ve to cheer up later. If sister Fei knew it, she won’t let go of me. Jiu Shishuai. What happened to you? I’m fine. Are you sure? I’m OK. Oh my God! Dear Shuai. You looks ten years older than yesterday. Did you miss me all night and can’t sleep? This is a secret. Secret? We’ve to keep a low key. I know you like me secretly. Right. I didn’t sleep last night, for this scheme. Well, well … not now. A little bit more, a little bit more. We need your spirit in your company. Let’s applaud for Shuaishuai. It’s OK, go to work. Fighting! I have some tea. Drink some tea. It’ll refresh you. What on earth did you do last night? OK, I’m telling you last night I really did this scheme. OK, OK … Come over here. What’s up? I’m telling you … you know, so many years, I don’t believe falling in love at first sight. Right? I don’t believe a solemn pledge of love. I don’t believe everything. My thoughts were completely changed, Come on! What kind of falling in love at first sight? It won’t happen to you. There are many times when you fall in love at first sight. What? You can’t understand. You, all of you can’t understand. I’m telling you the girl I met last night, her bosom … Ah … No … my waist. She has everything I want. You know? She has everything I want. look at them, they have nothing. Are we not good? Uh-huh. Let me show you the condition last night. As if I am the radiant silver-gun, Zhaoyun. who has battle with troops of Caocao for seven times. I’m failed for last time. So I got my waist hurt. I know your waist is hurt now. Now just have a good rest. Liangren. You … My waist is hurt, help me. How about it? This is the place, I do practice here. This place is not bad. Yeah, fresh air. This place … will be bustling in night. Just a second, let me clear up first. Wait! What are you doing? She is my friend. Get back. They are … Are you OK? I’m OK. This is … They are my new apprentices. They are mischievous. They like strangers. Let me show you what I have done for several years. His home is very clean. He doesn’t need me to clear up. Sister Shuang, let’s help you. Brother Shuaishuai. Taste this tea, I made for you. It’s nice of you. Don’t give it to him. He is a playboy. I had saw him deal with different girls. Yeah. Three girls are enough for a drama. Go to act a play, just go. We’re telling the truth. I can say any man who looks like a playboy, has a true love in his heart. You made it up. You’ll see. He always says he has a true love, but the girl he said has never appeared. You’re right, right, who is she? There is a girl. So who is she? Tell us. This girl … this girl … Sister Fei. Sister Fei? Her appearance doesn’t matter. In fact, her mind… Well … she doesn’t have mind of beauty. Lie. Well, I’m ashamed of what I said. I like sister Fei. Can you say some merits of she? You like her, it’s none of my business. How can I know? Yeah. What virtues does she have? Sister Fei. She is good. Thanks to sister Fei, Otherwise you have no job and are still in talent market. Don’t stop making up. It seems she doesn’t have virtues. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You … What are you talking about? Shishuai just expressed his love to you. Unfortunately, you didn’t hear how he praised you. His express makes us cold. When did you start to hear? From the most important words. Didn’t you hear the words we said before? What did you say before? Doesn’t matter, all is good words. It’s OK, that words is enough. Good performance. We need to cultivate feelings. So … I’ll cook for Liangren and send it to him. Look. How about it? This is the place where I practice my magic. Vey well. It’s big. Of course. At ordinary time, I practice magic here. Hurry, come here. Can I? Sure, come on. Fresh air. Yeah, fresh air. From now on, you can practice here. Can practice with you? Of course. I can teach you. I’m not coming then. Liangren. I’ve booked nail technician. This work is up to you. Liangren. Tonight I’ve to visit my boyfriend’s parents. My wonderful life is up to you. You’ll help me, right? But … Liangren, Liangren. I’ve to study which car I should buy. Help me with my work. I … Liangren. Sister Fei. I told you don’t call me sister Fei. If I can’t slim down, you’ve to take the responsibility. I’m sorry … Fei … Manager, what’s going on? Of course. Did you made this contract? Can you do contract? There are many mistakes and misprint. You want to destroy our company? No, manager, there is a misunderstanding. This contract wasn’t made by me. Why don’t you say it earlier? You want me get in trouble? What’s going on? It’s hurt. Sister, what are you doing? I … I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I can’t control my hands. There won’t be haunted in daytime. Liangren. What did you do? Go. How about this? This is cute. Don’t touch them. They are monsters I caught. I seal them up for safekeeping. See, this is a rabbit monster. That is a snake monster. Wow, you caught a Kylin? No, not yet. This is just a decoration. But catching a Kylin is my dream. There are more. So many. Yeah. Catching monster is the duty of our family. Great. I don’t know if you like eating octopus? Yeah, I like it. Then catch it. No problem. Don’t laugh. You did those things, don’t you? How can you bear them? It’s normal thing. I’d used to bear it. You can’t get used to that. Liangren. People in this world, need self-respect. How can you let them ravage your dignity? What can I do? Now all of them think I’m a loser. Whatever I do is wrong, including you think so. In my heart, you are not a loser. Liangren. In my heart, you’re a upright, kind, brave and warm man. That’s why I always want to stay with you. You’d better go now. If someone know you can use magic, You’ll get in trouble. Well, you said so much, in fact, you’re afraid that my magic will scare your colleagues. No. Think about it. If someone see your magic, will they regard you as normal people? So … you are care about me? No, I’m not. What are you doing to come to our company? This is meal I made for you. These are your favorite food. Don’t bother. It’s convenient to order takeout in our company. You don’t need to do this. I made it for you. I thought you’ll like it. If you put it that way, I’ll eat it. Wait. Now that … you already made it, I’ll eat it. Don’t worry. Could I accompany you to come back your company? When you eat it, I’ll go home. Alright. Let’s go. Help me. Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Jiu Shishuai. What are you doing? Liangren. Liangren. Liangren. Are you octopus? Yeah, you got me. I’ve heard that the octopus huts many people. I never thought he will kill your grandma, Wuxie. I promise you, we’re kindred spirits and friends. I’ll help you. I feel better when you beside me. This time we can revenge for grandma. Thank you. You’re welcome. There is one more thing. What is that? Say it. If I can help you, I’ll try my best. If I tell him I want to have a baby with him, he must think I’m crazy. Now that sister Shuang and sister Yan have boyfriends. let them deal with it. What do you want to say? What is it? Nothing. I’ll tell you next time. OK. Wuqiong, save me quickly. I’m in Liangren’s company. Damn it. There is something wrong with my sister. Go, go with me. Let her go. Today, I’ll let you go, see you soon. Sister Shuang. Wuqiong. Are you okay? He is … He is Zhangyang, I told you before. Zhangyang. Thanks for your help. Liangren. Liangren. Wuqiong, I leave here to you. I’ve to send Liangren home. OK. Kill them. Why can’t I kill them? Am I not evil enough? Am I not heartless enough? You should kill her, kill her, kill her. Kill her! No. I shouldn’t. Why must I kill her? What a lovely girl! Wushuang. Wushuang. Liangren. Wushuang. Liangren. You are wake? Wushuang. Are you not hurt? You’e worrying about me? No, I’m not. You do worry me. No, I’m not. No, I’m not. I’m just … Just what? I’m just … I don’t know. I know you are worrying about me. No, I’m not. You are. A beauty in sight, also has red blood, in a hundred years … What will happen in a hundred years? will become a heap of bones. What happened? What’s going on? I feel dizzy. What happened? I don’t know, don’t know. Who are you? We’re … We’re going to hold a party Yes. to celebrate our boss has lost weight of 500g. We’re friends. Right? Let’s go crazy! Do you often erase other people’s memory? There is no other solution. You’re right. If people in this world know that there are monsters and fairies around them, they will be sacred. Actually, I’ve dealt with monster for many years, I find they’re not that much horrible. Sometimes, people are more horrible than monsters. All of them regard me as a loser, only you always support me and help me. Why do you like me? Because you’re upright, you’re kind, you’re brave, and you’re cute. The other man can’t compare with you. Because of these, I want to stay with you. What do you think of our relationship now? Now? You’ll be the father of our baby. Oh, you stay with me just for a baby? No, no. Can you be with me forever? But there is something important I’ve to do it. Please give me more time. Do you still bully me? No, no, no. Sister Yan. Show me, come on. Let me have a look. Just a glance. What’s going on? Why didn’t you show me? What’s going on? How about you? You? How about you? You first. No, you first. No, you first. No, you first. Stop, listen to me. One, two, three, together. Well … None of you are pregnant. Damn it. Useless man. We should try harder. Sister Shuang. Think you’re happy now. No, I’m not. Sister Yan, where are you going? Wuyan. What are you doing? I gonna kill him. Brother, it’s him. It’s him? Hit him! You, are want to … Did you bully my sister? Well, boy. You’re smart. You hooked up my sister and made her skip meals. Today, we meet here, I give you two choices. One, dealing with my sister. Two, you say no, and you’ll die. Kill me then. Brother. I can’t be with your sister. I have a girl in my heart. Stop hit him, otherwise, I’ll call the police. Come on, do it. All right. Sister. Let’s go. Sister. This relationship isn’t belong you anymore. Let’s go. Boy. You have guts. Wushuang. Let’s get married. Sorry. Don’t you love me? I love you. You must hide something from me. Don’t ask so much. You only need to do is enjoy this moment. That’s enough. Now there is no trust between us. I’ll sleep at the sofa. Liangren. I heard Liangren proposed to you? Yeah. Did you say yes? No, I didn’t. Why? We’ve revenge for grandma, the octopus is chasing us. I can’t get married now. Are you afriad we can’t catch the octopus? Then you won’t be with him forever? This is one of the reasons. I’m afraid the octopus will hurt Liangren because of me. So, what id you have baby? I’ll give it to him. He’ll bring up the baby. He is upright, kind, is worth of entrusting lifelong. I believe he won’t let me down. But I think you’ll let him down. Hello, Zhangyang. What’s up? Wuqiong. I find a way to deal with the octopus. Really? Yeah. I’m waiting you at the place where I practice. OK, I’ll be there soon. Liangren. I want to tell you the truth. But … I … Sister Shuang, Zhangyang find a way to deal with the octopus. Really? Yes. You and sister Yan come here quickly. OK, give me the location. Yan and I will be there soon. Let me see what do you hide to me? Hello. Zhangyang. Zhangyang. Where is he? Zhangyang? Zhangyang? Zhangyang? Zhangyang? Zhangyang? Where did you go? I’m looking for you for a while. I’m talking to you, Zhangyang. Hey, can you hear me? You are not Zhangyang. Yes, I’m the octopus. Let me go. Let me go! Let me go! Sister Shuang, you go, let me take care of this. How can I do this? Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let go of my sister. Let them go! Leave them alone! Are you okay? Liangren. Wuqiong, Wuyan, use the Wulei palm. Sister, I get a plan. Just a second. Liangren. Let’s get out of here. Slow down. Where are you here? Is he Liangren? What’s happened to him? Sister Shuang, you know him? He is Liangren’s colloegue. You are sisters? Then I know where to finf you. Don’t bullshit. If you want to go, go now. Otherwise, you’ll regret later. There is nothing to be afraid. Even if he has three head and six arms, he won’t scare me. What if he has eight feet? Are you scared? What a familiar voice! You were pocessed by him before. Zhangyang and I saved you. Monster? Oh, monster! Useless. If he stay, he’ll die. Three of you should surrender right now. To be my wives, you all serve me. Hateful Octopus, you’re dreaming. Wuyan, go with Wuqiong and Liangren, you go first. I won’t leave, I’ll revenge for grandma. I won’t leave. Sister, I won’t leave. We’ll be with you. Why don’t you listen to me? Did you forget grandma’s last word? The task of procreation and prosperity of our family is up to you. Take care of Liangren for me. He is your man, you take care of him. I won’t do that for you. Wushuang, no matter what happened, I’ll always be here, with you. Don’t talk nonsense, Go to die together. Run, quickly. Zhangyang. Are you okay? I’m fine. What a good place you choose! You escape to seaside? Go to die! Wuqiong! What more can you do? Wushuang. In this life, meeting you is enough for me. This life, I won’t leave you. Wuqiong. Meeting you is the most wonderful thing of my life. Zhangyang. If there is a possible, I want to stay with you forever. Why? Why? I should kill her, kill her, should kill her. I’ll kill her! No. No, you shouldn’t kill her. She is just a girl. Why should I kill her? My heart has goodness. I shouldn’t be so evil. Yes, I shouldn’t kill her. What I’ve done is right. Sister Shuang. Sister Shuang. We want to tell you a good news. Both of us has babies. Really? Great! There is a good news I want to tell you. Even I have no time to tell Liangren. What? I also have a baby. Really? Wonderful. I believe grandma up in heaven will happy for us. Bride, bridegroom. It’s the fate make you know each other. Today, in front of our witness, are you willing to live with each other? Bride, are you willing to? I do. Bridegroom, are you willing to? I do. OK, you can exchange wedding rings now. Great. You can kiss your bridegroom. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Great. I wish you all happy. Finally, you all find your love. Only those who know the essence of love, can make our Wuxian Family continuous reproduction. and carry on from generation to generation. I wish you happiness. Love is not difficult. Sea. Why are you on the ground?


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