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Freckle Loves You

– Oh, hi guys. You’re probably wondering what this is. Well, it’s my phone calling center. I have a landline. Yes, I have a landline. Uh, but unfortunately,
it doesn’t dial out, so, I’m just constantly, waiting for the call. My favorite thing about love is that I can feel it in my toes. From my toes, to the tip of, tip of my head, to the end of the follicles of my hair, I mean, I love being in love. ♪ I’m a dragon ♪ Dating is interesting because half of the people know who I am. And I love that. And other people don’t. And it’s really hard to
explain what it is that I do. Um, I do like apps because I think they’re like virtual bars. I’m all about modernism. Um. the truth is I normally
only have talent crushes. So, I’m so, I can marry a burn victim. I’m not shallow. – [Interviewer] What
gender people do you date? Or is it any gender? – Uh, I mean, it’s just like me, I’m open and I don’t identify as anything other than the present moment, but. – [Interviewer] Have you ever fell in love with someone before? – Um, I feel very poly. I don’t believe in monogamy, I don’t believe in chains. I don’t believe in mental constructs. I think there’s enough love to go around, and I think my cup runeth over. – [Interviewer] What does sex mean to you? – Um. Sex isn’t love. Sex is immediate gratification. Sex is just getting off. It’s not love, but it can be. I mean you can fall in love
and have wonder, wonderful sex, but, most sex is just to cum. In the words of grandmother Willow. ♪ (Foreign Language) you will understand ♪ Because the scariest
thing in this world to do is to have your heart exposed. Because it has been bruised, or hurt, so you rather keep a veil over it, or a guard over it, and I get it, cause who wants to feel
that bruise and pain again? It’s heartbreaking. It’s like a dagger straight
through your chest. I’ve had an arrow shot through my chest when I’ve had my heart broken. But I’m not gonna allow that
to let me put up another guard, because as scary as it is
to live with your heart right there, available and open, it’s more powerful than anything. That is the meaning of life. To live it truly here and
now, open and available. And if you don’t believe me, I don’t care. Read a philosophy book. It’s what every love song is about. Go listen. Cue music. – [Radio] It wasn’t easy to
make that wonderful old– – Take it from the top! Ice. I understand it, now that love is a
certain kind of madness. It’s like a potion or spell. You’re under the spell. Love potion number nine. That relationship didn’t last because, um, well because they didn’t understand me. And they didn’t understand the kind of art that I’m trying to make. And if you don’t get that,
then you don’t get me, and then you don’t get me. You don’t get me, and then
you don’t actually get me. Unfortunately, for a lot of queer people, they were so injured
during their adolescence, even their early twenties that, the courtship that straight people get to experience wasn’t there. So, it’s as though you
have to relearn everything, and then do what you would’ve
done at 16, at like 26. And then by 27, Saturn comes
into return or something. By 30, you’re still fucked up. By 31, 32, you’ve, you’ve hopefully realized how many mistakes you made, and uh, and then, and then,
your heart begins to open again. It has for me, I can’t
speak for other people. And when my heart’s
open, then love is there. I, I do not feel an
absence of love whatsoever. In the words of Valley of the Dolls, they can take everything away from you, but they can’t take away your talent. Nothing would keep me from the stage. If I lost everything tomorrow,
I’d find my way there. To do a dance. To make someone laugh. To make someone happy. Just one person. Stay?


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