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Friendship day prank (gone wrong) – Tamil | Elavu tube |

Seriously, This channel is completely waste..Dont work with them Your brother spoked too much shilpa.. We worked with him for you. Prankster: Call your sister Her brother: Yeah,yeah tell me Her bro: How my sister will react for this prank? Prankster: She will ignore first but, But you have to tell her that we have an argument with you And, You are hurt in it. You speak with her in Telugu or?(language) Oh tamil only..Right then. Tell her that we are coming to meet her And, we abandoned you on the street. Where are you? she: I am in shooting What you are doing on the shoot? She: Why you are asking me that? I am in shooting I am in the middle of the road Why? What happened? Ah! Your friends left me alone in the street. What? Where they left you? They said they are coming to see you. She: Do you have money? No! She: Go home by auto I dont even have money for drinking water Your channel is completely waste.. Seriously am saying. She: I am not collaborating with them for prank videos. Not only prank videos. Don’t do any videos with this guys One day they will left you also She: Shhhh!! What shhh! I already told you it’s my first time They made me get hurt by the first video itself She: I told you right… Pranks will lead to it. You said That This will make you hurt… But, I have not expected this much! She: Ok. I will talk with them What ok? Seriously this is hurting shilpa… For the first time. She: I will talk. Fine! She: Dude! What happened? Yeah. Before I went there was a fight between your brother and our friend. She: I spoke with vivek, He said He will only use my brother to hold the camera Time to close our channel itseems. Okay how do you know this? She: My brother called and he was angry with me. What your brother said? She: He said you guys left him alone in the streets. No, Actually we asked him… He only asked us to drop him. That’s why we left him Another wise I could have dropped him.. You know it. Voice over: We are waiting for her to come… If she comes. Let’s start the prank Shilpa, We already told your brother that shooting a prank is serious business She: Even I told him that Even I told you That pranks can be dangerous Your brother came to our prank shoot and keeps complaining She: But, I told him. Then What I can do? She: What happened now? Me and your brother had an argument. I was mad at him so, He got frustrated and told us to stop the bike. And we dropped him in a random road.. She: That’s alright No shilpa its not that simple.. I was really irritated by your brother Your brother has spoken too much We leave him for you. Come here, Ill show you one thing Give that keys One minute See here.. We gave this equips to your brother Camera and every other equipments… His duty is to carry this equips But he failed to do that duty. And he argues for it Tbh, I am really frustrated and irritated. I leave him only for you. She: I am really sorry. He doesn’t know anything of it Then, Why he is coming without knowing anything. All problem is because of you only, Vivek.


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