Funny DIY Couple Pranks ! 13 Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Prank Ideas
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Funny DIY Couple Pranks ! 13 Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Prank Ideas

Who’s the best boyfriend in the whole universe? It’s never too late to get Emily a lovely
present. Something you’ve always wanted, sweetheart!~
It’s laser hair removal! It must have cost you a fortune, Jacob! Oh, Emily, you shouldn’t be worrying about
that, because his love for you is priceless! It looks so fancy!!! Oh yes, it is! Laser… Shaver…? Wow, Jacob, veeeeery funny. Hilarious. What amazing features it has, too! I mean you’re shaving hairless legs anyway! If you really want to impress Jacob, better
try shaving a gorilla instead! Be a man, she says… Do the dishes, she says… No Way. Jacob would rather play around a bit more… This printout will surely give the right first
impression! Sometimes all you need to satisfy a girlfriend
is to take a photo from the right angle… [evil chuckle]
Hey, Emily, check out this TOTALLY clean sink, with TOTALLY clean dishes! Problem solved!
As long as you don’t have to look at them, But, the reality is a bit different…. WHAT?! Oh, that little… devil…. Or maybe I should say…genius! It’s romantic dinner time, honey!~
Oh boy, you don’t have to be starving in order to love Emily’s cooking! Ahem, well… I hope your hunger is as 2D as these waffles…
[laughter] She sure put her whole heart into this dessert!~
Want some syrup with your carton? [chuckle]
Oh, I love you berry much, sugar plum!~ Jacob’s enjoying the strawberries so much, he’s asking for more! I bet he wants something to spice things up… Literally!
For this special treat, you will need melted chocolate aaaaaand…. Red hot chili peppers! Now bring that sweet berry into the show by
cutting the end of it. Dip the pepper into the chocolate. Just enough to stick the piece onto the strawberry. What is red, looks like a strawberry, but
tastes like hell? Hmm, no clue, maybe a terribly grown strawberry? Get those spicy sweets ready. Yum! Wow, Emily, you sure managed to spice things
up a bit! Right, Jacob! Chill, Jacob! It’s just an innocent strawberry! It’s getting hot in here, don’t you think, Jacob? Oh no, you’re not doing this, Jacob! Oh yes, he is… Hey, Emily, I see you’re having quite a
lot of daily problems with your hair! Maybe you should shave it off? [chuckle]
Shave WHAT off, Jacob??? Emily will always recognize her own shade
of hair! So keep calm, and let the prankster do his
deed… Wanna be a nice guy for once, ay Jacob? Oh, interesting! Go ahead, give it a try! Oh, ahah! Oh. Seriously. Oh? What. Is. This???? What kind of inception is this?! Can this stop???!! Emily?! Seriously?!?! At this point, he’s just too tired to reveal
yet another cup…. Buddy, it seems you’ve been mugged! Oh, glorious sweet milkshake… It seems this buddy is satisfied with whatever
he’s having… Is he though? Knowing Jacob, he would never say no to an
extra dessert. Maybe all he needs is another straw… Close enough! Here, sweetheart, wanna try some of this delicious,
sweet, creamy…. Tasteless…watery…milkshake? Wait… What exactly are you tasting there, buddy? Sharing is caring, you know!~
Lovely. Well, that’s a relationship goal alright! Sometimes a good power shower time is the
only way to be alone with your thoughts. Is it, though? We ALL see you, Emily~
Every breath you take… Every move you make… I’ll be watching you…~ Little did she know that a stalker was there
15 minutes ago. A stalker named Jacob Moore! In this case, a drop of liquid soap works
just like invisible ink. Write your own creepy message like you mean
it. And leave Emily blindfolded and creeped out
What’s wrong, dear, you look like you’ve seen a ghost! Most likely, the same one is holding the door
shut as well! Every step you take, every single day,
I’ll be watching you…. Hey, Crafty Pandas!
I hope you are enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t already! And, most importantly, don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read the all! These shots will be golden. Jacob will never expect a spider on his toilet
paper! Emily can already imagine his freaked out
face. You didn’t see anything! Jacob is emptying his fuel tank and that’s
where the tiny little spider pops out of the toilet paper. There’s no way anybody’s gonna forget
that! It was YOU all along! You’ve earned it! Good morning, sunshine! Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Chef Jacob has brought you some breakfast
in bed on this beautiful weekend morning! He even brought all the spices and ketchup
along! Awww, who gets the perfect boyfriend award
today? But she doesn’t even suspect that there
might be a hidden trick here… Bon appetit! In fact, Jacob took an apple and sliced it
in half. Cut them into smaller pieces. Don’t these look like real fries to you? Drop a spoonful of yogurt and spread it a
bit. This will be the egg white. For the yolk, just put half of a peach. There you have it! Well, how do you like the taste of your breakfast,
Emily? I suppose this sweet egg doesn’t go too
well with ketchup… This might have been not what you expected,
but it’s much healthier, don’t you think? Looking good, Emily! Except for the jeans that somehow feel a bit
tight… When was the last time you measured your weight? Oh, you could do it now, right, Jacob? So far so good! The diet seems to be paying off. Not until her breakfast has suddenly been
digested and turned into extra pounds. Oh dear, that seems unreal! Or is it Jacob with his fat sneaky foot? When will you realize Jacob will love you
no matter the number on the scales, Emily? Whoops, is that a pine twig? Jacob doesn’t seem to care though. Why would he if Emily can take care of that? In fact, there’s no way she will ignore
anything unusual on Jacob’s shirt. For once, he wants to actually concentrate
on studying. Oh no, you’re not reading anything until
this mess on your shirt is gone, sweetheart. Even while hanging out, Emily can’t stop cleansing her boyfriend. These fluffs are parasitic, you know! What if they start to breed there??? Seriously, Emily, you’re only embarrassing
your boyfriend. What a considerate girlfriend of yours, Jacob. Time to stop this! Just take any of your everyday shirts. Wrap a long thread to make a small spool. Then put it behind the fabric and pierce the
needle through. Now there’s one end of the thread sticking
on the front of your shirt! There’s no way Emily will resist this eye-catching
sloppiness! Hey, what’s up, gorgeous pedant! Oh no, a thread! Quick, you need to take care of it
fast! The cleansing is endless, girl, learn to take
it easy sometimes! Or else, you’ll end up with a fishnet on
your face! You will pay for this… Jacob… You’re definitely not making things easier
for your girlfriend! Is it just me or does it look like Emily is
getting her flirt fever out? Her boy Jacob is definitely not a fan of her
wrongdoings. And is about to teach her a lesson with a
harmless, but an effective prank. Just simply take off your shoe and use it
to replace her spare one instead. Yes, it’s the old shoe switcheroo trick. Now just sit down, relax, and enjoy your silent
ninja’s sabotage. Emily is about to lose her footing… [chuckle]
literally! Her flirty session is about to be canceled
by the shoeless confusion. Well, neither Jacob or Emily is going to let
their guard down. And Noah will be left out as a third wheel. Although Relationships are tough, a bit of
jealousy is a good feat for a man, wouldn’t you say? You won’t suddenly turn into a supermodel
if you stand an hour longer in front of the mirror, Jacob. But Emily will definitely be late for school
if you do so! Maybe a couple more minutes will make a change…? Yeah, it will only irritate your girlfriend. Nah, Emily would rather ditch this handsome
boy for now. She’s almost late but the thought of delaying
his start is just so tempting… Something to take that sweet revenge… How is Jacob gonna leave the house without
his keys? Just take a glass full of water. Drop the keys inside. Now cover it with something like a piece of
paper. And flip it upside down carefully. Now slide the paper away and there you have
it! You think this letter is gonna make him
less mad, Emily? Finally, Jacob is almost done checking himself
out. Oh yeah, time to go to school! Your loving girlfriend has left a cute note
for you! Yeah right, this doesn’t save him from this
waterfall, waiting to be unleashed. Well, what’s wrong? Come on, Jacob, go ahead and grab those keys! This trap had no effect on his style, but
it sure did change his mood. There’s nothing but a puddle left out of
his amazing start to the day. Hey, naughty pandas!
I hope you enjoyed these fun pranks! Let us know which of them are you going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more, feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!


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