G Herbo Got Herpes According To His Ex Girlfriend Ari
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G Herbo Got Herpes According To His Ex Girlfriend Ari

welcome to ghetto television I’m C
Street and solutely my true geez tuned in to GTV
and if you ain’t a true G you should subscribe to the tribe uh-huh
your boy G herpes I mean g herbo has just been exposed by his ex-girlfriend
for having herpes I swear you can’t make this shit when I be hearing rap was
talking about they got the stick with the red back ain’t no they was talking
about they shit downstairs my hand this shit is on a whole nother level like
herpes is really trending in hip-hop you got a lot of motherfuckers on here
allegedly and confirmed that got herpes we could go down the list we can go down
the shortlist morning guy going down a long list you got people like NBA young
boy Usher 50 cent Drake Rihanna Chris Brown Busta Rhymes I mean it’s just a
lot above fuckers that got that shit are Kelly waka flocka flame I’ll be they
bust B is some type of a group of sup like that or something like the herpes
clan or some I don’t know but I’m just going to get into this accusation though
this shit is child life know who we there so she went in here to took the IG
to LG herpes I mean g herbo and said heard on my dead brother you
got to stop on my son you went on the press run for tour it was gone for a
couple of weeks and came back with herpes and told me on my son life he can
die right now you pull your dick out and showed me your dick bump the fuck up and
I put that on my son you want another elder in your life
touch me out to that and I still try to stay and help you through that shit you
was talking prescription better sing with your name on it on my dad
you ain’t never in your life ever known me to be on this time
well my true geez I just want try to take in the fact that don’t take your
home for granted strap up even if you feel like you’re in a monogamous
relationship you never know what the other partner is drawn just be safe out
there don’t take your health for granted this shit is a game craziest night
everybody got herpes mom fucking you know what they say
what’s the difference between love and herpes herpes lasts forever won’t my
true cheese GTV I’m C Street and remember the fake niggas hi really nigga
subscribe and remember you ain’t Gang Gang unless you notification game and
unless you ran out of ammo shoot up the like button


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