Get out! Get out right now! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.07]
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Get out! Get out right now! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.07]

What are you doing? Come have a seat. Don’t you think you’re being rude? It’s not like my house is a supermarket. You can’t just barge in whenever you want. I thought you just let anyone in. What? My son is a jerk who never listens to me. And your daughter is a stubborn wench. My gosh. How could you say such a thing about your own son? My son abandoned his mom. He’s worse than a brute. And it’s your daughter who ruined my son. I can’t believe that’s what he picked up from her. You’re here to take your son back, right? Wait here. I’ll get you his stuff. Please throw out his trash. I can buy new things. I mean they’ve been inside this dump of a place. What did you say? I guess he wanted to experience the life of a poor family here. But he’s quite particular, so he can’t stay in a small and filthy place like this for a long time. I see. That’s why he did the dishes, peeled garlic, and even took out the trash. What? What did he do? Did Jinu really take out trash and peel garlic? Yes. And I don’t think he did it out of curiosity. He seemed to enjoy it. In this tiny and filthy dump of a house, he didn’t complain even once. While spending a few days with him, I guess your love for your son-in-law has been rekindled. It’s not like I shouldn’t feel that way. Do you know who’s staying at my place now? I don’t care. Once you hear it, you will have to care about it. Did your daughter not tell you? I guess Jinu didn’t tell you either. How silly he is. He’s my son, but I must say he’s really shameless. You know Secretary Mun. The woman my son dated for two years. She’s staying at my place. She’s staying in Jinu’s room, using the bed and dressing table your daughter used. Oh, my. You had no idea. I knew it. If you did, you wouldn’t have let my son stay here. How would you even cook for him? I can tell that you got my point from your expression. I don’t think you still want to live with my son. He’s not someone who should be peeling garlic here. He deserves something bigger. Stop dragging him down and send him back. I’m done talking now. I should get going. We’re home, Mother and Father. Is no one home? I think so. I guess they went out to eat. Mom, were you upstairs? Why is it so quiet in here? Where’s Dad? I think he’s eating out tonight. Mother, what do you think of my hair? I got a haircut with Father. Seola, will you go to a drugstore and get me some digestive medicine? Why? Do you have indigestion? I feel stuffy. – I’ll go get it. / – No, never mind. Seola knows what medicine I take. Okay. I’ll be right back. Then have a good night, Mother. Jinu. We need to talk. Mother. I did it. I wanted to throw them away, but I held it in. What? Mother, what’s… Mun Haerang. Is she staying at your place? Answer me. Is she staying in the room Seola used? Yes. Is that why you became so brazen and came to my place? I can’t believe this. How shameless you are. You, that girl, and even your mom. You guys can’t do this to Seola. – I’m sorry. / – Stop apologizing! You keep apologizing, but you don’t even mean it. I can’t take this anymore. Do you even know what kind of person Mun Haerang is? Pardon? She bullied Cheonga severely. She’s a perpetrator of school violence. Cheonga almost killed herself at the age of 19 because of her. What?


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