Getting My Sight Back, Marriage & Kids W/ The Psychic Twins
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Getting My Sight Back, Marriage & Kids W/ The Psychic Twins

I tend to go for the, like metrosexual, emotional, artsy guys That’s my type, like they’re a little more feminine than me. Like Like all guys I date. It’s like, could they be gay?You know, it’s like Okay, so we’re currently on the highway, in a car on our way to go see Linda and Terry AKA: the Psychic Twins. If you’re a Shane stan or even a Dolan Twins stan you already probably know them I believe in psychics and that there’s people who are more tuned Frankly I-my mom and I are slightly psychic Aren’t we mom? Molly’s mom: Yes. We’ll like 100% predict things, identical and then it happens. Molly’s mom: Yeah Or like, we’ll say things at the same time or like- and I know like it’s not like I’m not saying I’m a psychic but I feel like we all have a little bit of that power to like feel and tap into the energy of the universe and what’s gonna happen I’m- I sound crazy, okay? I’m just excited! I’m really, really frickin excited And Linda and Terry are like very well documented And even JennXPenn- I’m gonna link her video below, she did a video with them three years ago and then recently she’s who sparked like, “I really need to get in touch with them!” Because recently she did a video where she like looked back three years later on what they said three years ago and I think like every single thing but ONE came true And even she was like, “Damn! I was not expecting that!” Molly: Yeah, I’m really excited, so let’s go meet Linda and Terry! Oh my God there’s literally like one person, it was so crazy. We walked in, Linda came to meet us at the door, and she asked my mom the exact same question that Terry asked as soon as we walked in the door to the apartment I was like- I had a very interesting reading on their channel Um, and I just kinda let them do their thing and channel, like, some past life stuff! So, I’ll link that video down below. but now we’re gonna do one on my channel, obviously, clearly we’re here um where im gonna ask some questions about my love life, my future FAMOUS Linda and Terry are now here with me and I just have so many questions so… We love questions! Fire away I wrote down a bunch of questions and emailed it to my mom and Mesa to make sure I don’ t forget anything Cuz I’ve been waiting to see – I haven’t seen a psychic in like, maybe 2 – 3 years and over the last year it’s been so crazy like I moved to LA and I’ve been so focused on my career and I don’t have any psychics that I know of here so I haven’t seen a psychic and I’ve been like craving it and needing it so I’ve been just like building up all of my questions and now i’m like – finally it’s time! I’m with the greats themselves [twins] oh how sweet, thank you, We’re excited to be here, so wonderful Brought it up right at the end of the video on your channel Music Should I bother getting back into some writing and some singing? [twins] Absolutely yea I feel like singing and writing and songwriting is such an integral part of who you are as a soul as a spirit, and it’s very healing for you as a channel you’re very psychic. It’s a way of expressing yourself emotionally you said you don’t want to dance – I think you’re supposed to dance too I want you to dance as well I’m opening my soul up to it like for the last year I’ve been opening my mind and soul up to the idea of maybe dancing Most people can’t really dance well and so, don’t worry about how it looks to people you can dance by yourself too, or you can take a class I just feel like dancing is very healing for you Molly A form of expresion anyway that you can express yourself you are just like a this rainbow fountain of energy almost like a firehose of energy actually like a gusher spraying you all with all my energy you radiate this passion and enthousiasm for life I’m just constantly amazed by just who you are thank you you know there’s always going to be haters and bullies or people that are jealous because you’re at the top of your game, you just won a shorty award Yes congratulations Molly we’re so proud of you I mean cmon, who cares what people say let’s just do it So with my public speaking you know I’ve been doing it as my full-time career since I was 18 but I’ve only ever spoken at privately booked events so people book me, they fly me in, and I speak. and all my followers will be like Oh I’m doing this speech in Chicago Oh my god can I come I live in the Chicago area and I’m like, no you can’t it cuz it’s like a private event It’s not my event so I’ve always wanted to do a tour where I could sell tickets to my followers They can come and I’m wondering like, is that a good idea when would you see me doing that That is a lot on you to do all that production and everything I feel like it’s gonna happen though It still has to be somewhat controlled Because you don’t what too many people maybe limit it to 50 or 100 meet and greet you can hug everybody but I feel like you’d be pretty drained after because youre an empath – you really take on the energy of other Like you project your energy even just like after an hour long keynote I talk about a lot of emotional things I’m like, exhausted have you every thought about acting or studying acting So I grew up with the dream of being an actress like I took acting classes from 5 to 15 Woah! It’s funny because I kept seeing She’s supposed to act, She’s supposed to act And I do feel like you will – Not a lot, not a lot – You’re going to a job in acting, It’s going to be TV I feel It feels like within a couple years – some kind of series yep 2-3 years? – Yep So the spirit guides are cautioning me, one step at a time There’s plenty of time for everything but in its due course Everybody would go home from school and watch like, Spongebob, I would go home and watch Oprah Like Oprah and Ellen are huge inspirations to me Because I feel like they are women who have used entertainment to – as a vehicle to break barriers and create change for so many minority groups and like, I would love to have a talk show one day Oh Absolutely – Oh my God – Oh my goodness You know, this is what you have now in a way like you are doing it now with us, today, like, we’re your guests And so, you know, this is your show for now and then in the future, I think you can take it to a bigger platform It’s almost like I’m seeing a podcast too, I don’t know I’ve been considering podcasting because I love podcasts We both can feel it I can just sit down and talk for an hour, easily You’re such a natural talker and storyteller I can see a sponsor coming for you by fall. I can see a sponsor coming – I do too – that is a new one We like new business I think I have a really unique perspective to bring Because to me beauty and fashion isn’t about the visual Right – and so many people hyperfocus on, aesthetically and so I feel like I have a really strong message to bring and a really unique angle to bring to that industry But there’s been like, so many roadblocks and I’m wondering like, will I get to work in the beauty and fashion industry? I’m actually seeing a fashion life for you down the road, I am And I think when you put it out there like we’re doing now and on social media, It’s gonna catch on You’re gonna do this – and you’re gonna get it We said the same thing to Jessie Page and she did get one Yea, she has a hot topic line now I think you will do everything you want to in your life There’s no stone unturned by you You’re gonna get married Okay, I have so much love life questions for you! Oh my god I have been single for – September will be four years that I’ve been single I have dated but I haven’t been in a relationship in four years I’m somebody who is as happy in a relationship as I am single There’s a time and a place for both Since I’ve started dating I’ve never dealt with this feeling that I’ve had last year of feeling lonely and feeling desperate for that somebody It’s a yearning – Yes, a yearning for like, love Like I, you know, it’s almost been four years my last relationship was amazing He’s incredible, we were together for 2 and a half years You know, I’m like, will I find that person again? Oh yea, absolutely I don’t think you’re like the super traditional, marriage, I have to be married to be happy type no I’m not But I do see you getting married and I feel like, If you really want to date somebody now you know, pursue it, if you’re tinder dating or whatever you feel comfortable doing I see somebody coming in around 6 months and I feel like you’re going to think he’s the one but he isn’t necessarily the forever and always which I see you getting married and meeting this long term relationship closer to your 30s You might meet him in 2 or 3 years but you won’t marry till you’re closer to 30 OK – You’ll date a few guys before you meet that one Well I will have like, a “boyfriend” (speaking over each other) And it could be within this year, in the next 6/7 months Question If, It depends on you though, people always think, “oh well, it has to be when exatly they said she’d meet him” No, it’s all up to you to go out and “build a field, they will come” as they say Dated somebody a few months ago Who, I was really into and it felt to me like it was the most serious thing since my ex and then I kind of realized he was using me for view and likes and followers It’s an awful feeling – Yea, and like… God now I have like, that to worry about and I’m disabled and that’s something, and I travel a lot I just feel like there’s a lot to take on when you date me so I worry, are those things that I should worry about or should I just like.. Uhm, I wouldn’t worry, because worry tends to block the flow of what we want And wellbeing is always flowing in but If we worry, If we worry about someone else we’re blocking their flow of wellbeing But do you see me coming up against that again? No, and it’s something that I would be aware of and be concerned Like, your mom or somebody is going to sense it And they may say ” you know what, I kind of feel like…” so just be open to what other people say the guy you’re ultimately with is not a YouTuber, which I think is good – That’s what I want It balances you out – I don’t want a YouTuber Ideally, I would like someone who works in the industry but isn’t the talent I think he does, I think that he’s taller, athletic build, dark hair… Like, athletic to stocky build And he’s a little older I feel like you’ll meet very naturally, it could be through social media Sorry I mean, it could be through apps I think you will ultimately be with a guy who is very different from you but he brings qualities that really ground you and balance you. Yea and he’s not gonna like, look for flaws in you and try to make you wrong or He’s a very easygoing and funny guy And I also feel like, he has glasses, like he may have some kind of eye/vision challenges of his own I don’t know for sure But I think he may have glasses and loves animals, loves dogs well as long as he has enough sight to drive I actually saw you having a child too Do you want a child? I don’t want kids, but every psychic tells me I’m going to have kids Oh my god! We get what we get I’m open to the idea that my mind will change It may/it could Like I’m not like, “I will never have children” Like I’m open to the idea that maybe, when I’m 35 I’ll be like, in a stable marriage, I’ll be happy, I’ll be comfortable and I’ll be, “I’m ready” and I’m feeling that yearning for a child My ovaries are bursting… But you do see me having a child Yea, we both did 1? more? one more what? Like, one or more than one? Oh, It feels like one and I keep thinking girl, like a little girl – I keep hearing girl too! Gallup is very jealous of men in my life Come here Gallup! Gallup! Come here I need to talk to you sir. Gallup! come here Are you a jealous man? Yes you’re a jealous man! Are you the jealous type Gallup? So actually like, my ex-boyfriend and him I got Gallup a year and a half into my relationship He and Gallup did NOT like each other. It was bad, like Gallup didn’t like him, he didn’t like Gallup, it was just like Gallup would physically kick him out of the bed. Like, physically like, get out of the bed It was like, me and my mom were sharing the bed That’s interesting, I think he was sensing or picking up on an energy that – he wasn’t right for me That’s right We always joke that Gallup’s mission here is to find me my man Gallup is obsessed with men in their 20’s and 30’s He doesn’t care about women, he doesn’t care about men outside of that age range, but men in their 20’s and 30’s he goes crazy for. Like he’s trying to find my man! That’s very interesting So, I’m going to get married, that’s a huge relief I will find love – Yes, in its divine time Not gonna be single forever This is a juicy question: Will I get my sight back? Has anyone ever been cured of it through surgery or anything else? – even partially? There’s different treatments that they’re looking into – stem-cell research, robotic retina replacement, gene therapy… I’m writing a 6, and I’m feeling like there could be a technology, a treatment available, within about 6 years That’s what I felt – And I feel like that could help you get partial sight? It’s so interesting like I don’t feel like at this point that I want a cure? Like I feel really content – I’ll never get full sight back, but they do say within my lifetime there will be some form of treatment to get partial sight back But to me I’m always like well, I don’t really know if I’d do it I know a number of blind people, mostly blind from birth who are like, “why would I change?” Like, this is my life, this is who I’m meant to be, I’m happy, I’m content and I at first, when I went blind, I didn’t understand that. But at this point, at 25 years old I’m very much like, Yea, that’s true. Like, I’m fine! I’m living my best life, I’m doing what I’m meant to do, I was put here for a reason, to be this person, so why change it? I’m working on getting my green card. I plan to live in LA forever This is home for me And I’m hoping to get my parents visas. Will my parents move to LA and be happy here? Oh how wonderful. From Ireland – I mean Canada? I’m sorry Yea so my mom currently lives here with me, my parents are still married, my dad goes back and forth Between here and Toronto So I’m wondering like will they get a place here? Will they live here? Will they be happy? I really feel like they’ll have a place here and will live here and yea you’ll all be very happy – It’ll all work out very well – I feel it’s good energy here Basically, my parents have put EVERYTHING into my brother and I I have always dreamed of being able to like, be financially successful enough to give myself a comfortable stable life But also to financially support my parents Like I really wanna buy – I really wanna be able to buy them a place to live Oh lovely, that’s really beautiful You know I really feel like you’re going to, I think you’ll be successful enough one day to do that. With all the things we’ve seen for you, you are gonna make some real good money And you don’t limit things like you don’t limit what’s possible for yourself No, I dream very big and wide, like the sky’s the limit to me truly I think like why not? cuz the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t happen and you’re no worse off? So you might as well go balls to the wall and be like, why not dream about it? Why not hope for it? And that’s part of your birth sign, February 8th You know, a lot of charisma for a reason, cuz you’re supposed to be out there as a speakerphone for other people, especially those with disabilities You’re a very exhaulted old soul, an ancient soul That brings wisdom beyond your years And I think many would agree, they find out you’re 25 and they think “what?” You have this amazing depth I’ve been called an old soul since I was born Everybody my whole life has been like, “she an old soul” and I’ve always, Yea And I’ve always used to get along better with like, teachers, than students People look at me and think I’m 15, but then they talk to me and think I’m 30 (talking over each other) It was like that with us too, we always looked so much younger than we are and that’s a good thing when you get older (unanimous) It’s good in this business Well thank you guys for this video, this was so interesting, so fun [twins] it was so nice meeting you! you guys are amazing [twins] thank you, honey, so are you and don’t forget to check out their channel, their video, they’ve done so many amazing readings for so many people, they’ve done celebrity predictions All your favorite YouTubers, so all that stuff is linked below, and we’ll see you in the next video (unanimous) Bye!


  • Raevienne Hewitt

    sorry forgot to add I also would say im sort of psychic I do psychic readings sometimes for people.

  • CheshireKat

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    I actually do believe psychics exist, but I feel like most of those that do it for money are fake. I guess if you go to them and find comfort as Molly described, it's worth it to them whether or not the person/people really are psychics.
    I believe more in ghost/supernatural/paranormal type psychics than future-seeing ones, though.

  • MuskaKillz

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    Weird stuff like this has happened so many times in my life. I feel like if I were more open to it, it would happen even more frequently but when that’s the kind of thing I’m picking up, I almost don’t want to know. The even weirder part of it is that they think the accident may have been intentional/self-inflicted & I had thought of this family member earlier that day. When I’ve only seen him maybe 10-20 times in my life. It was my mom’s first cousin but we didn’t really see that part of the family often. So I had no reason to be thinking of this person. It was just a surreal experience.

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    As a side note, I would come watch you speak!

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    You have inspired me so much. You inspire me with your YouTube channel whilst being blind. You always find the light in the dark or the good in the bad. You make me smile when I watch your video. You also being a model without sight makes me so excited or happy because I never though I could make an impact with my life.

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    Molly you are such a lovely young woman. Try to get to know the real God. stay away from all other practices, they are not spiritual, they are demonic. Do research and you will see how many people who thought they were talking to ghost, or spirits actually got possessed. God has blessed you so much, seek him, ask him to help you find the TRUTH. Get a bible, ask someone to help you study the bible. God bless you
    and keep you safe. I will pray for you to find your way back to God. If Psychics new the future they would not have to work on people's weakneses to get money from them to live on. Read Revelation 22:14 bible verse, it warns about sorcerers. Only God knows the future.

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