Gorillas Love Michael Bublé – Lights Out with David Spade
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Gorillas Love Michael Bublé – Lights Out with David Spade

A zoo in Australia, uh,
found out that their gorillas love the music of Michael Bublé. So he went there
and performed live. I love it. ♪ I’ll be home for summer ♪ -SPADE: This is a rough gig.
-THOMPSON: Aw, look at ’em. -SPADE: They don’t seem like
they like it. -Yeah, they’re… ♪ On me. ♪ Happy Christmas, everybody. Even though it’s summer. -Oh, he’s doing crowd work?
-Oh, what? The-the gorillas got so docile, they got dominated by a group
of flamingos right after that. Right after that concert, they
stopped drinking their own pee and starting drinking
White Claw. So that was… -So, like, Bublé’s music…
-(applause) Is anybody else surprised
that they like Michael Bublé? Like, I’m very surprised,
because I feel like they’re just a bunch
of white moms -that got reincarnated
as gorillas. -Yes. (laughs) And they’re
just gonna hop in their minivan, go to Starbucks, maybe call the
cops on some giraffes outside having a barbecue. I don’t know.
I don’t– I don’t know. -I-I hope he was already there.
-Yes. If he flew down there
for that… He’s more comfortable performing
in front of gorillas -than music critics.
You can tell. -Yeah. He was pretty relaxed there. I mean, they like the Bublé,
but you put on Josh Groban, -and they will start throwing
their shit… -Their panties. -They hate Groban.
-I thought they were gonna throw -their panties.
-Not-not at Groban. I played some zoos, but I… No, I went– When I go down– If he flew all the way there,
he’s like, “Is there a zoo tour I could do? “Maybe Mel– I don’t want to go
all the way to Perth. “But if there’s, like,
a little area, -I can just do every hot zoo.”
-Right. It is… It is
the Michael Zoo-blé Tour. -Zoo-blé.
-2020. I heard they like my stand-up
down there, these same gorillas, and, uh, I-I did do it for ’em. -Did you? -Yeah?
-Yeah, we have a clip. My first apartment was a loft.
The landlord goes, “I don’t want more
than 500 pounds up there.” I go, “Trust me, I don’t want
more then 500 pounds either.” (snorting, hooting) -It’s like… -They’re laughing.
No, they’re laughing. That’s how they laugh. That’s like an applause break. That was. That-that shows– Uh, I actually added a show
on Friday. Um, Prince Andrew’s
in the news again but not-not for raping
everybody. This time, it was for
allegedly letting a supermodel he was trying to get with– get in her knickers–
You know, it’s the– -That’s a London term.
-Yeah. Uh, sit on the queen’s throne
back in 2000. So, I can’t believe
he opens with this. -‘Cause where do you go?
-Yeah. -Like, he’s on a date.
-Yeah. -“You want to see the castle?”
-Yeah. -“Oh, instead of Cheesecake
Factory? Sure.” -Yeah. And then they go to the castle.
“Do you want to go to the throne? Do you want
to sit on the throne?” And then what? That’s it. I can’t believe she ghosted him
after his opening line was, “Want to come sit
on my grandma’s chair?” -Uh… no.
-(laughter) -SPADE: That usually works.
-RANDY: Look at this guy’s face. He looks like he smells chairs
after women sit on them. -(laughter) -He’s got that face.
-SPADE: So nice. Well, I’m surprised this even
happened, ’cause aren’t…? Wasn’t, uh,
Jay-Z and Kanye supposed to be watching the throne?
That was… -SPADE: That’s true.
-JASON: That’s true. You might not get that joke.
I do. -I get it.
-Sort of. -I sort of get it.
-I get it. I heard when she sat
on the throne, she said, “Let them eat cake! And then throw it up
an hour later like me.” Yay! Supermodels. -SPADE: Supermodel joke.
I get it. -Supermodels. He is friends with…
He was friends Jeffrey Epstein,
so I think everybody was just happy
that the girl was of legal age. -JASON: Yeah, that’s right.
That’s good. -THOMPSON: Yeah. They’re like,
“You’re 18? Sit on the throne. “Steal a bull.
You want a corgi? Take one of those.
We don’t give a shit.” You don’t want ’em to put it
on their stories, though. -No. Yeah.
-You got to hide it, you know? If she’s in there
doing a boomerang, you’re like, “No, delete.
No one was supposed to be here.” But who-who are the thrones
impressing? Like, that’s not…
They’re supposed to be, like, the chairs of royalty,
but they don’t recline. Like, where…?
There’s no… -There’s no chalice holder.
-No. Like, I’ve seen better chairs
at Rent-A-Center. -SPADE: Yeah.
-Exactly. Those are like
the last two seats in coach. -Yeah, that’s Southwest.


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