HARVEST GODDESS MARRIAGE TUTORIAL – Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town (Kappa Included)
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HARVEST GODDESS MARRIAGE TUTORIAL – Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town (Kappa Included)

Hello, this is Harvest Goddess Marriage Tutorial If you want to marry Kappa, the requirement are likely the same It will be mentioned in the video, so let’s get started This event will occurs when you offer 20 liked/loved items to the Goddess (1 item per day) If you want to marry Kappa, choose Kappa instead If you miss this requirement, you can’t marry the Goddess or Kappa on that save file You can buy the big bed from Gotts after you have the largest upgrade house If you want to marry kappa, go for the Kappa Treasure Goddess jewels appear in spring mine floor : 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202 and 222 When mining the goddess jewels or other items don’t forget to bring stamina booster If you can’t afford stamina booster, you can use save and load tricks There is a hole in some floor. It will help you to jump between 1-5 floor instantly The latest item to get is teleport stone. Available on
3rd years++ in spring mine floor 255th When you got all of the mining items, the Goddess will appear List of places to catch all fish are available in video description it’s include the king fish When you catch all of the fish, the Goddess will appear Let me change the song first Some items you have to ship are not listed on the bookshelf including: *Fished trash : empty cans, boots and fishbones
*Jewelry : necklace, earrings, bracelet, brooch …, Stone, Branch, Lumber, Material Stone, Wild Grass, Pirate Treasure, Ancient Fossil
and Relaxation Tea Leaves the hardest item you have to get is X items P animal will produce X item with 1/255 chance but i got 2 X fruit milk from 1500 P fruit milk G animal will changes to P animal if it outside for like
2-3 month (just ring the bell everyday) Harvest Goddess will appear when you sold all shippable item the love points of Harvest Goddess are hidden so just keep give her a gift every day loved item will increase her points +500 and liked items +300 points you can only gift her 1 item per day I recommend you to save the file before entering the confessional room because ‘i want to marry goddess’ option will not always appear if you want to marry kappa, choose marry kappa instead The chance carter unforgive you to marry the Goddess is quite HIGH *I don’t have the video for this, just picture πŸ™ Use blue feather on the edge of the spring waterfall/river OR use it on the edge of the lake if you want to marry kappa if the requirement are not complete, the goddess will refuse Congratulation, now you will marry the harvest goddess! (Or kappa) Harvest Goddess won’t live with us every day (sad) RECAP Thats all, thanks for watching. What videos i should make next? comments below!


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