he takes his foreign girlfriend to a second hand clothing store
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he takes his foreign girlfriend to a second hand clothing store

I think I wanna go to America wanna buy fashion clothes like Chanel Versace man you have pretty high standards for somebody who can’t even pronounce brand names right or saw chill huh but how that’s not the first time has it go figure 90-day fiance I won’t wrote inside ahead of these people who come to America to marry a rich American man I mean they do realize that our poor people America as well and a just an idea if you want to wear designer clothes how about you get a job instead of a man that just makes more sense to me but well I’m not a gold package what the hell do I know know me bring me I store like that you might lie before she says well wearing a strapless bra with a back with snakes could jumpsuit haha you don’t even know what elegance means she looks tacky as hell bro told Dana skunk man well as ignorant as she is at this point I have to agree with her that thing is ugly as hell well I’m sorry if you own something like that that cares better ditch it no offense home nothing take a look around there’s gonna be a lot of different things we buy from the public every day soon we go through it is using mm-hmm oh you use clothes if you see and this sales assistant is shook oh no what how I tend not but for real though if she hasn’t really told her that the clothes I used had as really not a cool movie would have told her from the beginning I mean there’s nothing really wrong with the thrift store but he should have been straight up with her no doubt it’s not damaged yeah a bad reaction that facial expression red flag homie did her ass I mean he’s really got a point though you can find quite a lot dope stuff at the thrift store you just have to look for a while how you can even find designer style there I mean of course depending on the store and also it’s environmentally friendly so yeah this girl pays off [Music]


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