Here’s the Thing… About Developing Friendships Through PE Buddies

Here in Keller ISD at many of our
campuses we have something called a PE buddy group. What that is, is our general
ed students pairing with our special ed students in the PE classroom, and when
they get together the results are magical. Let’s go check it out here
Friendship Elementary. So what’s a PE buddy? A PE buddy is where us fourth graders, instead of doing recess, we help the special needs and we do PE with them. What do you like most about it? Well, I
like to see them run around. Yeah. And once they’re doing the activities and once they make it, they get really happy. So you come in
here and you help other kids instead of going out to recess and you choose to do
this right? Like it’s a big thing for you. Is it a reward or something you
choose to do? It’s kind of a reward. Yeah. We’re helping other kids instead of
myself, like just going outside and playing. Nice. Hi Blake, how are you? I’m good. You?
I’m good, I’m good. Is this your buddy in PE? Yeah. Yeah. Do you like buddies in PE? Do you like
coming in here? They go fast. Yeah you go fast! And do you like
playing these activities back here? Yeah. How did you hear about it?
Coach Boaz came to the fourth grade area and told us about it and then in
our mailboxes there was a sheet of paper to sign us up and we just you
asked our parents to sign us up. Alright, so you walk into fourth grade
classes. You say, hey you want to come here help out with our kids – how does this work? Actually we had all classes out in the hallway and I said here’s what
happens – I have some friends that don’t get to go to PE and if you can come help
me, then they can have PE. And I tell them about how sometimes maybe they
don’t talk to you but they understand you, how maybe sometimes since they
don’t talk, they might try to swat at you but stuff like that, but they’re just
trying to tell you I don’t want to do it. Right. And then we say who’s interested
they raise their hands, and they volunteer. Well we have buddy programs in a lot of
our elementary schools so that our kids can develop friendships and
relationships with kids outside of just being in the gym, because what you see in this video is only a little bit of snippet of what really happens because
then it overflows into the cafeteria and music and recess, and just they
become more a part of the school and have more friendships then if they
weren’t a part of the Buddy Program. It’s a win-win for everybody, because you
know, it helps those kids and it helps my friends, and without both of
them working together, it wouldn’t happen. There wouldn’t be PE and my kids love
that socialization, right, as well as the PE part. So here’s the thing. Through the
PE buddies program, we’re able to help build friendships between students,
improve our inclusion efforts, and close some learning gaps. It’s a win-win-win!
Have a great day!

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